The 10 Best Documentaries About Gardens and Gardening

Feb 1, 2024 | Best Of, Environmental, Nature

This is a documentary about the wonders of gardens. From lush, vibrant jungles to sprawling desert shrubbery, this film captures the beauty and diversity of nature’s most treasured landscapes. Exploring the many ways in which humans interact with these spaces, It offers insight into our connection to the environment and how we can better protect it. Featuring interviews with gardeners and conservationists, this documentary is a must-see for anyone with an interest in nature and the unique stories that gardens tell. Come experience and marvel at the wonders of our green spaces!


1. The Secret Garden

Gardens are an oasis of life, a haven for many creatures that reside in the shadows. From butterflies fluttering through the air to small amphibians that inhabit ponds, there is so much to discover in this hidden world. This is a documentary about uncovering these secrets and taking us on an exploration of nature’s most mysterious and diverse inhabitants.


2. World’s Most Unique Garden

Welcome to the world’s most unique garden: Gardens by the Bay. This is a megastructure like no other, featuring natural wonders of flora and fauna from all corners of the globe. At its heart lies the lush Supertree Grove, home to 18 towering structures that are both beautiful and functional. These giant trees act as vertical gardens, producing oxygen and collecting rainwater. Visitors can explore the myriad of gardens, stroll along pathways and observe a variety of wildlife in their natural environment. From the majestic Cloud Forest to the picturesque Flower Dome, there’s something for everyone at Gardens by the Bay. With its many features, it truly is an oasis like no other. Whether you’re looking for a fun family outing or a romantic evening.


3. Back To Eden Gardening

This is a documentary film about sustainable gardening that will make you love growing your own food. Paul Gautschi, the star of the film, takes viewers on his journey into regenerative organic vegetable gardening with faith and nature as his guide. With minimal labor, little watering and few weeds, he shares how he was able to grow an abundant harvest of lush fruits and vegetables.


4. The Secret History of the British Garden

Are you interested in discovering the hidden secrets behind Britain’s world-renowned garden culture? If so, then This is the documentary for you. This captivating film takes viewers on a journey through time, unlocking some of the greatest mysteries and previously unknown facts about the history of the British Garden. From humble beginnings to present day, you’ll explore how gardeners have shaped and influenced Britain’s culture and environment over hundreds of years.


5. Italian Gardens Rome

Monty Don’s Italian Gardens is a four-part BBC documentary hosted by the renowned horticulturist himself. This grand tour of Italian gardens takes us from the affluent north to the stunning horticultural gems in the south. Rome, with its immense historical legacy, provides a grand start to this exploration as we witness some of the most elaborate gardens ever made.


6. The Secret Garden – Harvest Time

Gardens are a beautiful place to find peace and serenity. They offer us a refuge from the ever-changing world around us. But gardens also provide an invaluable habitat for wildlife, as they have for hundreds of years. Through careful cultivation, we can take small flowers and turn them into magnificent blooms that bring life to any environment.


7. The Zen Beauty Of Kyoto’s Gardens

Explore the captivating beauty of Kyoto’s gardens with Dan Pearson’s Routes Around the World. From the lush greenery of the moss-covered temples to the intricately designed sand gardens, this documentary takes viewers on a journey through some of Japan’s most stunning landscapes. With his experienced eye and insightful commentary, Dan gives insight into not only why these gardens are so important to Kyoto’s culture, but also how their lushness and vibrancy has impacted the city. From the secret gardens of Dai-jiin to the culturally significant Tomonoura, Dan investigates each location’s history, telling stories about its customs and traditions.


8. Around the World in 80 Gardens

This is an exploration of the wonders and beauty of gardens around the globe. Hosted by botanist and horticulturist, Monty Don, this documentary takes you on a journey from Northern Europe to Asia, Africa, America and beyond. This eight-part series visits some of the most amazing gardens in the world, including those found in Spain’s Mediterranean coast, Turkey’s Black Sea coasts and Sicily. Along the way, Monty Don shares fascinating stories about the history of each garden, its plants and how they have been used over time. He also explores the unique styles of gardening in different cultures, from traditional Japanese gardens to African rainforest jungles.


9. Garden of Eden between Australia and New Zealand

This is the incredible documentary about Lord Howe Island, is a must-watch for any nature enthusiast. Located between Australia and New Zealand, this remote island sanctuary is home to some of the most remarkable living organisms on Earth. From its vibrant marine life to its lush rainforest landscape, showcases just how special this isolated paradise truly is.


10. Secrets of the Royal Gardens

Royal gardens are often a source of mystery and wonder. Learn more about these majestic places with an informative documentary that explores the secrets hidden within the walls of some of the world’s most beautiful royal gardens. From lush green lawns to enchanting water features and stunning architecture, this film takes you on an intriguing journey through the history, design, and life of these gardens.


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