The 15 Best Documentaries About Climate Change

Aug 1, 2023 | Best Of, Disaster, Environmental

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing us today, and documentaries are a powerful way to understand the science, consequences and solutions. To help you stay informed on this critical topic, we’ve compiled 15 of the best documentaries about climate change that will leave you feeling inspired with hope for our planet’s future. From exploring how global warming affects our oceans to examining humanity’s responsibility for environmental destruction, these films offer an eye-opening look at some of the biggest challenges we face in preserving our planet. Get ready to be moved by these thought-provoking stories and learn more about how we can all take action against climate change.


1. Climate change – Averting catastrophe

Climate change is the most pressing problem facing our civilization. To avert catastrophe, we need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions worldwide before 2100. This documentary follows activists and climate rescuers as they find innovative solutions to combat global warming. We visit people in Sudan, Indonesia and Europe who are using their inventive spirit to cool buildings, connect countries with green electricity lines or even suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere! We see how the women of Shagra use acacia seedlings to drive roots deep into the sand of Darfur – helping them withstand droughts in Sahel and producing gum arabic that can be sold for profit. It’s an inspiring tale about how small efforts can make a big difference in shaping future generations’ living conditions – don’t miss it!


2. Floating cities as an innovative response to climate change

Climate change is a pressing issue with sea levels rising due to global warming. But what innovative solutions are out there? This documentary looks at the concept of floating cities, which offer an alternative solution for coastal cities that may be flooded in the future. We take a look at architectural projects from Koen Olthuis in the Maldives and Steigereiland neighborhood in Amsterdam, as well as aquaculture research by Martina Mühl in Germany. Join us on this journey to explore how these cutting-edge solutions can help create sustainable living spaces!


3. The climate crisis: Can smart ideas save the planet?

Can high-tech solutions help protect the environment from climate change? In this documentary, we explore a range of ideas that could potentially save the planet. From carbon capture technology to basalt rock dust and biochar – these are just some of the ways people are attempting to reduce CO2 in our atmosphere. We’ll also look at bolder ideas like using aircrafts to deliver particles into the upper layers of the atmosphere, as seen with the eruption of Pinatubo volcano in 1991. Learn more about how innovative ideas can be used to fight global warming and keep our planet safe for generations to come!


4. Wind and climate change

Climate change is a pressing issue that affects us all – and understanding how it works can be the difference between life and death. In this documentary, we explore the shifting wind patterns caused by climate change and their devastating effects on our planet. From more intense hurricanes to droughts and floods in Europe, learn about the consequences of rising temperatures in the Arctic as well as what happens when jet stream winds weaken. Get ready to understand why climate change matters – watch now!


5. Fleeing climate change : The real environmental disaster

The effects of climate change are being felt around the world, especially in poorer regions. Mohammed Ibrahim is one of many who have been forced to abandon their homes due to high temperatures and a lack of water. Join him on his journey as he travels with his wife, children and 70 camels from Niger to Chad in search of a better life. Along the way, learn about how migration has become an adaptation strategy for those affected by climate change and discover what it means to be a real climate refugee. See first-hand how industrialization has impacted the environment and find out what we can do to help prevent further damage.


6. Climate change and water scarcity in Benin

Boubé, a young man from the Beninese pastoralist tribe called the Fulani, is no stranger to climate change and water scarcity. Every year, tensions between local farmers and nomadic herders run high due to global warming causing water shortages. This documentary follows Boubé’s journey as he attempts to mediate between these two parties while hoping that their conflict over land and resources doesn’t escalate any further. Watch this video for an in-depth look at how climate change has impacted Benin’s communities.


7. Climate change and the rich

The climate crisis is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and it’s time to take action. In this documentary, we explore how wealthy individuals contribute disproportionately to global warming through their carbon emissions. We’ll look at what a CO2 cap and trade system for individuals could look like in order to help reduce these footprints. Plus, learn about Germany’s pledge to slow global warming by restricting the amount of harmful carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere over the coming decades. See what justice demands from us as individuals when it comes to reducing our own carbon emissions in order to prevent further disasters such as droughts, fires, and floods across the world.


8. Wildfires – How can forests be saved in the climate crisis?

Wildfires have become a serious threat to forests around the world. Heat and drought are fueling the flames, making the situation even worse in Europe. Learn how fire brigades and fire protection services are fine-tuning their responses in line with this new challenge, as well as how Spanish firefighter Manuel Lopes Rodrigues is combating blazes by turning forests back into climate-friendly mixed-species woodlands. Also find out about Carsten Brinkschulte’s startup which has developed an early warning system for forest fires using sensors or ‘digital noses’ to detect gases released by fires before they can spread. Get all of these insights and more on our documentary about protecting forests from devastating wildfires during this climate crisis.


9. Can Homeowners In The U.S. Afford Climate Change?

Climate change is causing devastating effects on American homes. In this documentary by CNBC, we follow the stories of Jenna Johnson and Curt Dyer as they battle to protect their homes from California’s Camp Fire and Miami Beach flooding respectively. We get an inside look at how these homeowners are trying to make ends meet in the face of climate change and what measures they are taking to combat it. Watch this documentary for an emotional journey into the lives of those affected by climate change and see if they can afford its rising costs.


10. See what three degrees of global warming looks like

This documentary examines the potential consequences of global temperatures rising three degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Learn what this scenario could look like and why it is an entirely plausible one. Get a glimpse into the future, and understand how we can prevent this from happening with our actions today!


11. Can We Cool the Planet?

As the world’s temperatures continue to rise, scientists are searching for solutions beyond reducing emissions. From geoengineering our atmosphere to physically block out sunlight, to planting more than a trillion trees or sucking carbon straight from the air: can these sometimes controversial methods really work? And at what cost? This documentary looks into these questions and examines the potential of new solutions that could help us cool the planet!


12. Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation & Vulnerability

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our world today. This documentary takes a deep dive into climate change and its impacts on society, now and in the future. It covers topics such as adaptation strategies, vulnerability assessment, and how we can prepare for the future. Watch this video to learn more about the effects of climate change so you can make an informed decision on how best to move forward.


13. Weaponizing the Weather: The Race to Make Clouds

Weaponizing the Weather: The Race to Make Clouds, we follow Finnish female scientist trying to create rain in the United Arab Emirates desert. Can ambition be measured in rain? We’ll find out as Suroosh dives into what it took for these filmmakers to make their project come alive and how they hope it will impact audiences worldwide. Don’t miss this unique insight into climate change!


14. 2020: The Year Of Climate Extremes

This year has been a wake-up call for many – 2020 was the Year of Climate Extremes. NBC News takes an in-depth look at the devastating effects of climate change, with reports from around the globe. Hosted by Al Roker, Janis Mackey Frayer, Steve Patterson, Morgan Chesky and Claudio Lavanga give us an inside glimpse into what’s happening on 3 continents. Join them as they explore this urgent issue and discover how it affects all of our lives.


15. Earth currently experiencing a sixth mass extinction, according to scientists

Earth is in the midst of a sixth mass extinction, and leading biologists are warning us that our current way of life cannot be sustained without five more Earths. In this documentary, we take a look at the science behind climate change and explore how it is affecting us here on Earth. We hear from experts about what measures need to be taken to reverse these effects and protect our planet for future generations. Join us as we explore how climate change impacts every aspect of life on Earth.

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