The 9 Best Documentaries About Human Evolution

Aug 17, 2023 | Best Of, History

Are you curious about human evolution? Have you ever wanted to understand our species’ journey from primates to modern humans, and all the incredible discoveries in between? If so, then this article is for you! In it, we explore some of the best documentaries about human evolution. From captivating visuals and expert interviews to fascinating facts about the science behind our species.


1. The crossroads of human evolution

The Indian subcontinent is widely considered one of the most fascinating places in the world when it comes to human evolution. For over a century, archaeologists and researchers from around the world have flocked to this region, known as South Asia, to explore its rich history and unravel some of humankind’s deepest secrets.


2. The Evolution Of Humans

Charles Darwin is widely considered one of the most influential figures in history. His groundbreaking work in evolutionary biology, and his theories on natural selection, revolutionized our understanding of human evolution. This documentary series presents a comprehensive look at how humans have evolved over millions of years, from primates to modern Homo sapiens.


3. What Darwin Never Knew

From the very beginning, scientists have sought to uncover the secrets of life’s endless forms. Over 1.4 million species have been discovered so far, with an estimated 50 million still left to explore. Charles Darwin provided a revolutionary answer to this mystery when he proposed his theory of natural selection.


4. Where do Humans Come From

Humans are an amazing species, capable of incredible feats and propelled by millions of years of evolution and adaptation From the first cell to the formation of male and female sexes, uncover the mysterious journey that has led us to become the most successful species on earth.


5. Prehistoric Humans Documentary

It was just less than two and a half million years ago when something very extraordinary started happening on the plains of Eastern Africa. A group of hairy, bipedal apes had evolved and were using basic stone tools – they became Homo habilis, the first species of true humans. Despite living in dangerous environments filled with predators and threats to their lives.


6. Evolution vs Creation Documentary

One of the most fascinating documentaries to come out in recent years is Charles Darwin – Evolution vs. Creation. This documentary delves into the heart of the debate between science and religion, pitting one of history’s most renowned scientists against some of the world’s most prominent religious leaders.


7. Evidence of Our Ancestors

Are you curious about how we have evolved? Have you ever wanted to learn more about the evidence of our ancestors? Well, the documentary Human Evolution: Evidence of Our Ancestors is here to provide you with some answers! This 2017 scientific journey delves deep into history and explores the many mysteries of human evolution.


8. Great Moments in Evolution

It’s undeniable that evolution has been hard at work over the past 250 million years. The evidence of its success is all around us, from the tremendously diverse array of life we see in our world today to the two great inventions – eggs and sex. While five major mass extinctions have occurred during this time, some species managed to survive each one, allowing evolution to continue.

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