The 10 Best Documentaries About Giants

Jul 10, 2023 | Best Of, Conspiracy, History

The mysterious giants have been the subject of fascination since ancient times, with stories and legends about them passed down through generations. Even in the Bible, there is mention of the Nephilim – a race of great stature described as being “mighty men that were of old”. But what was their true origin? To find out more about these mythical creatures, here are 7 documentaries exploring the fascinating world of giants.


1. Shocking Truths About Giants

Giants have been part of many myths and legends for centuries. This documentary explores the mysterious stories behind these creatures, from their origins to the beliefs that surround them. It dives into South American cultures such as the Mayans and Incas, who believed in a race of giants before the great flood. Learn about what these giants were said to look like; they had six fingers and extra teeth! Get ready to uncover fascinating facts when you watch this documentray about Giants!


2. History of Giants

Giants have long been a part of human history, and this documentary dives into the fascinating stories and evidence that prove their existence. From 16-meter tall giants to over 3000 skeletons of a race of blond-haired giants, you’ll be enthralled by all the amazing discoveries. Discover how these mysterious creatures once walked among us in The 7 Best Documentaries About Giants!


3. Human Giants Discovered

Are you curious about giants? For centuries, myths and stories have been told about them. In this BBC documentary, we explore the evidence – photos and reports – that debunk these myths. We uncover new surprises about human giants as we delve deeper into their existence. Are all your questions answered by this giant human skeleton documentary? Watch it to find out!


4. Giants: friend or foe?

Giants have been a part of history for centuries, inspiring heroes and conquering empires. This documentary dives into the legends and myths behind these giants to reveal if they were friend or foe of humans. It examines folklore for clues about their role in key areas of history, as well as wrestling gods. Learn more about this fascinating topic with The 7 Best Documentaries About Giants!


5. The Most Fact-Based Documentary in Support of Real Ancient Giants

Giants once roamed the Earth, according to legends across the world. This documentary will take viewers through a journey of discovery as we explore historical evidence and theories of these creatures’ existence. From giants with six fingers or double rows of teeth to other credible accounts, this is sure to be an eye-opening experience! Get ready for an adventure into the past with this documentary about ancient giants!


6. Alien Worlds – Giants & Hybrids (Full Documentary)

Uncover the astonishing truth behind the existence of colossal, biblical Giants that once roamed our ancient past. Journey with us as we explore compelling evidence and captivating tales of giant skeletons, forgotten civilizations, and mythological creatures. Dive into a realm far stranger than any fiction – one filled with mysterious artifacts and supernatural beings! Unearth secrets from a bygone era on this extraordinary exploration of giants and uncover the mysteries of our forgotten history.



Have you ever wondered if giant creatures have roamed the Earth? In this Ancient Aliens compilation, we explore the possibility of giants living among us. From mysterious bones to ancient artifacts, discover how these mythical beings could have been an integral part of our history. Join us as we uncover some incredible evidence that will leave you with more questions than answers!


8. The Nephilim Giants Documentary

Have you ever heard of the Nephilim Giants? They are mentioned in many ancient texts, and now recent discoveries of giant human bones around the world have given credence to their existence. This documentary dives deep into the history and evidence that these mysterious giants once roamed our planet. From archeological excavations to Biblical scriptures, learn about the findings that experts have come across over the past 100 years! Hear from historians who believe governments may have known more than they let on about this ancient race. Finally, discover why even The History Channel has made it a priority to cover this incredible story – one too vast for us to ignore!


9. Giants Emerging Everywhere – They Can’t Hide This

Giants have been a part of our ancient history, yet they remain largely mysterious. This documentary dives deep into the stories and artifacts that tell us about these giants who once ruled over mankind. From the Sumerian King Gilgamesh to Nephilim giants in The Book of Genesis, uncover hidden secrets about their reigns and learn why evidence of them can still be found today. Unearth fascinating facts from Ancient Egypt’s depictions of giant pharaoh dynasties and explore giant sarcophagi that were looted long ago. Come join us as we unravel mysteries surrounding these mythical creatures known as Giants!


10. Giant Encounters in the Old Americas

Discover the mysterious tales of giant encounters in the old Americas! Explore how Europeans explorers and conquistadors encountered giants, some friendly while others thirsted for bloodshed. Learn about the 500 year-old Aztec attempts to nearly drive them to extinction. Uncover these amazing stories with this documentary about Giants in the Old Americas.

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