The 9 Best Documentaries About Social Media

Oct 2, 2023 | Best Of, Media, Social

Documentaries provide a unique window into our world, and those about social media are no different. Whether you’re looking to learn more about the power of these platforms or just curious to see how they shape the lives of users, there’s a documentary for it! From exploring controversial topics to providing in-depth analyses, these documentaries will leave you with a newfound appreciation for social media. Here’s a list of our top picks for the best documentaries about social media, all of which will help you gain a deeper understanding of its impact and implications. Dive in and get ready to be enlightened!


1. The Creepy Line – Full Documentary on Social Media’s manipulation of society

The Creepy Line documentary takes a deep dive into the manipulation by Google and Facebook of our society. It reveals their sophisticated techniques, which are often subtle yet powerful, to gather personal data from each one of us. Through interviews with key figures in the tech industry as well as scientific experiments and an in-depth analysis, this film sheds light on what is at stake when the largest tech titans are allowed complete access to our private information. This thought-provoking documentary will make you question how much of your data is really safe.


2. Women, social media and the revolution – Digital warriors

Women have been fighting for justice, freedom and self-determination throughout history. One activist leading the charge today is Masih Alinejad, a force of nature who has left her native Iran and now resides in New York City. Her campaigns My Stealthy Freedom and White Wednesdays have been so successful that even the Iranian regime is worried about a possible revolt from their female population. Alinejad’s fight for dignity and recognition is inspiring, a reminder that social media can be used to create real change in the world. As digital warriors continue to join her cause, we’re reminded of how powerful these online networks can be when they are leveraged correctly.


3. Teens, Social Media, and Technology (full documentary)

Technology is revolutionizing the way teens interact and perceive their identity. With powerful social media platforms at their fingertips, teenagers can now engage with celebrities, movies, brands – all in ways never before imagined. But this level of connection has its pros and cons; while some may find it empowering to have so much access to their culture, others may be concerned that corporations or marketers have a hidden agenda. FRONTLINE’s 2014 documentary, ‘Generation Like’, takes an in-depth look at how the teen quest for identity has evolved on the internet and what it means for our future. It is an eye-opening look into the world of social media and technology – one that all teenagers should watch.


4. Follow Me – The Truth About Social Media Fame | Community Doc

Are you curious about the path to fame and fortune on social media? Follow Me – The Truth About Social Media Fame is a Community Doc that will give you an in-depth look into the world of influencers. 1 Billion people have Instagram accounts, but only a select few can turn that platform into a source of income. Director Asri sets out to join this elite group of influencers and find out the truth behind their success. By exploring various techniques used by social media stars, Asri uncovers some common strategies that many use to build a following.

5. These Social Media Addicts Had to Go Cold Turkey for One Week

For those who cannot seem to put away their phones, six social media addicts embarked on an experiment to break free from the grips of digital addiction. Taking the advice of a psychologist specializing in this condition, they had their accounts suspended and agreed to go cold turkey for one week. But how long could they last without monthly doses of likes and shares? Would this self-imposed rehab have a noticeable effect on their lives? The challenge was set and the results were eye-opening. Through the journey of these brave individuals, we get to observe how social media affects our daily lives and, more importantly, how going without it can be profoundly liberating.

6. Social Media is broken. Can we fix it

The web is a wrenching mess, and we need to figure out how to fix it. I took an extended journey to uncover the amazing potential of NOSTR – a groundbreaking new technology that promises to revolutionize the way we connect with each other online. Follow me as I learn more about this fascinating invention and consider what it could mean for our future on social media. Will it be the key to unlocking a better world? Or is it too good to be true? Only time will tell. Let’s dive in and explore this exciting new idea together!


7. The Social Dilemma – Philosophy | Theory & Review (2020 Netflix Documentary Film on Social Media)

The Social Dilemma is a powerful 2020 documentary that dives into the rise of social media and its impacts on society. Written and directed by Jeff Orlowski, Davis Coombe, and Vickie Curtis, this film explores the effects of our digital world on individuals, communities, democracies as well as how technology can affect our mental health. The film features interviews with former tech executives and experts who brought us into this current state of being. It incorporates visuals, animations, and archival footage to demonstrate the risks posed by the increasing use of social media, while emphasizing how we can become empowered users instead of passive followers.


8. PROJECT SOCIALIZE Documentary (feat. Casey Neistat) Social Media, FOMO, Anxiety

Project Socialize, dives deep into the world of social media and the mounting issues it is causing. Featuring Casey Neistat, this film explores topics such as FOMO (the fear of missing out), a decrease in real life communication skills, and the prevalence of social anxiety brought on by tech. By taking a conversational approach, Project Socialize looks for ways to use social media to supplement our real world relationships rather than replace them.


9. Jaron Lanier interview on how social media ruins your life

Are you one of the millions of people who spend time on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Google? You may not realize it, but those tech giants have algorithms that record data about their users – and shape how we see the world and what content we are exposed to. In this thought-provoking interview with Jaron Lanier, he speaks about his personal journey to uncover the truth about how social media and tech giants are manipulating us. He talks about the potential dangers of this manipulation, such as our addiction to these platforms, as well as the psychological effects they have on our minds and lives.

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