The 15 Best Documentaries About Food

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Food documentaries have the power to transform the way we think about our daily meals. They can teach us new ways of cooking, give insight into different cuisines from around the world, and inspire us to make changes in our diets for healthier living. From education to entertainment, these films offer a variety of perspectives on food and how it shapes our lives. Whether you’re a foodie or just curious about the world of cuisine, there’s something for everyone in this selection of the best documentaries about food. From exploring the origins of specific ingredients to looking into the lives of chefs and restaurateurs, these films will take you on a journey around the globe while giving you an insight into some truly delicious dishes.


1. Superfoods – is healthy eating just hype?

Florian Klar, the owner of Bochum’s first superfood bistro, has been pioneering in the healthy eating boom. He sources a wide variety of foods, from local suppliers to exotic superfoods. His restaurant serves as an example of how the industry is changing and adapting to modern food trends. Klar’s restaurant stands out from the rest of Germany’s restaurants, not just for its unique menu offerings but also for its mission to provide healthy meals. With dishes full of fresh vegetables, whole grains, and natural superfoods, customers come away both nourished and inspired.


2. Healing Through Food: Part 1 — Full Documentary

The healing power of food has been acknowledged for centuries, but it’s only recently that we’ve seen it truly put to the test. NBC 6 presents a series exploring the remarkable connection between diet and disease through interviews with experts, real stories from everyday people, and scientific evidence. Could food be the key to preventing or even reversing chronic diseases? The Healing Through Food series gives us an insight into just that. Tune in to uncover the secrets of food and discover how it can help you thrive! So many health conditions, from diabetes to heart disease, can be managed through diet and lifestyle changes. In this series, we’ll look at the popular nutrition trends designed to improve our overall well-being and find out which ones actually work.


3. Junk food, sugar, and additives – The dark side of the food industry

It is no secret that obesity and being overweight have become a global health epidemic. Unfortunately, industrial foodstuffs – which are often highly processed – have contributed significantly to this crisis. Sadly, food companies still prioritize making products that taste good and are addictive rather than creating items that are nutritionally balanced and beneficial for our bodies. It’s clear to see that understanding the truth about food and how it affects our bodies is essential. For this reason, many documentaries have been created to focus on these topics – representing some of the best examples of food-related films. These documentaries take an in-depth look at a number of issues, such as corporate greed, environmental consequences, public health concerns, and more.


4. Food Choices DOCUMENTARY – The Truth about Food, Diet, and Wellness

This documentary by award-winning filmmaker Michal Siewierski takes a deep dive into the realities of our food choices and their impact on both our own individual health, as well as that of the planet. In this three-year journey to uncover the truth about food, Dr. T Colin Campbell, Joe Cross, Dr. John McDougall, Capitan Paul Watson, Dr. Michael Greger, Rich Roll, Dr. Richard Oppenlander and Toni Bark are among the world-renowned experts featured in this groundbreaking film. Be prepared to be changed when you see the food on your plate from a completely new perspective! Learn about misconceptions and realities of what we eat, how it affects us and other living species


5. Tricked Into Eating More: How The Food Industry Lies To You

Embark on an insightful journey with Remi, our French-American reporter, to uncover the truth about fast food. Learn why we can’t seem to get enough of it and what power it has over us. Find out how processed foods shape and influence our cravings, and explore if they are really as addictive as we think. Go beyond the facts and statistics and gain a deeper understanding of this important topic. Join Remi as he dives deep into the subject, bringing you closer to the answers we all seek. It’s not just about finding out what’s in our food, but also learning how it affects us mentally and physically. Experience the effects of fast food on individuals and communities around the world.


6. Corrupt Food Industry

The industrial food industry is a complex and often mysterious web of manufacturers, distributors, and policymakers. Have you ever wondered why the ham in grocery stores is always so pink? Or how it’s possible for labels to be written in such garbled language that no one can decipher them? The corrupt Food Industry uncovers the truth behind these questions and sheds light on why product labels can be so confusing and how industrial giants are able to influence the rules that directly affect public health. From factory workers, grocers, nutritionists, farmers, scientists, activists, and more – this documentary gives a voice to those who often go unheard in the discussion of food safety.


7. The Global Junk Food Conspiracy

Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Domino’s Pizza have signed a ‘responsibility pledge’ in Europe that bans added sugar, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors and targets no children. But are they deploying these same tactics to developing countries? We explore this question in our documentary by looking at the ultra-low-cost products with higher levels of salt, sugar, and saturated fats in India, Brazil, and France. The documentary delves deep into how these companies have impacted the food industry across cultures, how it has changed nutrition intake amongst different generations of people, and what type of marketing tactics they use to draw customers in. It is a fascinating exploration of corporate policy on a global scale and an eye-opening look at how these companies operate in different environments. It is not to be missed!


