The 9 Best Documentaries About The Qatar World Cup

Sep 24, 2023 | Best Of, Disaster, Sports

When people think of Qatar, they think of the Middle Eastern country that has hosted the 2022 FIFA World Cup. But few know that Qatar has produced some of the most phenomenal documentaries about the history and culture surrounding this event. Whether it’s a feature-length film or a short documentary, there are plenty of interesting stories to explore in these films. Here is a list of the best documentaries about Qatar World Cup. Enjoy!


1. Qatar World Cup

In John Oliver’s documentary about the Qatar World Cup, he turns his attention to what perfection means to David Beckham. He delves into the various human rights violations happening in Qatar, and how these injustices are tied to the sporting event. Oliver also explores how this seemingly perfect world of sports is built on questionable foundations, leading to a debate between ethical standards and ambition. With Beckham’s continued involvement in the Qatar World Cup, Oliver ultimately questions whether it is possible to achieve perfection without sacrificing morality and ethics.


2. Cause of Death: Migrant Workers and the 2022 Qatar World Cup | VOANews

The Qatar 2022 World Cup has been mired in controversy since construction began. Thousands of workers, primarily from Nepal, have lost their lives during the course of the build-up to the event – far more than all other Olympic Games or World Cups put together in the past three decades. In Cause of Death: Migrants Workers and The 2022 Qatar World Cup, we get to hear first-hand accounts from the families of those affected. Understand how such a great tragedy has been linked to an event that is celebrated and anticipated around the world – yet no government, organization or company takes ownership of responsibility.


3. What are the costs and consequences of the Qatar World Cup? | DW Business Special

Qatar is determined to make a statement with the 2022 World Cup. The small emirate is throwing seemingly endless sums of money at the premier men’s football event, hoping to give itself an international image upgrade and show what it can do – but what are the costs and consequences? David Conn, Investigations Correspondent for The Guardian, talks about these issues with Ben Fajzullin. From the immense expenditure involved to the shady dealings of FIFA and Qatar’s rulers, this DW Business Special sheds light on an important yet sometimes overlooked topic in football culture.


4. The Inside Story | Cause of Death: Migrant Workers & the 2022 Qatar World Cup

Voice of America has been delivering truthful news coverage to audiences around the world since 1942. From World War II through the Cold War, and in today’s fight against terrorism and for freedom, VOA stands as a beacon of press freedom. In an especially powerful documentary series from 2018, VOA exposes the causes behind the deaths of migrant workers in Qatar who were building the infrastructure for the now-postponed 2022 FIFA World Cup. The Inside Story: Cause of Death–Migrant Workers & the 2022 Qatar World Cup is a must watch for anyone who wants to understand more about what’s happening behind the scenes with global sporting events and human rights abuses.


5. Gary Lineker on the Qatar World Cup, David Beckham and Speaking Out

Gary Lineker is a broadcasting and former England football legend who recently gave an exclusive interview on the Qatar World Cup. In this interview, he discussed why people have raised objections about Qatar hosting the upcoming World Cup 2022 and his thoughts on footballers speaking out against injustices or wrongdoings in the sport. He also shared his three golden rules to follow when using social media for public statements.


6. Everything wrong about the Qatar World Cup

This video unpacks all the issues surrounding the World Cup – from backroom deals involving Fifa officials like Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini to explaining Qatar’s Kafala system which has exploited migrant workers and reportedly led to thousands of deaths in extreme heat. I dig deeper into the discrimination faced by women and LGBT+ people in Qatar – and consider how we should feel watching the football tournament.


7. The Qatar World Cup Explained

Explore the Qatar World Cup with Tifo and gain a better understanding of some of the controversy that follows it. Written by James Montague and illustrated by Alice Devine, this series of videos helps to explain why this tournament in the Gulf State has caused confusion for so many. Learn about their ambitious plans – from building eight brand new stadiums to hosting an extravagent opening ceremony – and understand the issues that different countries have with Qatar. It’s a fascinating look at the politics of sport, but also a story of ambition, dedication, and progress. Follow Tifo as they take a closer look into this unique tournament and its effect on the world.


8. What’s behind the controversies surrounding the Qatar World Cup

The Qatar World Cup has been the topic of global interest and heated debate. What is behind the controversies surrounding this international tournament? As it prepares to make history as the first Arab nation to ever host the sporting event, Qatar has certainly put a lot of effort into getting ready for the big day. Beyond its impressive advances in infrastructure – from stadiums to transportation networks – the country is giving us an opportunity to see how sports can bring people together in times of disagreement and divergence. Will it be enough to break down barriers and turn into a real force for international unity?


9. FIFA’s Corruption, Qatar’s Slavery | Qatar World Cup Explained

Qatar’s World Cup: Exposing FIFA’s Corruption and the Human Cost of Slavery.The manner in which Qatar acquired the hosting rights to the 2022 World Cup is nothing short of illegal. The documentary exposes this corruption, as well as the human cost associated with slavery that comes hand-in-hand with such a grand undertaking. This tragedy must never be forgotten or dismissed – it is a lesson that the football world must learn from. These stories of suffering and injustice are reminders that we cannot turn a blind eye to corruption and human rights abuses in any form, whether they involve international sports events or not. We all have a duty to ensure that our actions have an ethical foundation.

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