The 12 Best Documentaries About Gun Violence

Aug 14, 2023 | Best Of, Crime

Gun violence is an issue that affects many people and often goes overlooked in media. Documentaries are a great way to bring attention to this important topic and get people talking about what can be done to address it. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite documentaries about gun violence, which you can watch to learn more about the issue and how it has affected different communities around the world.


1. Gun Violence: The Hidden War

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2. Beyond the Bullet: The cost of gun violence

The cost of a single gunshot is devastating, and it affects more than just the victims. We investigate the full economic toll of gun violence in Detroit. 7 Action News speaks with families who have been impacted by shootings and examines the burden placed upon taxpayers to pay for medical bills. We also take an inside look at how Detroit Police are fighting against gun crimes through providing jobs.


3. Uvalde and gun control

The small town of Uvalde, Texas was forever changed by the horrific mass-shooting at Robb Elementary School. 21 people lost their lives that day, most of them children. In its wake, the tragedy has raised deep and intense political divisions across the US. .here is an increasing demand for stricter gun safety laws among those who sympathize with the victims’ families.


4. Guns in America

Americans own an estimated 347 million firearms, and gun violence has unfortunately become a public health issue of grave concern. A poll conducted after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre revealed that 91% of Americans supported comprehensive background checks for firearm purchases – a measure which could avert thousands of gun-related tragedies across the nation. Despite this overwhelming consensus, divisive political rhetoric and congressional inertia stand in the way of meaningful progress.


5. NRA Under Fire

As the 2020 election approaches, a movement led by student survivors of the Parkland mass shooting has been shaking up America’s conversation about gun rights and gun control. Unprecedented in its magnitude and influence, this movement has kept the issue in the headlines and inspired many politicians to challenge the long-established authority of the National Rifle Association. The NRA’s political power had for years withstood calls for change that followed mass shootings from Columbine to Newtown to Charleston.



Gun violence has become a devastatingly common problem in America. Over the past years, more than 100 Americans have been killed by firearms every day. It leaves no one untouched, impacting individuals of all ages and backgrounds – from military veterans to young children. This publicly-recognized crisis has called for urgent action, leading to an estimated 347 million firearms now owned by the country’s 325 million people.


7. Chicago’s Struggle With Gun Violence

It’s clear that gun violence is a serious issue in Chicago, and many other cities across the United States. Through AJ+’s documentary series Guns in America we get an inside look into this controversial topic. This six-part series dives deep into how fear and power shape our relationship with guns. Each episode examines different aspects of gun control, such as the debate over assault.

8. Toronto’s gun problem

“The Gun Chase” documentary is a powerful and timely exploration of the escalating gun violence gripping Toronto and many other cities. Going beyond the headlines, it follows three inner-city youth as they confront the challenging reality that so many in their communities face every day. It paints an often overlooked picture of systemic inequality and poverty that has become deeply entrenched in Toronto’.

9. Gun violence: An American epidemic

The streets of our cities can be dangerous places, but the real story behind the violence goes far deeper than simple criminal behavior. ‘The Gun Chase’ takes us on a journey through an inner-city landscape that many of us only know from TV and movies. As it delves into the complex issues that contribute to gun violence, the movie challenges us to look beyond the stereotypes and think critically about the social, economic, and political context in which this violence occurs.


10. Sweden: the gun violence capital of Europe

The City of Stockholm has seen a stark rise in gun violence, prompting citizens and authorities alike to search for solutions. To better understand the problem at hand, Dateline takes a deep dive into two contrasting approaches being taken to reduce gun crime: an outright ban on firearms in certain areas of the city (known as the “No-Shoot Zone”), and traditional policing methods such as increased surveillance and additional patrols. But which of these efforts has the most impact? We’ll explore this question in an upcoming feature, speaking with experts on Sweden’s efforts to tackle its gun crime epidemic. With gangs and drugs driving the bloodshed, we’ll investigate how radical solutions proposed can change the nation for good.


11. The Gun Store

Freedom Firearms is a unique store located in Battle Creek, Michigan. It provides customers with a wide range of weapons and services that include advice on proper gun handling techniques, as well as an onsite shooting range. Joel Fulton’s local business serves those who are driven by fear of becoming victims of crime, from single mothers to happily married couples.

12. America The Violent

American The Violent is an experimental documentary film that takes a unique look at the issue of guns in America. By using footage from the 1950s up to modern day, we are able to explore how this important issue has changed over time. The montage documentary covers topics such as gun violence versus gun rights, the role of crime and police forces, media narratives about the Second.


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