The 9 Best Documentaries about Psychics and Paranormal Events

Nov 24, 2023 | Best Of, Strange

A lot of us are fascinated with all things paranormal, which is in no way surprising. Humans are always hypnotized by the things they can’t explain, including psychics, UFOs, and demons.

Some elements of the supernatural (or near-supernatural) have even become an integral part of popular culture—for example, astrology. People regularly have compatibility readings and Nebula horoscope and astrology sessions to peak behind the curtain and reach the intangible.

Even the most skeptical of us aren’t without doubt, which is one of the key topics across the best documentaries about psychics and paranormal events. Let’s list a few of them.


#1 The Afterlife Experiments

The Afterlife Experiments delves into the controversial experiments conducted by Dr. Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona. Schwartz’s experiments aimed to scientifically test the existence of life after death and communication with the deceased. The screen adaptation, which aired on HBO, featured several acclaimed mediums.

The documentary critically examines the methodologies and results of the experiments, inviting viewers to question the boundaries between science and the supernatural. It features emotional testimonies from participants who believe they’ve communicated with their lost loved ones, which adds a deeply personal aspect to the otherwise somewhat dry scientific exploration.


#2 An Honest Liar

An Honest Liar tells the story of James Randi, a former magician known as “The Amazing Randi,” who became a famous skeptic and investigator of paranormal claims. The documentary explores Randi’s life’s work of debunking psychics and supernatural phenomena.

An Honest Liar also highlights Randi’s personal life, including his own struggles and how his principles guided his actions. It’s a narrative on the nature of deception, both in paranormal claims and in personal life, that reveals the complexities behind the curtain of skepticism.

Who knows? Perhaps, An Honest Liar will make you a bit more open-minded, and you’ll even consider taking Nebula’s zodiac compatibility test online. After all, one of the central topics of this documentary is that skepticism can sometimes be blinding.



#3 Ghost Hunters: William James and the Search for Scientific Proof of Life After Death

This documentary, which is set in the early 20th century, focuses on William James, a pioneering psychologist and philosopher, and his scientific investigation into spiritualism and communication with the dead.

Ghost Hunters also delves into the historical context of James’s work, showing how it intersected with the spiritualist movement of the time. It’s a fascinating exploration of how a renowned scientist grapples with questions that science still struggles to answer. Despite the timeline, the movie’s message is surprisingly relevant in our day and age.


#4 Crop Circles: Quest for Truth

As the title suggests, Crop Circles explores the mysterious phenomenon of crop circles. It delves into various theories about their origin, including paranormal explanations, and features interviews with researchers, skeptics, and enthusiasts.

Also, the movie looks at the cultural impact of crop circles, including their influence on art and spirituality. Viewers are invited to reflect on the intersection between human creativity and unexplained phenomena, which makes Crop Circles a thought-provoking watch.


#5 The Bridgewater Triangle

Set in Southeastern Massachusetts, this documentary examines the Bridgewater Triangle, an area known for a high concentration of paranormal activity, including UFO sightings, poltergeists, and cryptozoological creatures.

The Bridgewater Triangle also examines the area’s history and folklore to offer the viewer a deeper understanding of why these phenomena may be occurring. Interviews with local historians and eyewitnesses add authenticity to the mysterious tales.


#6 The Psychic Children

The Psychic Children explores the lives of children who claim to have psychic abilities. It includes interviews with the children, their families, and psychic experts (similar to those you’ll find on Nebula and in Nebula reviews) and offers thought-provoking insights into their experiences and the challenges they face.

The second part of the documentary delves into the scientific and psychological aspects, with experts discussing the potential explanations and implications of the children’s claimed abilities. It’s a compassionate look at a controversial subject with a good balance between skepticism and belief.


#7 Sir NoFace

Sir NoFace follows paranormal investigators who were granted permission by the Australian government to investigate paranormal activity. By the way, it’s the only investigation into the supernatural that the authorities have officially sanctioned. Don’t trust the low IMDB rating—this is a fascinating watch.

Sir NoFace further explores the emotional and psychological impact of the paranormal investigation on the investigators themselves, showing how their experiences at the site challenge their preconceptions and affect them personally.


#8 Demon House

In Demon House, paranormal investigator Zak Bagans documents his experience buying and investigating a house in Gary, Indiana, rumored to be a site of intense demonic activity. The movie includes interviews with previous residents and footage of the investigation.

In addition to the investigation, the documentary explores the history of the house and its neighborhood, attempting to uncover the roots of the alleged demonic activity. It’s a chilling journey into one of America’s most infamous haunted houses that successfully blends horror with documentary filmmaking.


#9 Paranormal Witness

While technically a TV series, each episode of Paranormal Witness is like a mini-documentary that features separate personal stories of paranormal experiences, recreated with dramatic reenactments and firsthand accounts from those who experienced them.

Each episode also delves into the broader context of the supernatural events it focuses on, exploring historical, cultural, and scientific angles. The best thing about Paranormal Witness is its storytelling approach, which makes the paranormal feel deeply personal and often terrifyingly relatable.


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