The 3 Best Documentaries About William IV

Jan 20, 2024 | Best Of, History, Political

From a young prince to the King of England, William IV had an incredible life. Join us as we explore four documentaries that take a closer look at his life and legacy. From his humble beginnings in East End London to the court battles that defined his reign, these films tell an exciting story about one of England’s most influential monarchs. Whether you’re a history buff or are just curious about the life of William IV, these documentaries will give you a comprehensive look at his remarkable life. Read on to discover the best documentaries about William IV! Each documentary was carefully selected for its unique take on William’s story and its ability to capture the most important aspects of his life. From groundbreaking archival footage to interviews with experts who have studied his legacy, these documentaries provide an in-depth look at William IV’s life and influence on England. They also give viewers an intimate insight into what made the man tick and how he balanced courtly intrigue with a desire for personal freedom. Read on to discover the four best documentaries about William IV!


1. William IV: The Maddest Lad To Ever Sit On The British Throne

William IV was the ultimate “mad lad” of English royalty. His life was one marked by misbehavior, risk-taking and a streak of anti-authoritarianism that followed him right to the throne. He was never afraid to defy convention or push boundaries – even while reigning as King. From his carefree youth spent sailing around Europe with reckless abandon, to his later life of debauchery and wild parties, William IV was a man who delighted in flouting authority. He certainly stands out among the many British monarchs that have graced the throne in the modern era. For those looking for an example of how to live life on one’s own terms, look no further than King William IV – he is sure to provide plenty of inspiration.


2. King William IV of the United Kingdom

William IV was born on the 21st of August 1765 in Buckingham House, as the third child of King George III and Queen Charlotte. Even though he had two older brothers – George and Frederick – his parents still cherished William dearly. He was educated by a private tutor from a young age, and when he turned 13, William joined the Royal Navy as a midshipman. William’s life was marked by a number of events, such as his ascension to the throne in 1830, and his reforms that included granting freedom of religion to Nonconformists and Roman Catholics. His reign also saw multiple international conflicts, including the First Anglo-Chinese War and the First Opium War. William also supported many causes throughout his life, such as the British abolition of slavery in 1833 and the Factory Act of 1833.


3. King George III’s Sons

King George III’s son William IV rose to the throne in 1830 and ruled until his death in 1837. During this period, he helped modernize Britain and championed civil liberties. He was a passionate advocate for the navy and the merchant marine. His reign also saw an end to slavery in many colonies, including British Guiana and Haiti. William IV’s life has been the focus of many documentaries. These documentaries explore his reign in detail, as well as touching on his relationship with Queen Victoria and his role in establishing Great Britain’s naval power. They also look into his earlier years, focusing on his military career and foreign diplomatic efforts.From biopics to history documentaries, there are a wide range of films about William IV. These films bring the viewer back in time and show what life was like during his reign. They can help us understand how a young prince rose to become King of the United Kingdom.


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