The 4 Best Documentaries About Cathy Freeman

Nov 8, 2023 | Best Of, People

Cathy Freeman is a pioneering figure in the history of Australian sport and international athletics. Her iconic gold medal at the 2000 Olympics made her an instant global icon, and cemented her place as one of Australia’s most beloved public figures. Even now, over twenty years later, she remains an inspiration to many around the world. There are several documentaries that have been made about Cathy Freeman’s life and career, each one offering a unique insight into her story. From the highs of her Olympic success to the lows of suffering injuries, these documentaries provide an in-depth look at this remarkable athlete.


1. Cathy Freeman talks running, the Olympics, life after athletics with Christine Anu

The life of Cathy Freeman. It is the story of her incredible journey to becoming an Olympic champion, but it’s also a portrait of resilience and strength that has helped define Australian sports culture. From 2000’s ‘The Journey of a Champion’, to 2014’s ‘Cathy Freeman: In Her Own Words’, there are some great documentaries available that track the highs and lows of Cathy’s remarkable career. Other documentaries about her include 2012’s ‘Cathy Freeman: A Sporting Life’, which follows her life from childhood to retirement, as well as ‘The Girl Who Ran the World’, a released in 2019 exploring the personal and professional struggles she faced throughout her athletic career.


2. Cathy Freeman and the 2000 Olympics – Do Go On Podcast

The best documentaries about Cathy Freeman take viewers on an emotional journey, from her humble beginnings in rural Australia to the moment she won gold at the Sydney Olympics. From a biographical account of Freeman’s life and career, to inspiring stories of perseverance against all odds, these documentaries capture the spirit of this remarkable woman. From personal interviews with Freeman herself to insightful interviews with her coaches and family members, these documentaries provide a unique glimpse into the life of an Australian icon. In addition to highlighting Freeman’s biggest accomplishments in athletics, they also explore her journey as an indigenous woman working towards equality on and off the track.


3. Cathy Freeman Interview

Cathy Freeman is one of the world’s most famous athletes and apart from her running prowess she also has an inspirational story to tell. From growing up in a small town in Australia, through the struggles of finding success, to becoming one of Australia’s greatest sprinters, Cathy Freeman has earned her place in sporting history. This inspiring story has been captured in a number of documentaries, which give us an insight into the life and successes of Cathy Freeman. These documentaries provide an intimate view of her rise to success, how she achieved her goals and what ultimately made her a global champion.


4. Cathy Freeman

It’s a quote from tennis great, Serena Williams – one of the most remarkable female athletes in history. As it turns out, she isn’t the only successful woman who has battled to break through gender barriers and make waves in her chosen field. Another such determined woman is Cathy Freeman. Born in Mackay, Queensland in 1973, Freeman would go on to become the first Aboriginal woman to represent Australia in international athletics. After a string of successes, she even went on to win gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

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