The 8 Best Documentaries And Videos About Serena Williams

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Serena Williams’ incredible story is one that has been told many times in the media, but there’s something special about getting to know her through documentary films. Through these carefully crafted stories, we get a glimpse into the life of an athlete whose successes and failures have shaped not only tennis, but sports as a whole. From intimate interviews to highlights of career moments, these eight documentaries about Serena Williams showcase her journey in the most powerful way. Whether you are a long-time fan or just discovering her story, these films will leave you inspired and truly understanding why she is one of the greatest athletes of all time. Dive into some of Serena’s biggest moments and most revealing interviews with these eight great documentaries about her life and career. Get ready to feel motivated and inspired!


1. The Amazing Life Of Serena Williams

Serena Williams is an icon of strength and beauty. She has broken barriers, inspiring millions to pursue their dreams. Serena’s journey to greatness was filled with obstacles, criticism and haters eager to bring her down. But through it all she never stopped fighting for what she believed in and encouraging young girls to follow their hearts. Her career achievements speak for themselves. A record 23 major single titles, ranked No. 1 eight separate times between 2002-2017, and 39 Grand Slam titles – the most ever by any man or woman. Add to that four Olympic gold medals and it’s clear why she is considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Despite her remarkable accomplishments, many have consistently chosen to discount her greatness. But Serena never let the naysayers stop her from striving for and achieving success on and off the court. Her unwavering commitment to equality, combined with her unerring focus on victory, have made her an inspirational figure for generations of young girls.


2. Venus & Serena: An American Dream

The Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, revolutionized women’s tennis when they reached the US Open Final in 2001. It was the first time that a primetime match showcased two female athletes competing for a major title. The documentary dives into how their path to greatness began with titles of their own such as Grand Slams and Wimbledon Championships. It also narrates the stories of their obstacles that they overcame to be where they are today. Despite experiencing a series of injuries and health complications, the Williams sisters remained true to their goals and aspirations. They challenged stereotypes surrounding female athletes with courage, dedication and tenacity. The documentary celebrates the hard work and resilience of two women who have become an inspiration to many. It shines the spotlight on Serena and Venus’ remarkable achievements, proving that hard work and tenacity can take you anywhere. DNBD captures these inspiring stories of strength and determination that have made them icons in women’s tennis.


3. Inside Serena Williams’ New Home With A Trophy Room & Art Gallery

Serena Williams is a world-renowned tennis legend, with 23 Grand Slam singles titles and a stunning new home to show for it. Accompanied by her AD team, she takes them on a tour of the beautiful north Miami abode that she and husband Alexis Ohanian have created together. Around each corner lies something unique and special – from her own paintings to the trophy room that oozes success. “I wanted this place to be meaningful, especially as it was the first time I was living away from my sister Venus in my life” Serena explains. “But we have a great family dynamic and work well together when blending business and family matters. The secret lies in knowing your lane – and I think I’ve got that pretty much figured out!” From the outside looking in, it’s no surprise that someone as multifaceted and accomplished as Serena Williams could make a home like this. It’s certainly one of the most stunning residences AD has ever seen – and we look forward to seeing more from the Williams-Ohanian clan in the future.


4. On tennis, love and motherhood | Serena Williams and Gayle King

Serena Williams has been a force to be reckoned with in the tennis world, winning an incredible 23 Grand Slam titles. Now, viewers have a chance to get up close and personal with the star in her documentary feature DNBD. In this revealing interview series, journalist Gayle King sits down with Serena for a candid chat about her life journey – from her victories on the court to her struggles off it. Serena shares her thoughts on how she accidentally revealed her pregnancy news, as well as insights into her relationships and motivation for success. DNBD is an absolute must-watch for any tennis fan looking to get a deeper understanding of one of the most successful athletes in history. With plenty of laughs and heartwarming moments throughout, this documentary is a great way to get up close and personal with an inspiring champion.


5. Life after tennis: Serena Williams on business ventures, family and her farm

Serena Williams is an icon in the world of tennis. In this interview with Gayle King, viewers get to explore the next chapter of Serena’s life! From business plans to expanding her family, Serena shares it all. Her husband Alexis Ohanian also joins in on the fun, taking everyone on a tour around their Florida farm. Be sure to watch this must-see documentary to learn more about the star! This docuseries has it all: inspiring stories, business advice and a few laughs. Serena shares her successes and failures with King in a candid and refreshing way. Viewers can learn from her mistakes and get motivated by her achievements. Plus, Alexis guides everyone through his family’s farm, which is an added bonus that you don’t want to miss!


6. Serena Williams’ 40 Greatest Moments!

Take a look at the incredible tennis career of Serena Williams that has spanned 40 years! Throughout her time as an athlete, she has achieved some of the most memorable moments in US Open history. From winning consecutive titles to achieving first-ever Grand Slams, join us on a journey through all of Serena’s best performance highlights from her time at the US Open. Enjoy a celebration of her unwavering determination and commitment to the sport! Serena’s first Grand Slam victory happened at the US Open in 1999 where she defeated Martina Hingis in straight sets. During this time, her serve was already unmatched as she maintained a two-game lead throughout the match to secure the win. Over the years, Serena has won a total of 23 Grand Slam titles, with 6 of them coming from US Open tournaments. She has also held the record for most consecutive US Open wins with three between 2014 to 2016.


7. Serena Williams 20 Minute Motivational Mix Tape

Serena Williams embodies multiple roles – a mother to Olympia, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a designer, and a cherished daughter, sister, and friend. She excels in each of these capacities and more. Serena surpasses the confines of being solely a record-breaking tennis champion; her impact extends far beyond the court, making her one of the most globally recognized figures. Her lifelong passion for design led her to pursue fashion school, and since then, she has been a prominent figure in the tour circuit. In 2018, Serena proudly launched her own clothing line, S by Serena, with the intention of empowering individuals to both look and feel their absolute best. As a designer, Serena embarked on her independent journey at the young age of 22, drawing inspiration from resilient and self-assured women and celebrating the authentic milestones of life. With an unwavering drive, Serena actively invests in companies that prioritize diversity, leveraging her expertise to make a meaningful impact. Beyond her athletic prowess, Serena’s star power has extended to movies, series, music videos, and more, earning her well-deserved recognition and accolades in 2018. Her documentary series, “Being Serena,” thoughtfully delves into cultural issues, offering practical and cool approaches to inspire positive change in the world. Join us as we embark on a motivational journey through the inspiring videos of Serena Williams.

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