The 14 Best Documentaries About King Charles

Aug 27, 2023 | Best Of, History

The life and legacy of King Charles, one of the most beloved European rulers in history, have been documented by many filmmakers over the years. From his tumultuous reign to his tragic death, it’s no wonder that so many documentaries about this incredible monarch continue to be made. Whether you want to learn more about Charles’ reign or simply appreciate a well-crafted documentary, these are the best documentaries about King Charles that you can’t miss. From his fascinating family life to his tumultuous time in court, these films present an honest and compelling portrait of Charles’ life and legacy. Whether you’re a fan of history or simply appreciate great storytelling, these are some of the 14 best documentaries about King Charles.


1. King Charles III: The Coronation

On the 6th of May 2023, a momentous event occurred for Great Britain and the world: King Charles III was crowned in a ceremony that brought together centuries-old traditions with modern touches. The day saw royal pomp and pageantry on full display, offering a glimpse into British history as well as how it has been adapted to fit the times.


2. King Charles III: The Monarch and the Man

King Charles III: The Monarch and the Man is a British Royal Documentary that will take you on a journey into the life of the current monarch. This informative documentary gives viewers an inside look at King Charles’ upbringing as well as his current roles as Head of State, Supreme Governor of the Church and symbol of national unity. Follow this remarkable man’s path from private citizen to public figure as he navigates his kingdom with grace, determination and a strong sense of responsibility. Discover the intimate details and intricacies of his rule and learn about the adversities he has faced while maintaining an extraordinary level of dignity in the face of challenges.


3. King Charles III: The Road To The Throne

A captivating tale of a future King, told with an unflinching and enthralling eye. Experience the rise of Prince Charles as he grows to become the leader of the British Monarchy. Follow his journey from childhood to present day, uncovering moments of hardship and joy along the way. From his upbringing in Buckingham Palace to his young adulthood at Cambridge University, this documentary series captures it all. See how Charles makes the transition from Prince to King and witness his dedication to upholding the traditions of the British Monarchy. Along with breathtaking cinematography and unparalleled access to key moments in history, this is an insightful look into a remarkable life. A must-watch for anyone interested in royalty and majesty.


4. Love, Duty and Betrayal

As the world watched with eager anticipation, King Charles and Diana arrived as a fairytale couple for their highly publicised wedding. But what hopes had been raised were to be dashed in the following years – a tumultuous marriage full of scandal and heartache. In spite of this, their union produced two young princes – William and Harry – who would continue to uphold the monarchy in a time of immense change. But it was not just within the royal family that their union had an effect. The way Charles and Diana had conducted themselves, particularly during the breakdown of their relationship, prompted an unprecedented level of public scrutiny into the workings of the monarchy – something which would shape its future for years to come.


5.  A Modern Monarch

It has been a long and winding road for Charles, one that’s taken him close to 80 years to traverse. His life was destined for the throne, but what will he be when he finally sits on it? Will he be a wise and just leader? Or will his legacy be something entirely different? This documentary series seeks to explore these questions in depth, delving into the life of Charles and his impact on history. We’ll examine his childhood, formative years, and rise to the throne in order to gain a better understanding of who he is now – and what kind of leader he might become. Join us as we discover the remarkable story of King Charles!


6. The Madness Of Charles

Charles is a man with big ambitions. His wait to become King of England was the longest in history, and he has used it to pursue some controversial ideas. From architecture and medicine, to his faith in religion, Charles hasn’t shied away from expressing his thoughts. The documentary takes a close look at Charles’ relationships with women, family and public, and provides some insight into what has motivated him to make such bold moves. Against the backdrop of his wedding to Camilla we gain an even deeper understanding of Charles’ life, as well as what might be in store for him in the future.


7. The Reign Of Charles

Charles II returned from exile and brought a new lease of life to the monarchy. His reign marked a return of the Stuart dynasty, and his legacy is still felt throughout British history today. From religion to economy, Charles’ influence helped shape the nation in remarkable ways. This documentary serves as an homage to one of Great Britain’s most beloved monarchs, showcasing the life and achievements of Charles II. From his exile to his reign, we explore the story of a unique king with an unparalleled impact on the history of England. We learn how he shaped culture, religion, politics, and more – offering insight into a fascinating period of British history.


