The 16 Best Documentaries About Ed Sheeran

Aug 2, 2023 | Best Of, Music

If you’re a fan of the English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, then you know that his music has touched millions around the world. But there’s more to this multi-Grammy Award-winner than just his chart-topping songs; there are some amazing documentaries out there that explore the life and work of this beloved artist. From the early days of his career to a behind-the-scenes look at his international tour, these documentaries offer insight into Sheeran’s creative process and how he has managed to maintain such success over the years.


1. Ed Sheeran – songwriter

The creative process that went into making Ed Sheeran’s worldwide hit album “Divide” is a fascinating story. From early childhood archives to interviews with collaborators, this documentary showcases the work of Sheeran and those around him in crafting one of the biggest albums of modern music. It’s an inside look at how songs come together, how they evolve over time, and what it takes to make a hit.

2. Ed Sheeran — The ’Subtract’ Interview with Apple Music & Zane Lowe

Ed Sheeran is no stranger to the spotlight. He has won numerous awards and has sold out every concert he’s ever been a part of. Now, in an exclusive interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe in New York City, Sheeran goes into detail about his upcoming album ‘Subtract.’ With his unique blend of acoustic instruments and soulful lyrics, Sheeran takes his listeners on an emotional journey with this record.

3. Ed Sheeran – Full Circle

This unique documentary featuring the multi-talented Ed Sheeran is a must-watch. Full Circle offers an in-depth look at the artist’s life and career from his childhood to today. Follow along as Ed shares personal stories performs some of his classic hits, and gives us a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes. Get ready to be inspired and find out more about this amazing artist! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to see a different side of Ed Sheeran.

4. Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran

If you’re looking for an insider’s view of Ed Sheeran’s life, look no further than the Nine Days and Nights documentary. This immersive two-part series chronicles Ed’s journey from his childhood in Suffolk to the dizzying heights of pop stardom. Through candid interviews and intimate access to both personal and public moments, it delves deep into what makes the singer-songwriter tick.

5. Ed Sheeran – Finding Peace at the Top of the Music Industry | Chasing the Present

Ed Sheeran wants everyone to be able to watch his documentary for free, in order to spread awareness about mental health which is so vital during these unprecedented times. The interview offers a unique insight into the challenges of living with depression and anxiety, as well as advice on how to cope and support loved ones through their own struggles. With its powerful messages, this documentary will provide comfort and hope to those facing similar challenges.

6. Ed Sheeran Talks Everything From New Album, Family Life & More | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

For an intimate look into the life of one of today’s biggest musical stars, On Air With Ryan Seacrest and have created a definitive series of documentaries about Ed Sheeran. Follow along as he embarks on his world tour and talks candidly about his inspirations, collaborations, and creative process. See what it takes to become one of the biggest names in music, from his first breakthrough single to his latest chart-topping hit. Get an inside look at the inspiring and ever-evolving journey that is Ed Sheeran’s career.

7. Ed Sheeran: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

Welcome to the home of NPR Music’s Tiny Desk (home) concerts, bringing you performances from around the world and across the United States. Stripped-down sets in an intimate setting, this is your chance to experience music virtually – no matter where it originates from. We’re traveling through many different genres and countries right now and one of our featured artists is the incredibly talented Ed Sheeran.


Edward Christopher Sheeran has been an influential figure in the modern music industry. Born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and raised in Framlingham, Suffolk, Ed started off his career at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford as a student in 2009. After releasing No. 5 Collaborations Project independently in early 2011, he signed with Asylum Records and released + in September 2011. It was a major success, topping the UK and Australian charts and reaching number five in the US – eventually going on to be certified seven times platinum in the UK.

9. Ed Sheeran +-=÷x „Mathematics“-Tour • Behind the Scenes: Lighting Design, PA Sound and FOH Crew Life

Get ready to explore the captivating 360-degree concept of Ed Sheeran’s “Mathematics” Tour! From the production manager, Chris Marsh, to the lighting director Matt Jones and audio systems engineer Charlie Albin – discover how this musical extravaganza came together. Chris Marsh is the production manager and FOH audio engineer for the tour, and he’ll provide an inside look into the challenges faced when creating the 360-degree design. Meanwhile, Matt Jones’ incredible lighting design concept features six masts and a center stage, making for an absolutely stunning experience.

10. Ed Sheeran Tries to Avoid Failure While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Ed Sheeran is one of the most successful musicians in modern history. From breaking records and selling out arenas to creating Grammy-winning work, he has achieved a level of success that few can match. But what’s his story? Teddy takes on this journey as we explore Ed’s rise to fame from saving Eric Clapton’s guitar from a fire to collaborating with powerhouse acts like Eminem and 50 Cent, and even surprising Courteney Cox at Tesco.

11. From Award Winning Lebron James Documentary, To Commercials With Ed Sheeran – This is Kris Belman

Kris Belman is a captivating filmmaker from Akron, Ohio who has achieved much success in the entertainment industry. His breakout debut feature film More Than A Game captured the extraordinary journey of basketball star LeBron James on his path to glory. It was met with critical acclaim and established Belman as an authority on telling remarkable stories through film media.

12. Ed Sheeran reveals awkward proposal to his wife | SVT/TV 2/

Ed Sheeran has surpassed expectations to become a true superstar. His fame, songwriting, and even his marriage proposal are topics that fascinate the world. Now, Ed opens up in an exclusive full-length interview where he reveals all. From what inspired him to write some of his most iconic songs to how he awkwardly proposed it’s a moment you won’t want to miss. Let’s take a closer look at the man behind the music and see what made him one of the most beloved artists in recent years.

13. A peek behind the stage for Ed Sheeran’s world tour

I have been lucky enough to work for Bosch Rexroth on hydraulic systems. My role has been critical in ensuring that the North American tour kicks off without a hitch. It’s such an amazing feeling to know that I’ve helped make sure these incredible shows go off without a hitch and everything runs like clockwork. To add to my experience, I’ve gained an incredible amount of knowledge about Ed Sheeran.

14. Ed Sheeran: “Bad Habits” and Finding Joy in Music Again

Music is life. To capture the essence of today’s creative output, Apple Music launched New Music Daily—the newest and best in pop, hip-hop, Latin, and beyond. Join Zane Lowe as he interviews artists at the forefront of this wave of new music. Get an exclusive glimpse into their creative process and how they’re pushing boundaries with their work. Experience the full range of sounds and stories behind the tracks that shape our culture. Tune in now for a captivating look at the music that’s making its mark on the world.

15. Ed Sheeran’s ‘Subtract’ is… pretty good?

Ed Sheeran is an artist who has, for many years, been laying his heart and soul on the line with each song he releases. But in recent years, something felt lacking in his music. That was until Aaron Dessner came along and produced Ed’s newest album – an emotionally charged collection of tracks that are not to be missed. Sure, some of it may still be a little sugary and sentimental, but the overall quality is a huge step up from what Sheeran has done before. It’s his best work in years.

16. Ed Sheeran – No.6 Collaborations Project

In 2019, Ed Sheeran released a highly anticipated album, No.6 Collaborations Project. It featured an amazing lineup of singles such as the upbeat ‘I Don’t Care’, the ethereal ‘Cross Me’, and the soulful ‘Beautiful People’. Other popular tracks included the explosive ‘Blow’, the heartfelt ‘Best Part of Me’, the intense ‘Antisocial’, the romantic ‘South of the Border’, and the nostalgic ‘Take Me Back To London’.

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