The 8 Best Documentaries About Sheep

Nov 12, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

Are you curious to learn more about sheeps? If so, these documentaries are just the ticket! These nine best documentaries about sheeps will take you into a world that’s rarely explored. From learning about their behavior and physiology to witnessing some of the most spectacular moments in their lives, join us as we explore what makes these creatures so special. Get ready for a fascinating journey that will leave you wanting more! From stunning cinematography to detailed interviews with experts, these documentaries have it all. We’ve rounded up the best of them, so let’s dive right in and explore everything there is to know about sheeps.


1. Sheep and Goats (LKP Documentary)

We explore the spiritual and prophetic connection between sheep and goats, showing their relevance to us today as Christians who listen for Yeshua’s voice and choose to follow him. Through this documentary, we look into how those of us who heed His call are compared to those who do not. We will take a deep dive into these topics and see how they shape our view of our relationship with God and His will for us. We will also look into the implications of this comparison and how it can shape us as individuals striving to live a life that is pleasing in His sight. By the end, viewers should have a newfound appreciation for both sheep and goats, but an even better understanding of what it means to be a disciple who follows Yeshua.


2. How To Graze Sheep

Roberta and Keller Mac McKowen have always been passionate about their small-scale farming operation in Jackson, LA. They’ve long used sheep to keep their land healthy, restoring its wildlife, boosting its plant diversity and sustaining the soil. In this documentary, they share how they use the ancient practice of grazing with sheep to maintain their ranch’s eco-system balance and continue to produce natural, high-quality products. This unique approach to farming is also a way for the McKowens to preserve their family legacy, passing along their knowledge and traditions from one generation to the next. Join Roberta and Keller as they share stories of how they tend their sheep herds with love and care, benefiting both animals and land alike! This inspiring video is a must-see for all who appreciate nature, learning about different farming techniques and the amazing bonds between humans and animals. Experience the McKowen’s story and see how their love of the land is paying off in tangible results. Watch it today – you won’t be disappointed!


3. How 5,17 Million Sheep In The United States Are Raised By Ranchers

Sheep farming, also known as sheep husbandry, is an agricultural practice that involves the raising and breeding of sheep for various purposes. In the United States, sheep farming boasts a rich history and remains a significant sector within the livestock industry. While the primary focus of sheep farming in the United States is meat production, it distinguishes itself from countries like China, Australia, or New Zealand. It is important to note that wool production accounts for only approximately 17% of the total sheep population in the country.


4.  A Pandemic Facing Big Horn Sheep

Explore the captivating world of bighorn sheep and uncover a perplexing epidemic that threatens to endanger their population. From sheep-grazing grounds to rugged mountainsides, join us on an exploration of the terrain where these majestic creatures roam free. See first-hand the impact this mysterious epidemic has had on their numbers and discover what’s being done to protect them. Delve into the history and habits of these gentle creatures to gain a better understanding of why they are so important to our ecosystems and cultures. Get ready for an unforgettable journey through one of Earth’s most beautiful environments and its critically endangered residents. Discover the Nature & Beauty of Documentaries!


5.  The Sheep & The Goats Parable: As You’ve Never Seen It

In the modern world, we all strive to make decisions that will lead us down a good path. Given this goal, it’s no surprise that many people find insight and guidance in religious teachings. That being said, one of the most powerful stories from The Bible is the Parable of The Sheep & The Goats (Matthew 25: 31-46). It is a story of judgement and mercy that can be applied to all aspects of life. Now, for the first time ever, Documentarytube brings you a unique take on this timeless tale. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge visual effects as real-life actors portray each scene with remarkable accuracy. Gaze upon the lush landscapes and wide-open spaces depicted in vivid detail. As the story progresses, explore what it means to be a good person and strive for justice in this ever-changing world.


6. Sheep Farming in Ireland Documentary – A Year in the Life of an Irish Sheep Farmer

This film takes a look at the life of a dedicated sheep farmer. We follow along with the farmer from start to finish, witnessing all of the hard work they put into caring for their flock. From breeds like Wicklow Cheviot and Scottish Blackface, to Kerry hills, Zwartbles, Jacobs sheep, Suffock, Texels and Marsham – this documentary covers all sorts of breeds. We also get to see a couple of sheepdogs in action, and even an exhibition of expert sheep shearing with a ewe getting shorn in 1 minute and 14 seconds! This film is an amazing look at the life of a hardworking farmer, as well as the many different kinds of sheep they care for. A must-see for any sheep farming enthusiast!


7. A Year in the Life of Raising Sheep in Idaho

Frank Shirts isn’t your ordinary rancher. This Idaho native carries on a longstanding tradition of sheep ranching that dates back to the 1880s. With 12 bands, Frank has managed to keep up with the ever-changing culture and climate of Idaho. Each year he herds 28,000 ewes and lambs across the state’s low country near Wilder’s Snake River, and the high country located in the Boise and Payette National Forests. Frank has been a part of this beautiful landscape for decades, and his dedication to sheep ranching is an inspiration to all. By continuing this tradition, he ensures that generations to come can experience the same awe-inspiring beauty that Idaho has to offer.


8. History of the domestic sheep

Sheep have been a part of human life since the earliest days of civilization. The domestic sheep is thought to have derived from the wild mouflon, an Asiatic species first domesticated in ancient Mesopotamia between 11,000 and 9,000 BC. These early sheep were bred primarily for their meat, milk, and skins. Fast forward to around 6,000 BC, and the first woolly sheep were developed. Through trading, these sheep were then imported to Africa and Europe. The exact line of descent between domestic sheep and their wild ancestors is still debated today. The most widely accepted hypothesis points to Ovis aries as being the descendant of Asiatic mouflon. Certain breeds such as the Castlemilk Moorit from Scotland have been created through a crossbreeding of the wild European mouflon.

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