The 9 Best Documentaries About The Avro Vulcan

Jan 2, 2024 | Aviation, Best Of

Are you a fan of aviation and curious about the history behind the iconic Vulcan airplane? Or perhaps you simply enjoy watching thought-provoking documentaries that take you on a journey through time. Look no further, as we have compiled a list of the best documentaries that will educate and entertain you about this legendary aircraft.


1. The Avro Vulcan

The world of the Avro Vulcan was a unique, and alluring one. From its inception in the 1950s, this Cold War era bomber captured the imaginations of many who were fascinated by its sleek design and impressive capabilities. Through these nine documentaries, you can explore the history and legacy of this iconic aircraft as told by those who lived through it.


2. Restoring The Historic Vulcan Bomber For Its Last Ever Flight

Guy Martin, a skilled mechanic, lends his expertise to the restoration of XH558, a remarkable Avro Vulcan bomber. After its completion, Martin takes the plane on an incredible 1000-mile farewell flight across Great Britain – the plane’s last journey before being grounded for good.


3. The Vulcan Bomber’s Return to the Skies

An ultra secret anti-radar device, the Vulcan Bomber caused shock waves throughout the world. Shaped like a delta and as fast as a fighter jet, its enormous size was unmatched by any other aircraft similar to it. The only flying Vulcan XH558 is being restored and documented in this programme which follows it’s history and the numerous conflicts it was involved in.


4. The Missing Vulcan

Discover the fascinating tale of a lost Vulcan that miraculously returned during the Falklands War. Follow its flight path and uncover how Operation Black Buck 6 changed the course of history. Delve into an age-old mystery, as you learn about the clever techniques used by British forces to bring back this legendary aircraft. Through interviews with veterans and never-before-seen footage.


5. Vulcan Falklands operation

In 1982, the UK was in for a major challenge. The military junta of Argentina had surprisingly laid claim to the Falklands and the U.K. had no choice but to respond with force. To face this daunting task, they chose a rather unexpected ally: an almost obsolete Vulcan bomber aircraft which was pressed into service to fly across 16,000 miles of Atlantic Ocean and land on Ascension Island.


6. Discovery Channel Vulcans Victors and Cuba

Delve into a world of alien creatures with the Discovery Channel’s documentary, Vulcans Victors. Uncover the secrets and powers of these fascinating beings from another planet. Journey to Cuba to learn about their culture, and explore their mysterious methods for controlling elements and energy.


7. Inside The Cockpit – Avro Vulcan B.2

Avro Vulcan was a real aircraft that stood out from its contemporaries due to its unique design and purpose. It served during the Cold War period, fought in conflicts, broke records and continues to fascinate aviation enthusiasts around the world. On this journey, we will explore all aspects of the Avro Vulcan – from conception to deployment – with exclusive interviews and archive footage.


8. The British Strategic Bomber

Are you a history buff? Do you love to read about the past and learn more about cultures around the world? If so, then documentaries can be an excellent source of information. The best documentaries about Vulcan provide an insight into this ancient civilization’s approach to engineering, art and culture.

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