The 9 Best Documentaries About The Russo-Ukrainian War

Oct 7, 2023 | Best Of, Military/War, Political

The Ukraine War is one of the most devastating and complex events of our time, and it can be difficult to understand. But by exploring the stories that have been documented by filmmakers, you can gain a greater perspective on what happened. Here are some of the best documentaries about the Ukraine War that will help you better comprehend what took place and its lasting impact. From harrowing accounts of soldiers on the front lines to heartbreaking stories of civilians caught in the conflict, these documentaries will provide a comprehensive look at the war. Get ready to be moved and inspired as you dive into this hand-picked selection of films that have been shaped by Ukraine’s turbulent history.


1. Russia and Ukraine: One Year of War – 7NEWS Documentary

This 7NEWS Documentary is a must-watch for anyone wanting to understand the Russia and Ukraine conflict. In this feature-length film, viewers get a detailed look at the events of the last year – from Crimea’s annexation in March 2014 to the battles of Debaltseve, Donetsk, and Mariupol that took place in January 2015. From political leaders.


2. Ukraine – Living with war | DW Documentary

Visiting Ukraine to See War Firsthand | Life’s a JourneyWhen war takes over a country, the best way to understand the reality is to go and see it for yourself. That’s why we decided to make a journey to Ukraine in order to get closer look at how this conflict affects everyday people. This documentary follows our crew as they visit several cities devastated.


3. Crisis, conflict and war – How NATO is preparing to resist

As tensions continue to rise in the Ukraine, NATO is making every effort it can to prepare for any possible resistance. With the situation becoming increasingly complicated, the alliance is strengthening its defence measures and developing strategies to counter any potential aggression in the region.NATO’s approach to this conflict has been twofold – military deterrence and diplomatic engagement. On one hand, NATO.


4. Ukrainians Reach the Surovikin Line – Russian Invasion of Ukraine DOCUMENTARY

Ukrainians Reach the Surovikin Line – Russian Invasion of Ukraine DOCUMENTARYWitness the plight and strength of those who faced off against Russia in Ukraine’s war for independence. This documentary focuses on the courage and commitment of Ukraine’s soldiers, as they battle their way to the Surovikin Line and draw a stand against Russian forces. As tensions mount.


5. Putin’s Attack on Ukraine: Documenting War Crimes (full documentary)

It’s an undeniable fact that Putin and his forces have committed war crimes in Ukraine. However, the full extent of their actions is not always immediately apparent. Documenting War Crimes (full documentary) draws attention to what is happening in Ukraine, providing a firsthand account of the conflict from people who lived through it. This powerful film gives viewers a gritty look at the ongoing battle.


6. Ukrainian Counteroffensive Continues – Russian Invasion DOCUMENTARY

For the past decade, Ukraine has been embroiled in a violent conflict which began with Russia’s invasion in 2014. The Ukrainian people continue to fight back against Russian forces and this documentary follows their heroic counteroffensive. From strategic military offensives to everyday acts of bravery, explore the stories of those on the frontline who are fighting for freedom and justice in their homeland. Witness firsthand how.


7. The Defenders of Donbas: Ukraine war frontline report

Amidst the backdrop of a looming crisis, The Defenders of Donbas: Ukraine War Frontline Report chronicles the struggles of ordinary people fighting to keep their homes safe. Set in Eastern Ukraine in 2014, this documentary speaks to those who have been forced to stand up for their rights in the face of conflict and oppression. Through intimate interviews with key figures on both sides.


8. How Did People Live in Ukraine Before the War? | Subtitled Documentary

It’s hard to imagine what life was like in Ukraine before the War. But thanks to this informative documentary, viewers will be able to gain a better understanding of how people in Ukraine used to live and what their day-to-day lives looked like. This film takes an intimate look at the culture of Ukrainian citizens prior to the conflict, highlighting aspects such as family dynamics.


9. A war unfolding – The struggle for Ukraine

The Ukraine War has been the backdrop for one of the most remarkable stories of modern times. A nation struggling to find its footing among the competing forces in a world still defined by Cold War allegiance has captivated audiences all over the globe. With tales of those caught up in its crossfire, of battles fought and won against overwhelming odds and of extraordinary courage under extreme adversity.


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