The 14 Best Documentaries About Celebrities

Aug 5, 2023 | Beauty, Best Of, Celebrities

Ever wondered what life is like behind the glitz and glamour of celebrity stardom? Documentaries about celebrities offer an intimate look into their lives, giving us a rare glimpse into their world. From tales of rise to fame to candid accounts of struggles with addiction and mental health issues, these documentaries provide insight into the human side of public figures we often think we know so well. So if you’re looking for a unique way to explore your favorite celebrity’s journey, then check out this list of must-see documentaries that will take you on an unforgettable ride through the highs and lows of famous people’s lives.


1. Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is a comedian whose career has spanned decades, delighting audiences with his hilarious jokes and endearing characters. From the 1990s to recent times, he has brought laughter to the world and this documentary takes a look at his journey.From his early days on Saturday Night Live, where he became an instant hit with characters like Canteen Boy and Opera Man, to the success of movies like Grown Ups and Just Go With It, will tell the story of Sandler’s career.




Are you curious to discover what goes on behind the fame and glamor of a celebrity? If so, then this video will be right up your alley. We will take an in-depth look at the systemic abuse that celebrities suffer. From unjustified media pressure to unfair contracts, we’ll explore how being famous can be anything but glamorous. Join us for a unique view into the dark side of celebrity life. Uncover the realities of being a public figure and how they must navigate harsh judgement, scrutiny, and exploitation in order to make it big. It’s a deep dive into the struggles and pitfalls of fame that you won’t want to miss. So get ready for an eye-opening experience as we explore.


3. Brave supermodel exposes the dark side of Victoria’s Secret

Bridget Malcolm was determined to be an agent of change in the modelling industry. She had experienced firsthand just how ugly and cutthroat it can be, with issues such as anorexia, drug use, and bullying being commonplace. But Bridget wasn’t content to simply stand by idly; she wanted to make a difference. That’s why she set her sights on the iconic lingerie company that made her famous, Victoria’s Secret. Here, Bridget noticed that while the public saw only ‘Angels’, behind-the-scenes ‘devils’ were in control. It was time to make a change – and Bridget was determined to lead it. She set out to instill reform within this multi-billion dollar brand.



4. Rene Angelil “Celebration Of Life”

For those looking to pay tribute to the late Rene Angelil, we present a special memorial service held in Las Vegas, celebrating his life and legacy. From heartfelt messages of those who knew him best, to clips showcasing his most cherished moments on stage and off – join us in honoring this incredible man’s memory with this touching documentary.



5. BBC Documentary North Korea and Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Unis an eye-opening documentary that unveils the complex and mysterious world of North Korea. It takes a deep dive into the culture and politics of this isolated nation, delving into the powerful reign of its leader Kim Jong Un. We explore his unique strategies to maintain control over his people while uncovering what life is truly like living under such oppressive rule.



6. Fidel Castro America Nemesis Fidel Castro BBC Documentary 2016 (Cuban Leader)

Fidel Castro was one of the world’s most iconic and enigmatic leaders. A revolutionary who sought to overthrow Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista, Castro went on to become Cuba’s leader for almost 50 years. During his rule, he faced off with the United States while maintaining a tight grip on power. His death in 2016 brought about worldwide mourning and reflection upon his legacy.


7.Secret Lives – Jackie Kennedy

Explore the life of one of history’s most iconic figures – Jackie Kennedy. From her early days as a young socialite to her later years spent as First Lady, discover how she navigated through difficult times with grace and dignity while still maintaining an air of mystery around her. Uncover secrets from her private moments in this exclusive documentary that delves into her journey throughout her lifetime. Find out how she managed to remain enigmatic and yet impactful even through the toughest of times. Learn about the challenges Jackie faced and how she overcame them with her sheer courage and poise.



8.Documentary About FRIDA KAHLO

FRIDA KAHLO is the subject of a fascinating documentary that chronicles her life and career. A name long synonymous with Mexican culture, she was an artist, revolutionary, feminist icon, and international superstar whose impact reverberates to this day.



9. Most Shocking Celebrity Deaths of All Time

With fame comes its own set of dangers. For many celebrities, life in the limelight has taken a dark turn for the worse. From accidental overdoses to assassination attempts, it’s hard not to think of these figures as larger than life – and tragically, far too often that means their own lives are cut short. Here we explore ten of the most shocking celebrity deaths ever, from Elvis Presley to John Lennon. From mysterious circumstances to tragic accidents, these are the stories that continue to haunt us. Join us for Most Shocking Celebrity Deaths of All Time.




The world was left in mourning when Michael Jackson passed away. But, as we remember him today, let’s celebrate all the great things he has done for us – his inspiring music, his amazing performances, and his charitable work that made this world a better place. Join us as we pay tribute to an icon who is remembered forever!



11. ANGELINA JOLIE | Skin Deep

Go beyond the glitz and glam of Hollywood’s red carpet, and explore the incredible life of Angelina Jolie with ‘Skin Deep’. This in-depth documentary takes us on a journey from her humble beginnings as a young actress to becoming one of the world’s biggest stars. Dive deep into her fascinating personal story as we examine what makes her such an iconic figure in the entertainment industry.



12. MUHAMMAD ALI – “Fighting Spirit”

Muhammad Ali was a multifaceted human being. He was a boxer, an activist, and a humanitarian at heart. In this documentary, viewers will get to explore the life of one of 20th century’s most influential figures: Muhammad Ali. From being a heavyweight champion to his fight for justice, learn how he created an impact on our world that continues to be remembered and cherished until today.



13.The Tragic Life of Marilyn Monroe | MARILYN MONROE

Marilyn Monroe was an icon of the mid-20th Century. She embodied the sexual revolution, becoming one of the era’s most popular sex symbols and a symbol of female empowerment. The documentary delves into the captivating intrigue surrounding Marilyn Monroe’s life, offering rare insights into her enigmatic persona, including controversial topics such as Marilyn Monroe crime scene photos. We also explore her obstacles and struggles in a time when women were often relegated to second-class status. This film is sure to be an eye-opening and inspirational experience that celebrates Marilyn Monroe’s lasting influence. Join us as we explore the life of one of Hollywood’s most iconic figures!



14. Margaret Thatcher – “The Lady’s Not For Turning”

Discover how Margaret Thatcher’s life shaped the course of British politics. This documentary explores the life and career of a small-town grocer’s daughter who rose to become Britain’s first female Prime Minister. Through captivating interviews with key figures, rare archival footage and historical analysis, discover how her work changed the face of government and influenced history in Great Britain.



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