The Best Documentaries About Real Dolls And Sex Dolls

Aug 16, 2023 | Best Of, Sexuality

Have you ever been curious about what goes into creating a beloved real doll? Are you interested in the stories behind the people who bring these dolls to life? Then you’ll love this article. We’re exploring some of the most interesting documentaries that take us on a journey through the world of real dolls. From their creation to delivery, these documentaries will give you a glimpse into the world of real dolls and the people who make them so special. So sit back, relax, and get ready to start your journey.


Substitutes (2018)

Would you ever consider having a romantic relationship with an inanimate object? While this may seem unconventional to many, it is not unheard of in Japan. In fact, there are individuals who have chosen to form emotional connections with sex dolls.






The Pleasure Business (2013)

Uncover the intricacies and controversies of the sex doll industry through this thought-provoking documentary. Delve into the world of lifelike silicone companions, as we journey from France to Germany and uncover its growing popularity in mainstream society.







The Best Free Documentaries About Real Dolls And Sex Dolls


Living Dolls tells a captivating story of an eclectic group of doll collectors, each with their own unique motivations and obsessions. Debbie is a young mother who loves her Ellowyne fashion dolls – believing that they reflect her innermost emotions. Mike is a fan of Barbie, treating her like a life-long companion while hiding away from the outside world. Michael, also known as Robo-Mike, is an animator who uses his dolls to create elaborate art. And finally David, a man devoted to silicon love dolls that he sees as works of art. Living Dolls takes viewers on an intimate journey into the lives of these fascinating people – from Debbie’s attempt to balance her hobby with family life; to Mike’s playful pursuit of his lifelong dream; to Michael’s exploration of creating art from dolls; and finally, David’s fascination with combining sex and art. Through humor, surprise, and insight, Living Dolls offers a unique look into an otherwise unseen subculture. Whether you love or hate these characters, it is impossible not to be intrigued by their stories.


As the sun sets and dusk creeps in, a sense of longing and loneliness pervades the air. But for this small group of people, this is not just any night- it’s a special occasion. These men have come together to share their joy: they are in love with synthetic dolls that look like real people. What started out as a hobby has blossomed into something more, forging a unique and intimate bond with these life-like creations. With its stunning visuals and captivating stories, it captures the beauty of this peculiar emotion and celebrates it in all its glory. It’s a tender exploration of love that transcends boundaries – human or otherwise.


The man who sleeps, discarded dolls into works of art. His creative process is something that many find captivating and inspiring – he takes these abandoned toys and breathes a new life into them through his own unique brand of creativity. Using a combination of drawing, painting, sculpting and sewing, he gives these forgotten objects a new and totally unique identity. Whether it’s a baby-doll, or a porcelain doll, breathes new life into them with his creative flair and skill. By giving these dolls a second chance at life, he has created an amazing collection of handcrafted works of art that are sure to captivate the eyes of those who see them.


Dean Bevan, a 59-year old retired psychiatric nurse from Ipswich, UK has found a new lease of life with his unique passion: sex doll photography. He has 12 plastic women and interchangeable heads in his home, regularly changing their look by applying makeup and dressing them up in various outfits. Dean’s fascination with these synthetic subjects began after watching Channel 4 sci-fi drama Humans. He was so captivated by the show, that he quickly purchased Sarah, a voluptuous blonde with a 30DD bust. Though Dean has no physical relationship with his dolls, he professes to be fond of Sarah and sometimes even shares a bed with her. His creative passion for sex doll photography is now being shared with the world through the pictures he takes. He shares his work online, gaining likes and followers with each post. His dolls take on various poses and outfits in these photos, highlighting Dean’s creativity and skill.


Welcome to the fantastically weird and wonderful world of doll collecting! From individuals who risk everything they have for their passion, to those you may love to hate – this documentary dives deep into the lives of these collectors. It investigates why these people feel so compelled to spend their time dolled up. You’ll find some characters in the documentary that are simply lovable. Others may be mysterious and intriguing, whilst some may open your eyes to a new world of understanding. No matter what their individual story is, all the collectors have one thing in common – they are all passionate about their dolls.


Could a relationship with an inanimate object exist? This documentary delves into the surprisingly human-like bond between huggers and their high-end dolls. These unique love stories unfold as we get to know these guys better, learning about how they came to purchase an anatomically correct Doll for around $6000. The dolls are made of silicone that is soft to the touch and are surprisingly life-like, even equipped with fake tongues.


A unique line of dolls created to comfort loneliness in Japan. With an innovative and creative approach, the brand is helping to alleviate feelings of isolation for many people across the country. The idea behind this project stems from a simple notion – that everyone deserves companionship. The company’s founders believe that their products can provide meaningful relationships to those who feel isolated. Drawing on the power of imagination, these dolls can become living entities with personalities and stories that can be shared by their owners.

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