The 7 Best Documentaries And Videos About NLE Choppa

Feb 5, 2024 | Best Of, Celebrities

Are you interested in learning more about one of the hottest music talents on the scene, NLE Choppa? The 8 Best Documentaries About NLE Choppa are just what you need to get a deeper insight into the life and career trajectory of the Memphis-based rapper. These documentaries take an up-close and personal look at his journey from childhood until now, highlighting the unique experiences, challenges and triumphs he faced in his rise to fame.


1. Who Is NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa is an innovative artist that has taken the music industry by storm. His creative style and energy have made him a fan favourite, and now UPROXX have stepped in to produce a mini-documentary about his incredible story. Fans of NLE Choppa can get an inside look into who he really is, as this documentary will give them unprecedented insight into the artist’s life. Through interviews and footage, fans will be able to gain a greater understanding of what motivates NLE Choppa – both musically and personally.


2. The REAL NLE Choppa Story

In this rap documentary, we take a deep dive into the life of NLE Choppa. We invested immense resources to make sure every single detail was captured in our documentary video. From his breakthrough single “Shotta Flow” and its surrounding themes, to the top lyrics explained on Genius, to collaborations with huge artists such as NBA Youngboy and Roddy Ricch–we cover it all here. We also look at the various songs released under his label, NLE Choppa Music.


4. NLE Choppa: Hip Hop’s Most Hypocritical Rapper

Bryson Potts, more commonly known by his artist name NLE Choppa, is a rapper unlike any other. His journey has been an interesting one, from advocating violence and negativity to ultimately healing cancer and finding peace in spirituality. It’s no wonder that 8 documentaries have been made to explore his story.


5. Before They Were Famous

NLE Choppa was just 16-years-old when he made the bold decision to turn down a $3 million record deal. This move would spark a ripple effect of successes, including signing a distribution deal with Steve Stoute’s United Masters and releasing his now famous song ‘Shotta Flow’, which has gained over 34 million views on YouTube. His achievements even earned him cosigns from the likes of Meek Mill, LeBron James, Birdman and Stevie Wonder.


6. NLE Choppa Talks Veganism, Polygamy, Ice Spice, Mental Health & More

NLE Choppa has become a phenomenon in the music industry, quickly rising to fame with his distinct rap style. His music often explores serious topics, giving voice to stories that many people can relate to. Recently, he opened up about his life experiences in a series of documentaries. These 8 documentaries explore his journey from poverty to success, the impact of being vegan, the struggles of polygamy, the importance of mental health and drug use, as well as his love for Ice Spice.


7. I Got Gifted a CLONE and This Happened….

Are you ready for the ultimate NLE Choppa experience? Get ready to be transported into an exciting world of raw energy and infectious beats. From the complex bars of “Shotta Flow” to the timeless classic – “Toka Taya”, we have curated 8 documentaries that encapsulate Choppa’s rise in music industry.


8. NLE Choppa Runs Into Lil Baby While Shopping For Jewelry!

NLE Choppa made a visit to the famous Icebox and got himself iced up with a few flashy pieces of jewelry. After that, he engaged in conversation about his upcoming projects with some of his crew members. In the store, they had their eyes set on some chic AP’s and Cubans before bumping into fellow Atlanta artist Lil Baby!

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