8. Lives In The House of Windsor

The House of Windsor is a grand palace housing some of the most iconic figures in the history of Britain. From Queen Elizabeth II to Prince Philip, King Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry – each member has captivated audiences with their stories. This documentary dives into the remarkable lives of these historic royals- from their personal struggles to glittering ceremonies and legacies that live on. Lives In The House Of Windsor is a captivating exploration that provides deep insight into the stories behind these British icons. Get an up-close look at the secrets and events that have shaped their life stories in this fascinating documentary series. From the halls of power to the family homes, follow along as Britain’s royal family continues to lead and impact generations around the world.


9. Prince Charles: The Making of a King

Prince Charles has been waiting in the shadows for decades, an heir to the throne of Britain. His reign will be one of incredible transformation and renewal. As King, Prince Charles will bring a fresh set of eyes – one that is looking at his home with a more progressive, modern vision. With a lifetime ahead of him as the King’s consort, Queen Elizabeth II will be able to focus on her legacy and the state of Britain. It’s no surprise that there have been many documentaries made about King Charles III, giving us an insight into his life and reign as Prince of Wales. These films provide a fascinating perspective on the man and his journey to becoming king.


10. Charles I & The English Civil War Documentary

One of the most historic moments in English history is the period known as the ‘English Civil War’. It was a time when Charles I and his supporters clashed with Parliamentarians over who should have power. This battle for control created a series of tumultuous events that changed England forever. For those looking to learn more about this era, there is no better way than watching one of the best documentaries about King Charles.


11. The Uncertain Future Of The Monarchy

Real Royalty showcases the lives of some of the most iconic royals throughout history, from Elizabeth II to Cleopatra. We delve deep into their royal stories and bring you full length documentaries every week that reveal their secrets. We strip away the fairytale image of these families to uncover what makes them truly powerful. Find out how they managed to survive wars, rebellions and revolutions. Discover how their impact on history still resonates today. We’ll introduce you to the characters who have changed the world with kings and queens from centuries past to modern day monarchs. Uncover what makes them special and why they are remembered in time.


12. Inside The Mind Of King Charles

For 56 years, Prince Charles has patiently endured being the King in waiting. Throughout this time, the future king of England has had to patiently and calmly approach his duties, despite the controversy surrounding some of his ideas. His marriage to Camilla caused quite a stir, as did his views on architecture (a preference for traditional designs) and medicine (liquidized fruit diets and coffee enemas).His spiritual interests have been wide-ranging, from flirtations with Islam to frequent visits to Greek Orthodox monasteries on Mount Athos. These events have all contributed to the public’s perception of Charles’ difficult relationships with women, family, and the public in general.


13. Heir & Spare: Charles & Anne

The burden of being in line to the throne can be heavy, especially when it comes to siblings. Charles and his sister Anne were close as children, but knew that one day their relationship would change drastically – with Charles ascending to the role of Monarch and Anne having to take a step back. It’s a tradition that’s been long established in the British Royal family: for every heir to the throne, there is a “spare”. But at what cost? How did Charles and Anne cope with this shift in their relationship? The best documentaries about King Charles answer this question and explore his complex legacy.

14. As head of state

On Saturday, King Charles III will ascend the throne and embark on a life-long endeavor that many thought would never come to fruition. As the heir to his beloved mother Queen Elizabeth II’s royal lineage, he faces an uphill battle of replacing her in the hearts and minds of the public. With Prince William, Princess Anne, and even his grandchildren receiving more popular approval, the 74-year-old monarch has his work cut out for him. But his mother’s legacy will live on in the annals of history and Charles III is ready to bring a new era of monarchy into the 21st century. He is prepared to showcase not only the traditional values and customs that have become synonymous with royalty, but also those humanitarian ideals.



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