The 6 Best Documentaries About Xanax

Oct 15, 2023 | Best Of, Health, Medicine

Documentaries are a powerful medium that can provide insight into the lives of people, events, and phenomena. They can also be entertaining and informative. Thus, it’s no surprise that many documentaries have been made about Xanax, one of the most popular anti-anxiety medications in the world. Here’s our list of the best documentaries about Xanax, to learn more about this fascinating drug and the people who use it. From its history and effects to first-hand accounts of Xanax addiction and recovery, you’re sure to find something educational and thought-provoking in this list.


1. Benzodiazepine Global Crisis! Klonopin Valium Ativan Xanax What you need to know Documentary

Are you considering taking medications like Xanax? This documentary is the perfect way to get informed and make sure that you’re making the right decision for your health. In an hour, it will provide all the knowledge you need on this subject – from a trusted source. Dr. Heather Ashton’s work has been invaluable in helping us understand more about these medications and their effects, so why not take the chance to learn what she has to offer? Paul Chomiak’s YouTube channel is one of the best for this type of content, and he is also a great asset in spreading awareness. Take some time to watch his documentary and get educated – your life could depend on it. Share the video with others, and let’s put an end to this deadly issue.


2. Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin, Valium

Released in 1987, the BBC Benzo’s documentary “Brass Tacks” serves as a warning about the dangers of benzodiazepines and their effects on mental and physical health. This powerful documentary explores the widespread use and abuse of benzos like Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin, and Valium. Through interviews with medical professionals and testimonials from people whose lives have been affected by benzodiazepines, “Brass Tacks” paints a vivid picture of the impact these drugs can have. The documentary highlights cases of addiction and dependence as well as the physical and psychological effects of abuse.


3. Ada v Ativan – 1988 ITV – Benzodiazepine Documentary

Benzodiazepines are an essential medication that helps with anxiety and other mental health conditions, but they can also be addictive. Benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome is the cluster of symptoms experienced when someone who uses benzodiazepines abruptly stops taking them or reduces their dosage too quickly. These symptoms may include sleep disturbance, irritability, increased tension and anxiety, panic attacks, hand tremors, sweating, difficulty with concentration, confusion and cognitive difficulty, memory problems, dry retching and nausea, weight loss, palpitations, headache, muscle pain and stiffness, a variety of sensory changes including hallucinations and seizures. Withdrawal from benzodiazepines can be incredibly difficult to manage and in severe cases has led to psychosis or suicide.


4. Benzodiazepine Benzo Documentary Xanax Klonopin Ativan Valium Tranq Trap 2001

Shelley Jofre investigates the reality of tranquilizer dependence in Britain, asking why – despite clear prescription guidelines – people are still receiving long-term prescriptions. She dives deep into the history and effects of Xanax usage throughout the nation to uncover a troubling truth: many have become dependent on these powerful medications. With gripping interviews with people who live with this addiction, Jofre offers a unique perspective on the dangers of Xanax and shines a light on the need for reform.


5. Xanax Addict interview-Scarlett

Scarlett has a story to tell. And in the documentary Soft White Underbelly, we hear her speak about her struggle with Xanax addiction and how it has impacted her life on Skid Row. Featuring never-before-seen footage of one of LA’s most notorious streets, this documentary shines a light on the hidden world of substance abuse and its devastating effects. Through Scarlett’s frank and intimate interviews, we gain an understanding of the complex and often harrowing journey that many addicts face. From her personal recollections to the stories shared by other members of the community, this documentary is a powerful testament to human courage in the face of adversity.


6. Take Your Pills: Xanax (Documentary on Netflix)

This captivating documentary examines the experiences of patients and experts with anti-anxiety medication, exploring how it can be both a blessing and a curse. An insightful look at the reality of taking medication for mental health.

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