8. Fast food, Fat profits: Obesity in America

In the United States, many of us are facing serious health issues. Over two-thirds of Americans are overweight, with one out of three classified as obese. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in three adults will likely have diabetes by 2050. Food is at the core of this crisis, which means it can also be part of the solution. Documentary films are a great way to explore the complexities of food and health in our modern world. From sustainable farming practices to creative ways to get kids to eat healthier, these documentaries about food reveal some of the fascinating stories behind what’s on our plates.


9. Global Junk Food: How the Fast Food Industry is Making Poor Countries Fat

What happens when global food brands target developing countries? In Brazil, India, and France, investigative reporters explore how companies like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Domino’s Pizza are using tactics that have been banned in Europe; adding sugar, preservatives, and artificial flavors into their products. They also showcase the ultra low-cost items with high levels of salt, saturated fats, and sugar, all of which can be found in the developing world. It’s a shocking insight into how global food manufacturers are taking advantage of these countries and putting their health at risk. Through firsthand accounts, interviews with experts, and research, this documentary shines a light on an issue that is often overlooked.


10. Facing the Fat: 55 Days Without Food

Kenny Saylors had always been fit and healthy, but one day he found himself overweight. Trying various diets only seemed to make his situation worse, so at the suggestion of his Doctor, Kenny decided to take a drastic measure. He stopped eating anything for 55 days, drinking only water. His journey was documented by a camera crew as he worked to return to his former health and prove that anything is possible with dedication. This inspiring story of determination and self-discipline makes it one of the most heartwarming documentaries about food ever made. A must-watch for anyone who wants to believe in themselves again.


11. The Global Junk Food Conspiracy

Food is a powerful tool to influence our lives and shape the way we view the world. In Europe, food manufacturers have signed up to ‘responsibility pledges’ in order to limit their impact on consumer health. But what happens when they export these tactics to India, Brazil, and other developing countries? Recent investigations by documentary filmmakers into the practices of major brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Domino’s Pizza have revealed that these companies are using tactics not allowed in the West. Such practices include extremely low pricing of food products with added sugar, salt, and saturated fat levels higher than those found in European countries.


12. WATCH OUT! The Food Industry’s LIES and HOW they are Slowly POISONING US

If you’re looking to get informed about food and health, then this documentary episode is the one for you. It exposes the lies perpetuated by the industry and policy-makers, which can be triggering to watch. The information provided is eye-opening but necessary in order to make more conscious decisions when it comes to our diets and overall health. This episode will leave you with a better understanding of the industry and its policies, so it’s important to watch carefully. With this knowledge, you can take action against the issues discussed in order to move forward with healthier diets and lives. Food for thought indeed! end of contents information we get from documentaries is often one-dimensional;



The Berry Good Food Foundation is working with the UC San Diego Center for Integrative Nutrition to further understand how changes in dietary habits can be used as a tool for healing and improving general health. A panel of experts will come together to examine the effects of comprehensive medicine and nutritional therapy on chronic illness, and discuss ways people can use food to improve their overall wellbeing. From engaging dialogue to in-depth exploration of the relationship between food and health, this event promises to be a thought-provoking experience for anyone interested in taking charge of their own health. With this discussion, we strive to empower people to make conscientious decisions about nutrition that can have lasting impacts on their lives. Join us as we explore how the right diet can bring positive change.


14. I tried eating ZERO Ultra-processed foods for a 30 days

My attempt at eating healthier took me on a voyage of self-discovery. I assumed that cutting ultra-processed foods out of my diet would be easy and that it would easily translate into improved physical and mental health. Unfortunately, this was not the case for me. Instead, I found myself constantly craving all the delicious items I was no longer allowed to enjoy. It was truly a challenge, and I ultimately failed in my attempts to stick with it for the entire month.I began to rethink why whipping up healthy dishes seemed so difficult and uncharted for me – almost like a foreign language that I had never been taught.


15. Boosting Your Mental Health Through Eating Good Food

Garrett, 36, is no stranger to the hospital. With painful gout inherited from his family, he finds himself searching for relief. The association of this condition often links it to old age and luxurious living, but Garrett’s experience begs to differ. He is determined to lessen his distress and willing to put in the effort needed to control the inflammation causing him so much agony. Through this, he hopes to find healing and reclaim the quality of life. He’s determined to take control of his future; a future free from pain and able to enjoy the present. Garrett’s journey is not unique – many people struggling with gout can relate.

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