The 8 Best Documentaries About Kelly Holmes

Dec 14, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities

Nothing quite compares to the awe and inspiration that comes from watching documentaries about legendary athletes like Kelly Holmes. She is an Olympic gold medalist, a champion track runner, and one of the most inspiring figures in sports history. Whether you’re looking for an inspirational story or an engaging account of her career achievements, these documentaries about Kelly Holmes will leave you inspired and amazed. From the highs of her Olympic successes to the lows of her injuries and personal struggles, these documentaries capture it all. Read on for a list of the best documentaries about Kelly Holmes that you must watch!


1. ITV Kelly Holmes Being Me 1080p HDTV

Kelly Holmes is a champion in every sense of the word. From her undeniable prowess in the Olympic arena to her incredible resilience and determination, she’s proof that anything can be achieved with hard work and dedication. She has overcome many obstacles, both physical and emotional, to become an inspirational figure for sports fans everywhere. Her story is documented in the documentary “Kelly Holmes: Being Me”, where she shares her inspiring journey with viewers. The documentary showcases the highs and lows of Kelly’s life, from training for the Olympics to dealing with injury and recovery.


2. Kelly Holmes On Beginning to Live A Life As Her Full Self

Kelly Holmes has been living a double life for decades. As an Olympian and a celebrated athlete, the public had only ever seen one side of her – but recently, Kelly has decided to be true to herself and come out as gay. It’s a decision that was difficult for her to make due to the homophobia that still lingers in some areas of society, including in the armed forces where Kelly served before becoming an athlete.Now that she is living her life authentically, Kelly can open up about how long she had been holding back this part of herself and what it means to finally be able to be free.


3. Extraordinary Talks: Dame Kelly Holmes

Dame Kelly Holmes came to the Heritage Garage for a special chat about Diversity and Inclusion. Here, she shared her personal experiences of overcoming challenges in her career and encouraged everyone to keep striving for their goals. During her visit, Dame Kelly toured our factory and saw first-hand how we bring like-minded people together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Afterward, she discussed the power of collaboration and how it can help us to overcome any obstacle. It was an invaluable experience for all who attended, as Dame Kelly’s journey and her words of wisdom were truly inspiring.


4. Driving Force – Season 1 – Dame Kelly Holmes DBE | FULL EPISODE

Witness the incredible journey of world-renowned athlete Dame Kelly Holmes DBE as she takes us back to her roots in Episode 9 of Driving Force. From fighting injury battles, conquering her mental health struggles, and making the sacrifices necessary for greatness; follow Dame Kelly’s inspiring story of determination and perseverance. Her inspirational tale is one that will motivate you to reach for your own goals and dreams. See how Dame Kelly Holmes DBE made it from the beginning to become one of the most successful athletes in history. Join her as she reflects on the battles, victories, and learnings that shaped who she is today.


5. Dame Kelly Holmes Opens Up About Success And Self-harm

Col. Dame Kelly Holmes is a true inspiration to athletes of all ages and backgrounds. During her impressive career, she has achieved seven Gold, eight Silver and four Bronze medals in Olympic, Commonwealth and European championships. In 2004 she made history when she became the first Briton over the past 80 years to win both 800m and 1500m events at the Athens Olympics. Kelly is not only an Olympic icon, but also a mental health advocate who has openly discussed her struggles with anxiety and self-harm. Her documentary, “Dame Kelly Holmes Opens Up About Success And Self-Harm” provides an in-depth look into the personal journey of success and overcoming adversity.


6. Beth Rigby Interviews… Dame Kelly Holmes

Beth Rigby sat down with the Dame Kelly Holmes to discuss her struggles with mental health. Kelly opened up about how she felt “fearful” talking about her situation earlier in her life, but now feels more comfortable sharing. The two delved deep into the topics of fear and courage as well as resilience. They discussed how it is important for people to be open and honest about their feelings in order to stay healthy and find strength through life’s struggles. This inspiring conversation is a must-watch for those who want to learn more about Kelly Holmes’ journey from adversity to success.


7. Native Hope Podcast Season 1, Episode 1 – Kelly Holmes

In this episode of Native Hope Podcast, Dame Kelly Holmes opens up to Sky News’ Beth Rigby about her struggles with mental health. Feeling “fearful” about talking in the past, she now understands how important it is to be honest and vulnerable – not only for herself but also for others who may feel alone or isolated due to their own issues. Her story is a reminder to us all that we can overcome our struggles and be better for it. From her battles with depression and anxiety to the rewards of reaching Olympic glory, this episode of Native Hope Podcast will touch your heart as Kelly shares openly about her journey. Don’t miss this inspiring interview!

8. Room 101 Alexander Armstrong Kelly Holmes Henry Blofeld

Alexander Armstrong, Kelly Holmes and Henry Blofeld opened the doors to Room 101 on 22nd of January 2015. The trio discussed the topics that people find most unpleasant and irritating in an entertaining and humorous way. From blaring music to loud chewing habits, no topic was left untouched. Kelly Holmes truly shined as she shared her knowledge about the topics discussed. With her Olympic achievements, strong work ethic and warm personality she provided a balanced perspective to the show. She was passionate about finding solutions in order to erase these annoyances from life.

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