The 23 Best Documentaries About Kung Fu

Jul 24, 2023 | Best Of, Sports

For centuries, Kung Fu has been a source of fascination for many. From the spiritual and physical discipline it cultivates to its ability to empower practitioners, this martial art is undoubtedly captivating. If you’d like to learn more about this ancient practice, there are plenty of documentaries that can help you do just that. Here we present 23 of the best Kung Fu documentaries available today – from exploring the origins and techniques of Shaolin monks through to understanding their impact on modern day martial arts fighters. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or insight into an age-old tradition, these films will provide hours of entertainment and education alike.


1. Yuan Tze: The Early Year

Yuan Tze is the world-renowned healer and QiGong Master who has an incredible story. Follow him as he reveals his origins in this documentary, from being born in a small coastal town in the Jiangsu province to becoming very weak due to not eating at six months old. Discover how he was taken into the care of a Daoist monk and how it shaped his life cultivation name. Learn more about Yuan Tze’s early years and childhood and be inspired by his journey!

2. QiGong Documentary

This QiGong documentary is a must watch for anyone interested in improving their health. It explains how this ancient practice of moving meditation has been used for centuries to reduce stress levels, improve immunity and increase the size of blood vessels. The combination of deep abdominal breathing, gentle movement and mind clearing techniques allows your autonomic nervous system to enter the relaxation response mode. Watch this video to find out more about one of mankind’s oldest and most effective health practices!

3. Mind, Void and Tao

Discover the secrets of Tai Chi Kung Fu and unleash your potential! This Chinese documentary explores different schools of Tai Chi to help you reach the goal of Taoist practice. Watch this insightful video to learn how to tap into your hidden power and unlock the amazing benefits of Juicing.

4. The Way of the Warrior

This documentary is an exploration of the martial arts styles from South and Southeast Asia. From Tai Chi to Kung Fu, this 8-part program explains how each of these disciplines can be used for physical and mental health benefits. Learn more about the different forms of these ancient practices in this educational and informative documentary! Are you looking to learn more about the martial arts of South and Southeast Asia? This 8-part documentary is perfect for you! It not only covers Tai Chi, but also several forms of Kung Fu. Get ready to understand the different forms and techniques used in these ancient artforms.

5. Ip Man Documentary

Are you looking to learn more about Juicing? Then this is the perfect video for you! Here we have compiled a list of 10 amazing documentaries that will provide an in-depth look at juicing. From learning about Ip Man’s real story and watching footage of him training on the wooden dummy, to viewing some of the best historic images of him – these documentaries are sure to give you a comprehensive understanding of this practice. So don’t wait any longer, watch now and discover everything there is to know about juicing!

6. Wu Tang Collection

Are you interested in learning about the martial art of Wing Chun Kung Fu? Then watch this documentary about Yip Man, one of the most influential figures in martial arts history. Witness firsthand footage of Yip Man and his son performing various styles passed down from his father. This video is your chance to get a unique glimpse into the life and legacy behind this legendary figure!

7. Wing Chun Short Documentary

Wing Chun is a martial art with powerful principles that can be applied to all aspects of life. This documentary shows how one successful businessman in Hong Kong has used the teachings of Wing Chun to improve his personal and professional life. The narrator shares his story and offers insight into how this ancient martial art can help you become more successful, both inside and outside the dojo.

8. The Science of Self Defense

This Wing Chun documentary is a must-watch for anyone looking to understand the science of self-defense. It covers drills, concepts and techniques designed to help you react effectively in chaotic combat situations. The footage shows how your body can be trained to become an unbeatable master of self-defense. Learn how to adapt your movements and reactions so that you are always one step ahead!

9. The Legend of Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a Chinese martial artist who rose to prominence after the burning of the Song Shan Shaolin Temple in 1735. This documentary explores how his philosophy and techniques can be implemented into everyday life, showing viewers how they can use Wing Chun to improve their health and well-being. Learn how this ancient practice has been used for centuries to enhance physical fitness, mental clarity, and spiritual growth. Watch as experts demonstrate various forms of Wing Chun kung fu while also examining its philosophical aspects. Discover the power of these ancient techniques today!

10. The Kung Fu Years, Young Jet Li

Are you looking for an awesome documentary about the art of Kung Fu and Wushu? Then this is the video for you! This documentary takes a look back at different styles in the seventies and eighties, featuring some amazing footage of young Jet Li and his home life. You will also see how he developed his skills in martial arts, as well as other practitioners who have mastered their craft over time. Get ready to be inspired by this incredible journey into the world of Kung Fu and Wushu!

11. This is Kung Fu

Discover the ancient art of Chinese Wushu with this rare documentary from 1983. Featuring a young Jet Li and the Beijing Wushu Team, this video showcases some of the most popular modern and traditional styles of Kung Fu. Experience an incredible journey through history as you explore these powerful martial arts techniques that have been practiced for centuries.

