The 8 Best Documentaries About Bikers

Jan 23, 2024 | Best Of, Crime, Culture

Are you curious about the life of bikers? Do you want to know more about their cultures, communities, and way of life? If so, then these documentaries are a great place to start. This is an intriguing look into the lives of bikers as they traverse the world, explore new places, and uncover different cultures. Through interviews with veteran riders, this documentary paints a vivid and captivating portrait of what it is like to be a biker. From touring the countryside to gathering in cities for events, It captures the joy, camaraderie, and freedom that come with being part of this unique subculture. Get ready to explore an exhilarating world through it – the best documentaries about bikers!


1. Sons Of Silence The Hardest Outlaw Motorcycle

This is an incredible documentary about the Sons of Silence, one of the most notorious outlaw motorcycle clubs in America. The film follows their journey as they seek to establish control over territory and to be respected by authorities. It exposes what life is like for members inside this hard-edged club and explores the impact that it has on their communities.


2. Every Mile a Memory

Take a tour on two wheels with Bikers. Follow our cast of bikers as they explore the far corners of the world and experience everything that life has to offer – from breathtaking landscapes to profound connections with locals in all kinds of cultures and communities. Along their journey, they will face challenges and obstacles, but ultimately be rewarded with unforgettable memories.


3. Mongols MC ,Most Vicious Motorcycle Gang

This is a gripping National Geographic documentary about the Mongols Motorcycle Club, one of the most feared and notorious gangs in the world. The film follows members of this dangerous organization as they conduct their business on the streets and explores how they navigate life in a volatile environment full of crime and danger. It exposes how these bikers live by their own code.



If you’re looking for a truly unique and exciting journey, taking a ride on two wheels is the way to go. It takes viewers all across India on an unforgettable adventure with bikers from all walks of life. From the majestic mountain ranges in Kashmir to the endless desert plains of Rajasthan, this documentary provides breathtaking visuals accompanied by heartwarming stories.


5. Hells Angels violent biker war with the Rock Machine

This is a 2015 documentary that delves into the fascinating world of bikers. It takes us through their turbulent history, from the formation of Hells Angels to the violent biker war with the Rock Machine MC in Montreal. The film shines a light on how this culture has evolved and mutated over time and features interviews with members, historians, and experts in law enforcement. They offer insight into the inner workings of biker gangs and their involvement in crime, drug trafficking, and turf wars. It offers an inside look at a lifestyle that few understand and is sure to have viewers on the edge of their seats. It’s a thrilling ride through history that culminates with a shocking conclusion.


6. Riding Motorcycles in Real America!

A group of law-abiding biker enthusiasts from Law Abiding Biker™ Media decided to take a road trip out to Oregon and join their Patron members on their Harleys. Brad, being the experienced rider he is, took everyone on an unforgettable tour through Redmond and Madras. A stop in Shaniko was also made – it’s now considered a ghost town.


7. 12 State Cross-Country Motorcycle trip

This is a documentary about a 12-state cross-country motorcycle journey that shows the beauty and diversity of America’s landscapes. Beginning in New York and ending in California, this film captures the thrills and spills of an exciting road trip filled with incredible views, diverse cultures, and inspiring people. Along the way, viewers join bikers as they explore cities such as Las Vegas, Nashville, and Austin. They will also have the chance to see unique biker-related activities such as custom bike shows, motorcycle rallies, and charity events. With spectacular visuals, exciting stories from individuals who are passionate about biking, and an inspiring soundtrack is a must-see documentary for anyone interested in America’s dynamic biker culture.


8. Neo-Nazi Biker Gangs of Germany

The story of the Black Flock Motorcycle Gang is an extraordinary one. Made up of former neo-Nazis, this German biker club has taken a stand against bigotry and hatred – swearing to never again fall into their old ways.


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