The Best 10 Documentaries About HMS Queen Elizabeth

Aug 15, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities

If you’re looking for amazing documentaries about the HMS Queen Elizabeth, then look no further. Here are some of the best films to watch if you want to learn more about this impressive battleship

1. Royal Navy – Britains Biggest Warship

The HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s largest warship and a symbol of the nation’s maritime might is back at Portsmouth Naval Base after successful sea trials. The 65,000-tonne aircraft carrier has been undergoing rigorous tests this past month, with the Royal Navy putting her through her paces in some of the world’s busiest sea lanes. The ship is designed to host up to 60 aircraft and is equipped with four huge Rolls-Royce marine gas turbines, producing enough energy to power a small town. She will also be able to carry up to 1,600 crew members and pilots. The trials have been a great success and the ship is now ready for its return journey to Portsmouth. It marks a momentous occasion for both the Royal Navy and Britain as a whole, with many taking to social media platforms such as Twitter to express their joy at the warship’s successful sea trials.


2. Queen Victoria’s Private Life Described In Her Own Words

Queen Victoria’s writings often reveal a deep sensitivity and warmth. Her words were candid and passionate, embracing both the joys and sorrows of life. She wrote of her love for Prince Albert, her hopes for her daughter’s future, and the heartache she felt at the loss of friends and family members. Queen Victoria opened up about sensitive topics such as women’s rights, mental health and religious freedom. She described the beauty of the world around her, including the remote Scottish Highlands she loved to visit. Ultimately Queen Victoria’s words reveal a woman who was determined but vulnerable, faithful yet flawed – a complex personality that shaped an entire era.

3. Life Onboard The Drug-Busting HMCS Calgary

National Geographic has teamed up with the camera crew of capture this exclusive footage. We gain access to every corner of the ship, from the engine room to the powder magazine and everywhere in between. Alongside spectacular cinematography, we’ll hear first-hand accounts of life at sea on one of the biggest navy ships on Earth. This is a story of adventure, camaraderie and danger. It’s about the crew that risk their lives to protect freedom and safety, both at sea and on land. With an air of mystery surrounding them, we explore the hidden depths of this multi-national coalition and discover why it’s crucial to keeping peace in one of the world’s


4. The transatlantic on board the Queen Elizabeth

Cruise the Bosphorus and the Danube River, explore the Mediterranean coast of Spain, enjoy a Caribbean cruise, discover Amazon Rain Forest adventures or navigate in the deep blue waters of Antarctica. Join us on an intimate journey into maritime culture where you will be sure to find unique experiences as well as traditional rituals that will transport you back in time. Whether it’s exploring ancient ruins in the Mediterranean Sea or experiencing a midnight swim in the Caribbean, be ready to capture life’s special moments. See what lies beneath and above the waves — vast landscapes, stunning sunsets, remarkable wildlife sightings and unforgettable memories that will stay with you for many years to come.

5. What Was Queen Victoria Like Behind Closed Doors

The House of Windsor has been the dynasty reigning in Britain since Queen Victoria declared it her own royal house in 1837 and this week we take a look at the grandest vessel ever created from this royal family lineage, HMS Queen Elizabeth. Launched in 2017 by Her Majesty herself, HMS Queen Elizabeth is the largest aircraft carrier built for the Royal Navy. This documentary takes you on board to explore the ship, revealing how it was built and what its mission is today. It also looks at the important role that this amazing vessel plays in protecting Britain from threats both known and unknown. Get ready for an exciting journey as we go inside HMS Queen Elizabeth!


6. How The $450M Queen Elizabeth Cruise Ship Was Built

A celebration of the ships, past and present, which so capture our imaginations. Voiceover: As she takes shape in all her majesty, it’s easy to be mesmerised by this awe-inspiring vessel. With cameras rolling throughout the entire construction process, we explore how such a magnificent machine comes together with remarkable precision and engineering skill. We look back at the history of the Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary, two of Britain’s most iconic ships which share their name with the new ship. It is a story of grandeur, skill and technological accomplishment – and a reminder of why we are so captivated by these mighty vessels.


7. Queen Elizabeth  – Britain’s Longest Reigning Monarch

The HMS Queen Elizabeth is one of the most iconic and impressive ships to ever grace the seas. Built in 1916 at a shipyard on the River Thames, this battleship was commissioned by King George V himself and became a symbol of Britain’s naval power during World War I. Now, after more than a century, this majestic vessel has undergone extensive renovation and is once again set to sail the seas. And with it come stories of bravery, of technological innovation, of duty and honour from times gone by. Come along as we explore the storied history and incredible engineering behind HMS Queen Elizabeth, in this documentary series brought to you by People Profiles.


8.  Queen Elizabeth  – Entire BBC Documentary

No matter if you’re a fan of British maritime history or not, watching documentaries about HMS Queen Elizabeth will still be an interesting experience. From watching the famous battleship being built to seeing it take part in important historical moments, these documentaries will give you an insight into how powerful this vessel was in her time. You can follow along with the experts as they discuss her construction and design, the battles she fought in, and the lives of those who served on board. Whether it’s for learning more about maritime history or just a moment to appreciate something beautiful, seeing HMS Queen Elizabeth in action is an inspiring experience. So don’t miss out on this opportunity and watch some documentaries about HMS Queen Elizabeth today! #RememberingTheQueen!


9. Elizabeth  – England’s Greatest Queen Documentary

HMS Queen Elizabeth is a majestic warship that stands strong for over 100 years. It has seen many battles and witnessed much history in its lifetime. Placed against the backdrop of breathtaking views of Britain’s coast, this documentary captures some of the stories and tales of her survival. Spectacular aerial shots take you up close to the ship as it ploughs through the waters and shows its might. The film also showcases interviews with HMS Queen Elizabeth’s crew, who share their experiences of life onboard the incredible ship. With exclusive access to a range of areas that are not open for the public, viewers get an intimate look into what it means to be part of Britain’s proud naval history.


10.  Royal Navy’s HMS Queen Elizabeth visits New York

The 263.5 meter-long ship is the first of two new Queen Elizabeth class carriers being built by Britain’s Royal Navy and will be used to project power around the world. The second, HMS Prince of Wales, is expected later this year. The visit coincides with a new documentary series about the construction and launch of the ship which has been airing on BBC2. The series, ‘Building the Biggest Battleship’, provides an inside look at the ship’s construction process and a glimpse of life on board for its crew. The documentary also follows the technological advances that have gone into making HMS Queen Elizabeth one of the world’s most sophisticated ships.

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