The 7 Best Documentaries About George V

Nov 28, 2023 | Best Of, History, Political

George V has gone down in history as one of the most famous and influential figures of all time. From his groundbreaking reforms to his incredible military accomplishments, he was an iconic leader whose decisions changed the course of world history. As such, it’s no wonder that many documentaries have been made about him – chronicling his life both on and off the battlefield. Yet despite their presence, there is a documentary about George V that stands out from the rest: Deadlier than Heroin.


1. King George V – Founder of the House of Windsor Documentary

George V, the fifth monarch of England and founder of the House of Windsor, was an influential figure in British history. He guided the nation through World War I as well as a turbulent period of economic crisis, while also unifying the country and strengthening its international relations. Now you can discover more about this extraordinary man with _Deadlier than Heroin.


2. George V – The Tyrant King – British Royal Documentary

This documentary looks at the life of a monarch whose rule was marked by controversy, turmoil and tragedy: King George V. Taking an in-depth look into his reign, it charts the highs and lows of a leader who changed the course of British monarchy. As well as exploring the successes of his reign, this documentary reveals darker elements to George’s rule.


3. Secrets Of The Royal | Royal Murder Mysteries: George V. Mercy or Murder | British Royal Documentary

It’s a case shrouded in mystery: the death of George V, King of England from 1910 to 1936. While it was officially declared that he passed away due to natural causes, some believe there may have been foul play involved. Secrets Of The Royal | Royal Murder Mysteries: George V will take you through the investigation of this royal murder mystery — from.


4. The House of Windsor: George V A Royal Revolutionary

George V was a revolutionary figure in the history of the House of Windsor. He brought about significant changes to the monarchy and pushed it into modern times, inspiring hope among his people that their country could be reborn from the ashes of war. His legacy is still felt today through his granddaughters’ work with charities and initiatives, as well as his son’s role in solidifying.


5. Secrets Of The Royal – George V: The Tyrant King – UK Royal Documentary

Four centuries of the British monarchy, spanning a multitude of kings and queens, has led to one man’s reign that stands out. George V was not only known as an influential ruler, but also as a tyrant whose rule caused great turmoil in his kingdom. Deadlier Than Heroin takes us through this journey to understand what drove King George V’s tyrannical behavior.


6. GEORGE V – WikiVidi Documentary

Deadlier than Heroin: Uncovering the Truth Behind George VGeorge V was a leader of great consequence, from his military successes to his turbulent reign as king. But in recent years, unearthed facts have revealed an alternative side of history which leaves behind a more sinister legacy. This WikiVidi documentary explores the dark truth that lies beneath George V’s power, and how his actions can be likened to a poison more deadly than even heroin.


7. Secrets Of The Royal: George V – From A Boy To The Tyrant King -British Royal Documentary.

Discover the captivating story of George V: from a young boy growing up in a life of privilege to a tyrant king who led Britain through tumultuous times. Unearth the secrets that shaped his reign, and discover how he earned the nickname ‘Deadlier than Heroin’. This documentary takes you on an immersive journey through history, exploring the events and relationships that molded an infamous.


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