The 15 Best Documentaries About Intersex

Aug 19, 2023 | Best Of, Lifestyle, Sexuality

Do you want to learn more about intersex? There are several gripping documentaries that shine a light on the diverse realities of life as an intersex person. From groundbreaking biopics to powerful narratives, these documentaries explore issues such as gender identity and social acceptance in insightful ways.


1. Intersex — redefining gender

Christian never felt at home in his own skin. He was born intersex and underwent surgery as a child to be raised as a female. But he identified more with the male gender, and now regrets that decision. It was something his parents made for him, though they defend their choice saying they had been poorly advised.


2. Intersexion: Boy or Girl?

When a baby is born, it’s a moment of immense joy. Yet there are times when that joy is clouded by uncertainty and confusion; when doctors can’t easily define if the child is male or female. For 1 in 2,000 babies, they enter the world with genitalia so ambiguous that no-one can tell what gender they are.


3. Growing Up Trans

Into the lives of transgender kids and their families, we dive. To a time when they are faced with the toughest decisions and have more medical options open to them than ever before. It can be overwhelming for those affected but also an opportunity to explore what it means to be true to oneself.


4. I spent a day with INTERSEX PEOPLE

I recently had the privilege of spending a day with people who identify as intersex. I was humbled by the courage and resiliency they displayed in sharing their stories and experiences with me. These individuals have faced stigma and discrimination for simply existing, yet they continue to be brave and make sure their voices are heard.


5. Living in a body between female and male

“Orchids: A Journey of Self-Discovery” follows the story of Phoebe, an intersex woman who embarks on a journey to gain insight and understanding into her life. Through candid conversations with family members and medical professionals, she discovers the secrets that have been kept from her for so long.


6. Secret Intersex

Intersex is a condition that affects 2,000 babies in the UK each year. Secret Intersex takes us on an emotional journey to explore what it means to be born genderless. We follow the stories of couples who are faced with difficult decisions about their child’s gender; a teenager struggling to come to terms with her body after fifteen years of living as a male; and an adult woman who is fighting for her identity.


7. Intersex Community’s Fight for Recognition

“Every Body,” a new documentary film from acclaimed director and producer K.K. McRae, shines a spotlight on the often overlooked community of intersex people and their fight for recognition, bodily autonomy, and acceptance.


8. What If You Were Born With Both Sexes?

Many parents are shocked when the answer to the question “Is it a boy or a girl?” is not so straightforward. 1 in 2,000 babies are born with genitalia that can’t be easily defined as male or female. In this ground-breaking documentary, we explore the lives of intersex individuals and how they have managed to navigate through a strictly gender binary world.


9. A Documentary on the Lives of Intersex People

Alicia Roth Weigel, Sean Saifa Wall and River Gallo have all had to navigate extraordinary journeys in life – as intersex people. Every Body is a documentary that embodies the three individuals’ stories about their own experiences with growing up and feeling shame, secrecy, and the violation of non-consensual surgeries.


10. What’s It Like To Be Intersex?

Roshaante was born with an anatomy that challenged societal understanding of gender roles. His reproductive system combined both male and female parts, and it wasn’t until he was 11 years old that he found out about being intersex.


11. what it means to be intersex

Susannah Temko is an inspiring intersex activist who works tirelessly to create positive visibility and break down the myths and misinformation about intersex people. She speaks out not only for those who are affected but also for those in the medical community that make life-altering choices before children are even aware of their own identity or sex.


12. Intersex documentary EVERY BODY

Julie Cohen, director of RGB, and River Gallo, a subject in the documentary EVERY BODY about the intersex experience and rights movement, spoke to Kate Mason from Film Independent. In this fascinating discussion, Julie and River delve into what it’s like being part of an intersex community that is still fighting for recognition.


13. Living as an Intersex Person

Melissa, Barbara, Mary and Saraswati have faced the same difficult journey all throughout their lives: living with an intersex condition. At a young age, Melissa was taken into hospital without understanding why or what was happening and suffered immense pain from procedures that were done to her. When she turned eighteen, she finally discovered the truth behind it all.


14. Not a Girl, Not a Boy

Intersex children, born with a unique combination of male and female characteristics, start their lives with an unfair disadvantage. Even before they can comprehend the concept of gender, parents often decide what sex the child will be – without any input from the child themselves.


15. Alicia Roth Weigel on new documentary about intersex community

Washington Post Live is proud to present a conversation with Alicia Roth Weigel, an intersex activist featured in the new documentary “Every Body”. This documentary explores the lives of people who are born with a combination of male and female biological traits, and is sure to challenge our ideas about gender identity.

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