The 15 Best Documentaries About The Native American Culture

Jul 11, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, History

Discover the captivating culture of Native Americans! From creation myths to rituals, explore their beliefs and customs that make them so unique. Learn about how they honor and respect all living things, as well as their communication with animals and plants around them. Plus, get insight into the different tribes from across North America. This video provides a comprehensive look at Native American culture – one that is sure to leave you in awe!


1. History of the Indian War

The history of Native American culture is rich and varied, spanning centuries of conflict. From the Pequot War in 1637 to King Philip’s War and beyond, these battles have shaped this people’s history in ways that are not always well understood.


2. Navajo Documentary

The Navajo Nation is an ancient and proud tribe, with a unique culture that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is the largest federally recognized Native American nation in the United States, and boasts one of the highest rates of health insurance coverage among its members. The Navajo are also renowned for their artistry, language and ceremonial events such as Blessing Way or Yei Be Chei (Winter Solstice). Furthermore, they have their own police force staffed by citizens as well as tribal courts that exemplify their successful self-governance system.


3. The Apache People & Nations: Chiricahua, Jicarilla, Lipan, Mescalero, Salinero, Plains and Western

The Apache tribe is an ancient people whose rich culture and traditions have been passed down through generations. They migrated into the Southwest in around 1500, settling mainly in Arizona, New Mexico and western Texas. Their traditional lifestyle revolved around hunting and gathering, but with the arrival of the horse in 1750 their culture began to change drastically – they became renowned warriors who were feared by many. At its core, Apache tradition is a highly spiritual one that emphasizes living harmoniously with nature while treating others with respect. Prayer plays an important role within this belief system; rituals are performed to maintain balance between humans and their environment while chants offer gratitude for all that has been given by Creator.


4. The Muscogee (Creek) Peoples & Confederation: History, Culture & The Muscogee Trail Of Tears

The Muscogee Creek Nation is a vibrant and proud Native American community with a rich history. Established in 1832, the tribe has three distinct groups: the Upper Creeks, Lower Creeks, and Middle Creek who live across Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and Oklahoma. With two casinos on their land – Big Cedar Casino and Creek Casino & Hotel – they are able to generate revenue for their nation’s schools, social services programs and cultural activities. Today they are led by Principal Chief James Floyd-Thomas as well as a Tribal Council that works to ensure the prosperity of their people.


5. Native Americans Lakota Sioux History Full Documentary

The Sioux are a proud people with an impressive history. They have been known by many names, such as Dakȟóta or Dakota meaning ‘allies’ and the French word ‘little snakes.’ For centuries, they lived in what is now North and South Dakota as nomadic hunters who followed buffalo herds across the Great Plains. The Sioux were divided into several tribes including Lakota (or Teton), Oglala (or Bad Face), Sisitonwan (or Brulé), Hunkpapa (or Blackfeet), Miniconjou (or Two Kettles), Yankton, Santee, and Eastern Dakota. As well as those living on the plains of North and South Dakota, some Sioux can also be found east of the Mississippi River in areas such as Minnesota and Wisconsin where their customs vary from tribe to tribe.


6. The Dark Secrets of The Ancient Anasazi Documentary

The Anasazi were an advanced civilization that lived in the Four Corners region of the United States and have been a source of fascination for many centuries. They had a sophisticated knowledge of astronomy and agriculture, as well as intricate artwork. But what happened to them? Recent discoveries suggest their dark secret: they were cannibals! Investigations into this mysterious culture have revealed evidence not only from the Native Americans but also from Mexico and Cheddar Gorge in England. In this documentary, we’ll explore how these ancient people lived, their culture, and why they resorted to cannibalism. Uncovering these secrets will give us insight into one of America’s oldest civilizations.


7. Broken Treaties Documentary

The Native American culture is one of the oldest and most beautiful in the world. It has been passed down through generations, with countless stories and traditions that have shaped our nation’s history. This documentary gives us a glimpse into this unique way of life by exploring the lives of Oregonians who experienced firsthand what happened when contact was made with settlers from Europe during the 19th century. Through their reflections, we gain insight into how their civilizational fabric unraveled over time, as well as what still remains today. Join us on this journey to learn more about Native Americans’ culture and its impact on our society!


8. Indigenous People of America

From the original inhabitants of this land to their beliefs and customs, exploring the history and culture of Indigenous People in America is truly a remarkable journey. In this documentary, we will trace back how European settlers came to America, while also taking a closer look into Native American tribes and understanding more about their unique culture. We invite you to take part in this incredible adventure as we uncover the stories behind these ancient societies that have been here for centuries!


