The 14 Best Documentaries About Dogs

Jul 12, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

The bond between humans and dogs has been a powerful one for centuries, with man’s best friend being the faithful companion of choice for many. But as we’ve come to understand more about our canine friends in recent years, it’s become apparent that this relationship is even more meaningful than we ever imagined. In honor of these incredible creatures, here are 14 documentaries that explore the special connection between us and our four-legged companions – stories sure to melt your heart!


1. Dog’s Day Out! For The Love Of Dogs

Paul O’Grady loves both humans and dogs alike and this documentary shows it! We explore the unbreakable bond between people and their canine friends. Battersea is the oldest dog’s home in London, with a heartbreaking story of each resident but kind staff members will do anything to help find these hounds a happy ending. Watch this show for an inspiring look at how love can transcend any situation – even those involving man’s best friend!


2. Black market for dogs

The illegal trade of dogs and puppies is a multi-billion euro business, with profits rivaling those from arms and drug smuggling. In this documentary, we take an inside look at the dark world of dog trafficking in Europe. We follow Stefan Klippstein, a passionate animal welfarist on his mission to put an end to these mafia operations. We learn about the mandatory EU regulations that require all exported animals must be implanted with ID chips that record their owners’ information such as vaccinations and previous owners – but how easily can this data be forged? Watch our film for a closer look at what’s happening behind the scenes in black market for dogs.


3. Dangerous Dogs

Are you curious about the dangerous dogs that have been terrorizing people, their families, and teenagers? Then watch this BBC documentary! This video follows the story of victims and offenders who have been affected by these dangerous dogs. We also take a look at what’s being done to help those involved in this issue. Get an inside look at the life of these dangerous dogs and how it affects everyone around them.


4. Award Winning Documentary Film On Street Dogs

Robert and his wife have been living in Mumbai for 25 years, where they’ve developed an unconditional love for street dogs. Together, they’ve been providing food to these animals without any foundation support. This documentary is a story of their compassion and humanity – even if you’re not a dog lover, it’s sure to move your heart! Watch this award winning film about Robert and his wife’s journey with street dogs in Mumbai.


5. Super-smart Dog: The Dog with an IQ of 102

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to have a pet that is smarter than the average person? This documentary takes us into the amazing world of super-smart animals, and their devoted owners. We meet Louise, a farmer who has a trusty assistant – her smart dog Jess. The Sheridan family has an incredible parrot with an impressive 200-word vocabulary and knowledge of every football chant out there! Animals In Love and Secret Life of Dogs share stories about these remarkable creatures and show us how they’re capable of so much more than we expect.


6. Urban Wildlife. Dogs

Dogs are one of the most beloved animals on the planet, and there’s a reason why. This documentary takes an in-depth look at our canine companions, exploring their unique relationship with humans and how they have adapted to living in urban environments. We’ll also explore the staggering number of homeless dogs around the world, and discover why we love them so much! Join us as we uncover more about these remarkable creatures – from their incredible bond with people to their ability to thrive in cities – this is sure to be an enlightening journey that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for man’s best friend.


7. Hunting Buddies: How Dogs Discovered Man

Man and dog have been hunting buddies for centuries, relying on each other to survive in the wild. But as our civilization has evolved, so too must modern dogs who now serve us in a variety of ways. From being family members to helping the disabled or even detecting cancer, they’re still relied upon for their unique skills and abilities. This documentary explores this fascinating part of our cultural history by exploring the specific skills of different breeds through real life situations seen from both human and canine perspectives. Discover where your favorite breed comes from and how it’s used today!


8. Dogs & us: The secrets of an unbreakable friendship

Dogs and humans have a unique bond that can last for years or even decades. What makes this friendship so special? documentary provides an in-depth exploration into the secrets of our unbreakable connection with our four legged friends. From stories of inmates learning courage from their canine companions to trained dogs helping autistic children cope, you will be amazed by the real-life accounts shared in this film! And explore how rescue dogs use their sense of smell to find missing people from time to time. Get ready for an exciting journey as we uncover the mysteries behind man’s best friend!


9. Man’s best friend – A closer look at the bond between man and dog

Do you ever wonder why humans and animals have such a strong bond? This video takes an in-depth look at the connection between us, from the early days of domestication to present day. Through interviews with experts and real stories, we explore how our relationship has evolved over time and what it means for both man and his best friend. Watch this documentary to gain insight into this unique bond!


10. Survival of the friendliest: How dogs evolved to be man’s best friend

This documentary is about the extraordinary evolution of dogs from wild wolves to man’s best friend. Anderson Cooper takes us on a journey into how this domestication process happened and what it might tell us about human evolution. From their physical appearance to their behavior, we will explore why these animals have become such an important part of our lives and how they may even be related to our own species. Get ready for an incredible adventure as you learn more about the Survival of the Friendliest!


11. Puppies For Prisoners

Puppies For Prisoners is a heartwarming documentary that follows three inmates in New York, each of whom have been incarcerated for murder and armed robbery. Through their love and care of puppies, these prisoners find an opportunity to turn their lives around. They not only learn how to love again but also help injured US veterans by training the puppies as service dogs! This inspiring story demonstrates the redemptive power of second chances and allows us to witness firsthand how even those who have made mistakes can work towards redemption.


12. From Puppies To Guide Dogs

Being a leader is not easy. It takes courage, dedication and selflessness. This documentary gives us an insight into the emotional world of puppy birth as they take their first steps towards becoming Guide Dogs – Service Animals that lead those in need with confidence and compassion! Witness the magical moments of puppy birth and how these precious pups are Born To Lead!

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