The 7 Best Documentaries About Lizzo

Apr 11, 2024 | Best Of, Music

Are you ready to experience Lizzo’s story in all its glory? From her rise to stardom and the incredible impact she’s left on the music industry, here are some of the best documentaries about the one and only Lizzo. Whether you’re a fan of her music or just curious to learn more about this inspirational star, these documentaries will help paint a vivid picture of her life, challenges and successes. Tune in to learn more about this powerhouse artist and why she’s become one of the biggest stars around!


1. The Shocking Rise and ‘Fall’ of Lizzo: Her Sudden ‘Fall From Grace’

When it comes to the incredibly talented singer-songwriter-rapper Lizzo, her meteoric rise in fame is one for the storybooks. From playing small club shows to selling out arenas worldwide, she’s been able to accomplish a feat that many musicians can only dream of. But what about her ‘fall from grace’?


2. Is Lizzo Guilty Of Sexual Harassment?

The music industry has always been controversial and Lizzo is no exception. In recent years, she has faced allegations of sexual harassment by some of her former collaborators. The accusations have made the headlines and sparked debate around the issue. While some people might think that Lizzo is guilty, others believe it’s a case of miscommunication or misunderstandings.


3. The Movie That Offended Lizzo | The Nutty Professor

The movie that has made a splash in the world of Lizzo fans. It follows the career of singer-songwriter  and her journey to the top. Witness her rise from an unknown talent to becoming one of today’s hottest stars with this inspiring film.The documentary also dives into the controversial moments of Lizzo’s career, such as when she was mocked for her appearance on the show The Nutty Professor. Despite being laughed at and humiliated, stood tall and continued to fight for what she believed in. You will be inspired by her courage and determination throughout this captivating film.


4. The Carefully Crafted Brand of Lizzo

Lizzo is an icon of her own making. Her distinctive brand of music, fashion, and personality have captivated audiences around the world. She’s a masterful performer, songwriter, and storyteller. And she’s done it all by carefully crafting her brand to be something truly special.


5. Web Exclusive: Extended conversation with Lizzo

From her start in the underground rap scene to becoming a global superstar, Lizzo’s career is an inspiring tale of determination and resilience.She captures this story with exclusive access to performances, interviews and never-before-seen footage that reveals how the artist has impacted the world through her unique brand of music.


6. Lizzo is a Manipulative, Lying Villain

The documentary follows the story of Lizzo; a manipulative and deceptive woman who seeks to control the lives of those around her. Through interviews with victims and experts alike, this documentary explores the atrocities Lizzo has committed while attempting to gain power in her community. It’s a cautionary tale that shines light on what can happen when someone like Lizzo, with a lack of empathy and compassion for others, is left unchecked. With the help of archival footage and expert commentary, she reveals how Lizzo’s actions have impacted those she has come in contact with and provides an eye-opening look into her psyche.


7. Lizzo – Zane Lowe & Apple Music ’Special’ Interview

Zane Lowe and Apple Music have partnered to bring you the ultimate Lizzo experience. This exclusive interview will take you up close and personal with the acclaimed singer-songwriter as she shares stories from her musical journey, talks about her creative process, and dives into her unique brand of self-love. She is an inspiring documentary that allows viewers to dive deep into the story of Lizzo and her success. In this special interview, Zane Lowe sits down with the award-winning artist to discuss her rise to fame and how she’s cultivated such a powerful voice. From candid conversations to intimate performances, she gives viewers an exclusive look at one of today’s most influential artists. Get ready for an inspiring journey.


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