9. America’s Great Indian Nations

The history of Native Americans is one that has seen its fair share of struggles. From colonialism to wars with white settlers, the journey has not been easy. But despite all odds, these diverse tribes have managed to create a new kind of patriotism and forge their own paths in the face of racism. Now, through dramatic reenactments filmed on location at native tribal lands across America and complemented by archival footage and original music from Louis L’Amour’s grandson Nicholas Rey-Lopez, you can experience this story for yourself.


10. The Untold Story Of The Americas Before Columbus

The indigenous peoples of the Americas have had a long and fascinating history that predates even the arrival of Christopher Columbus. From their art to their architecture, from science and technology to archaeology, this series dives into the unique culture of these Native Americans. Through re-enactments, viewers can gain insight into what life was like for these people before Europeans arrived on American soil. Join us as we explore the amazing legacy left behind by these remarkable civilizations!


11. Colorado Experience: The Original Coloradans

The Ute nation has a long and storied history in Colorado, stretching back to pre-colonial days. From early interactions with trappers and explorers, to the establishment of their first reservations in the 1860’s, this documentary explores how the Utes’ legacy continues to shape our state today. Discover how escalating friction between new settlers and gold seekers led to their eventual expulsion from much of Colorado – and why land rights remain a topic of dispute for the Ute Nation even now. With Colorado Experience: The History Of Native Americans In Our State, you can gain an insight into this fascinating culture that still influences us today.


12. Lakota History: American Disgrace

For centuries, Native American culture has been subject to manipulation and attack by the U.S. Government in order to gain control of their lands. From 1849 until the Massacre at Wounded Knee, this was a reality for many tribes across America. To shed light on these events and explore the impact they had on indigenous cultures, here are 15 documentaries that provide an insightful look into Native Americans’ history and traditions.


13. Tecumseh: The Native American Resistance

Tecumseh: a legendary Shawnee warrior and chief who fought against the colonizers of his native land. Our new documentary series will chronicle this important historical figure’s life, beginning with his birth and tracing the events that led him to become a powerful leader. This episode offers an unprecedented look at Tecumseh’s legacy, exploring how he faced adversity to protect his people and their culture from those seeking to take it away. Get ready for an in-depth exploration into one of history’s most revered Native American leaders.


14. History of the United States Volume 1: Colonial Period

American history and politics are complex topics that can be difficult to comprehend. Thankfully, Charles and Mary Beard have made it easier for us with their insightful book, History of the United States. This influential work provides an in-depth look at American culture and its place within world civilization. Through a topical approach, rather than chronological order, readers gain a better understanding of movements, backgrounds, causes and how social forces interact with political ones. The authors’ clear writing style makes this guide enjoyable to read while also thought provoking – perfect for high school students or the average citizen looking to make sense of America today.


15. Seminole – The Unconquered (How the west was lost)

The Seminole Tribe of Florida is a proud part of the state’s rich heritage, having endured centuries of war and displacement since they were first part of the Muscogee Creek Confederacy. In 1957, they were officially recognized by law as a tribal entity in Florida, and in 1970 received compensation from the US government for land taken by military force. The language spoken by Seminoles is Muskogee and their culture includes farming, hunting, fishing off Florida’s coasts and manufacturing tools inspired by Europeans with whom they traded goods. Despite this peaceful existence, arriving settlers brought violence to the tribe through kidnapping, torture rape and murder which forced many Seminoles to work for money or become tourist attractions. Today however those who stayed are still here standing strong – a testament to resilience against all odds.


16. The Hidden Mysteries Of Ancient Native American Civilizations

Explore the hidden mysteries of ancient Native American civilizations with this series. We journey back in time and experience the art, architecture, archaeology, science and technology of America’s indigenous peoples before Columbus’ arrival. Through re-enactments we gain insight into their rich culture that has endured for centuries. Join us on an adventure to uncover the secrets of these amazing people!


17. A day With The Last True Native Americans The Unuit Tribe

Join Sebastian Tirtirau as he embarks on a journey to uncover the culture and traditions of one of the last true Native American tribes – The Unuit. This is an exclusive chance to witness their unique way of life in the Arctic, as well as learn about how you can help support them in developing for the 21st century. Sebastian has been working with remote tribes around the world for 25 years now. Now you have a chance to be part of his newest endeavor! Support his mission by purchasing Tombola tickets for amazing prizes and also supporting San Bushmen of Kalahari. All proceeds will go toward making this world a better place, so don’t miss out!


18. What Love and Marriage was Like for Native Americans

Have you ever wanted to know more about the unique and fascinating culture of Native Americans? From their rituals surrounding love and marriage, to famous historical figures who found (or lost) their one true loves – this video dives into what life was like for these incredible people. We’ll explore how women made the rules in relationships, sports that were played to win hearts, and much more! Tune in for an insightful look at love and marriage among Native American Societies.

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