The 11 Best Documentaries About 80s Music

Jul 18, 2023 | Best Of, Music

Are you ready to take a trip back in time? Step into the world of 1980s music and experience it as if it were yesterday. Revisit classic sounds, iconic artists, and amazing stories with documentaries about 80s music. From retro funk to new wave pop, dive deep into the history of this unique era of sound that changed the musical landscape forever. Discover the stories behind your favorite songs and uncover some secrets you never knew. The possibilities are endless when it comes to exploring the world of 80s music through documentaries.


1. BBC The 80s, Musics Greatest Decade ?

The 1980s was a decade that saw an explosion of new music genres, and many are still around today. In this documentary, Dylan Jones takes us on a journey through the archives to explore some of the most influential hip-hop and house tracks from this iconic era. Join him as he discovers how these two genres changed the landscape of 80s music forever!


2. When Metal Ruled The World 80’s LA Sunset Strip Story

The 80s was a time of wild excess and incredible music. On the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, metal bands were ruling the world with their hard-hitting riffs and iconic style. Now, some of the original band members tell their story – from rise to fall – in this documentary about one of the most influential eras for rock & roll. Don’t miss out on When Metal Ruled The World 80’s LA Sunset Strip Story!


3. 2001 VH1 Documentary on 80s Pop u0026 Impact of MTV and Music Videos

Take a journey back to the 1980s and explore the impact of MTV on pop music with this 2001 VH1 documentary. From Michael Jackson to Madonna, discover how music videos changed the sound and look of popular music forever. Plus, get an up-close look at some of the most influential figures in 80s pop culture!


4. It Was Alright in the 80s

It Was Alright in the 80s takes you on a journey through the decade that brought us some of the best music ever! Rustie Lee, Chris Tarrant, Gyles Brandreth and Lauren Pope are just some of the celebrities who join us to take a look back at 1980s TV clips. We explore whether television during this era reflected society’s attitudes and ask if we should look back with outrage or humour. Get ready for an entertaining trip down memory lane as we revisit all things ’80s music!


3. PARENTAL ADVISORY: The Mass Hysteria of 80s Rock Music and History of the PMRC

The 1980s was a time of great change in the music industry. With the rise of heavy metal, parental advisory warnings became commonplace on album covers and concert tickets. But what sparked this mass hysteria of 80s rock music? In 1985, Tipper Gore and 3 other concerned mothers formed the Parents Music Resource Center (or PMRC) to protect children from explicit lyrics. This documentary explores how their mission changed the landscape of popular music forever – and highlights the dangers authoritarianism poses to art everywhere.


4. Decade

Relive the 1980s with MTV Decade! This show takes a look at the decade as seen through the eyes of MTV and features some of its defining moments. From iconic music videos to interviews with artists, this documentary will take you back in time and explore what made 80s music so special. Get ready to be transported back to a magical era full of nostalgia!


5. Top 20 80s Songs That Got Popular Again

The 80s were a magical time for music. And many of the songs from that decade are still popular today! For this video, we’ll take a look at 20 classic tunes that have been given new life in recent years. We’ll explore how these tracks have been embraced by modern audiences and why they remain so beloved decades later. Join us as we revisit some unforgettable hits from the 1980s!


6. Electric Dreams – BBC Documentary – The 1980s

Are you a fan of 80s music? Do you want to know more about the technology advances that happened during this decade? Electric Dreams – BBC Documentary – The 1980s is an amazing and informative documentary that will provide insight into how technology changed the landscape of music in the 80s. From synthesizers to drum machines, find out how these iconic pieces of equipment shaped some of your favorite songs from this era! With interviews from stars like Gary Numan and Human League, get ready to dive deep into the world of 1980’s nostalgia!


7. Remember the 80s Music Videos

Do you remember the 80s? Relive some of its greatest music video hits with this special DVD compilation collection! Featuring 16 classic songs from one of the most iconic decades in music history, this is your chance to relive the glory days and get down to some seriously awesome beats. Get ready for a trip back in time – it’s going to be an unforgettable ride!


8. The Revival Of Queen: Live Aid And The 80s – Amplified

This documentary takes a look at the revival of Queen and their iconic performance at Live Aid in 1985. From historical musical performances to rare interviews and never-before-seen photographs, this video is sure to be an enjoyable watch for any fan of 80s music. Get ready to go back in time and explore how Queen’s set changed the course of rock history!


9. The 1980s – Michael Jackson’s Decade In Review

The 1980s will always be remembered as Michael Jackson’s decade. This documentary takes a look back at the King of Pop and his incredible impact on music, culture, and the world. From hit singles to iconic videos, this video explores how he changed the landscape forever with his creativity and artistry. Relive some of your favorite memories from an unforgettable era in music history!


10. One Hour of 1980s TV Commercials – 80s Commercial Compilation

Relive the 80s with this incredible compilation of television commercials from 1985 to 1989! Watch over 100 classic ads that were aired on WJW CBS channel 8, WEWS ABC channel 5, WKYC NBC channel 3 and WCLQ channel 61 in Cleveland, OH. This one hour collection will take you back in time and provide a unique insight into life during the 1980s. Don’t miss out on your chance to experience this amazing decade all over again!


11. Band Was HUGE In The Mid 80s, Why’d They VANISH From The Charts Without A Trace?

It’s no secret that the 80s was a period of great music. But within this decade, there were some bands and artists who made it big with their one album before fading into obscurity. Richard Page from Mr. Mister shares how his band achieved such success with their 1986 album Welcome To The Real World, which featured two number 1 hits – Kyrie and Broken Wings – plus the top 10 hit Is It Love! Find out what happened next to this incredible band in our documentary about 80s music!

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