12. Chinese Kung Fu Shaolin

In this documentary, Hollywood actor Jason Scott Lee takes a journey to fulfill his dream of learning the techniques and style behind Chinese Kung Fu. For twenty years, he has been dedicated to studying Jeet Kune Do—the martial art created by Bruce Lee. Follow him as he discovers how this ancient practice is unique from other forms of kung fu, while exploring its history and rich culture. Get ready for an action-packed adventure!

13. Kung Fu Shaolin Trainings and Techniques

Are you interested in learning self-defense techniques? If so, this National Geographic Documentary is for you. It takes a look at the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy, China’s largest school of its kind. Here, you can witness the hard work and dedication required to master Chinese martial art. This documentary will provide an incredibly stunning collaboration that shows just how powerful and effective these self-defense techniques can be!

14. Kung Fu Shaolin Monks Documentary

This documentary is a must-see for those interested in learning more about Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu. Follow the journey of this Shaolin monk and get an inside look at what it takes to master martial arts. With amazing footage, you will gain a deeper understanding of why so many are drawn to this ancient practice. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to explore the world of kung fu!

15. The Kung Fu Shaolin

For the final episode of our Shaolin Kung Fu documentary, we take a look at how martial art has spread out across the globe. Not only have its techniques been shared, but so too its spirit! We explore this phenomenon to understand why Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the most popular forms of martial arts in the world. Shaolin Kung Fu is a martial art that has spread far and wide across the globe, not just in terms of its techniques but also its spirit. In this documentary we explore why it has become one of the most popular forms of martial arts in the world. We look at how Shaolin Kung Fu’s reach extends beyond physical combat to capture people’s hearts and souls with its unique philosophy. This episode takes an in-depth look into why Shaolin Kung Fu continues to thrive!

16. The Kung Fu Shaolin

Kung Fu is an ancient martial art that has been practiced for centuries. In this 5-part documentary, we will explore the world of real Kung Fu masters who have taken their skills and applied them to different career paths from acting to boxing. Part four focuses on the various people who practice Kung Fu and how they use it in their everyday lives. Join us as we look at some of the most inspiring stories about those who have embraced this powerful martial art!

17. The Kung Fu Shaolin

The Shaolin Kung Fu Masters are a symbol of respect and knowledge. In this documentary, we explore the invaluable lessons these masters can teach us about life. We will take an in-depth look into their core philosophy of teaching only those with “good nature and respectful” spirits, as well as how their techniques have evolved over time. Join us on our journey to uncover the real essence and spirit of the Shaolin Kung Fu Masters!

18. The Kung Fu Shaolin

Kung Fu Shaolin is a martial art that has been practiced for centuries. In this five-episode docuseries, you will get to know the secrets of Kung Fu and how it has evolved over time. Learn from the masters and discover their lifelong pursuit of mastering this art form – all in this second episode!

19. The Kung Fu Shaolin

This documentary takes you on a journey to discover the ancient art of Shaolin Kung Fu. From its rich history to its contemporary masters, this film will give you an in-depth look into this highly sought martial art. Learn about the secrets and techniques that have been passed down for more than 1,500 years and gain insight into how it has changed over time. Get ready to be amazed by some of the most informative and serious films about martial arts!


20. Growing Up As A Shaolin Monk

The Shaolin Temple is an ancient tradition that has been around for centuries and is renowned for its kung fu and Zen Buddhist teachings. But in a world of modernization, will the temple be able to survive? Get ready as we explore this legendary temple and discover what it takes for a new generation of monks to fight against the odds. Follow these warriors on their journey as they battle warlords, wars, and corporate facelifts – all while training for the fight of their lives!

21. Child Kungfu Masters

Do you think young kids can be masters of martial arts? We visited the Shaolin Temple in central China’s Henan province to see first-hand what it takes for these four year olds to become prodigies of Kungfu. Witness their rigorous training sessions and find out how they can kick your a**! Watch our documentary now and get ready to be amazed by these incredible kids.

22. Shaolin Kung Fu Documentary in Fa Wang Temple

Do you want to learn more about the ancient martial art of Shaolin Kung Fu? Then this documentary is for you! Take a journey to the Fa Wang Temple and discover the secrets behind this legendary practice. Learn how its masters have perfected their techniques over centuries and understand why it remains one of the most revered forms of self-defense today. Get ready to explore an exciting part of Chinese culture and history that will leave your mind spinning!

23. The Last Masters of Shaolin Kung Fu

The Shaolin Heritage documentary is the result of a research trip to Dengfeng, China. I went there in the summer of 2019 to explore the folk styles of Kung Fu practiced around the Shaolin Temple. While it has been destroyed multiple times, these villages and towns have maintained an unbroken tradition for centuries.This documentary series will answer questions about what real Shaolin Kung Fu is, how it has influenced Chinese martial arts, and where did it originate? Follow me as I uncover mysteries hidden within this ancient martial art form! Learn more about its history and culture through this unique series of documentaries that explores traditional practices from around the world.

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