The 13 Best Documentaries About Indonesia

Aug 18, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, People

The world of documentary filmmaking is overflowing with stories of extraordinary people, places and cultures. From the highest mountain tops to the deepest ocean floors, these creative works are often incredibly powerful and inspiring. There are few countries that boast such mesmerizing tales like Indonesia and its people.


1. Why Indonesian Waters Are the Most Dangerous in the World?

In Indonesia, illegal fishing is rampant and the environment is suffering greatly as a result. It’s estimated that one in four fish caught is taken without permission by those who don’t adhere to governmental regulations. The Indonesian government understands the severity of this issue and is actively working to combat it.


2. Indonesia Makes Us Feel ALIVE!

Indonesia is a country that can’t help but captivate the senses. From its friendly and welcoming people to its lush, unique landscapes, it’s no surprise that Indonesia has become one of our favorite destinations. Take a hike up smoke-spewing volcanos, swim in clear waters surrounded by curious dolphins.


3. Indonesia’s Rarest Tribal Foods from West to East

If you’re looking to explore the culinary traditions of Indonesia, then this is the documentary for you. “Indonesia’s Rarest Tribal Foods from West to East” gives viewers an in-depth look at some of the most unique dishes prepared by indigenous tribes across the archipelago nation.


4. The Wonders of Java

Java is a paradise of natural beauty and cultural diversity. It’s the most populous island in Indonesia, boasting its own distinct history and culture. The documentary about Java seeks to explore this unique landscape from both a historical and religious perspective, while also highlighting the many culinary options that are available on the island.


5. Deep in Indonesia

The Indonesian archipelago is a fascinating destination filled with diverse cultures, traditions, and lifestyles. From vibrant Javanese dance to the captivating Tana Torajan funeral ceremony, this documentary dives deep into the heart of daily life in Indonesia. Through interviews with locals and footage of incredible scenes, viewers will be immersed in the thoughts.


6. Land Of A Thousand Islands

Indonesia is a captivating country filled with endless possibilities for exploration. From the glistening waters of Bali’s iconic beaches to the lively streets of Jakarta, every traveler will find something new and exciting in this Southeast Asian nation. Whether it’s through immersing yourself in Balinese vlogs and learning about local culture.


7. Indonesian Sexual Violence Recovery Activist

Ria Febriyanti is a 20-year-old woman from the border city of Batam, Indonesia. She has found her passion in advocating for victims of sexual violence and sex trafficking, an issue that is unfortunately all too common in this area of the country.


8. Bali Indonesia Travel Guide

Indonesia is a beautiful country full of rich culture and history. In this travel tour, we explore the best of what this destination has to offer. From Kuta Beach to Legian Village, Seminyak and Canggu beach clubs, Bali has something for everyone. We also explore several temples around the island.


9. Connecting Indonesian Islands

In this documentary, we explore the struggles and challenges of providing phone signals to remote villages in Indonesia – a land with 17,500 islands. From treacherous boat rides to pushing SUVs stuck in mud pools, Huawei’s engineers face danger and difficulty every step of the way as they work to provide crucial wireless networks to unconnected communities on isolated islands in Papua.



The proclamation of an independent republic in Indonesia was a difficult and lengthy process. After the initial struggles for freedom against the British colonizers, the Dutch stepped in to try and reclaim their former territory. Despite numerous attempts at a “police action”, they were unable to quell the uprising of Indonesian forces determined to gain autonomy.


11. Indonesia’s Race to Save the World’s 2nd Largest MEGACITY

As the bustling capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is home to over 10 million people. Unfortunately, the city’s location alongside the sea poses a catastrophic problem – it’s slowly sinking into the depths! A rising population and unsustainable rates of development have caused this man-made disaster.


12. Diversity under threat

Indonesia is a shining example of cultural and religious harmony. With over 270 million people living in 17,000 islands, the archipelago is home to one of the world’s most diverse populations. Since 1998, when The Suharto dictatorship was brought to an end, Indonesia has served as a model for democracy in Muslim countries.


13. Indonesia’s Incredible Ancestral Homes

Phillipe’s travels take him to some of the most interesting places on earth, and he always seeks out the unique architecture that helps tell stories about a people. From the traditional wooden tongkonen of Sulawesi, Indonesia, to the rustic buildings and modern ecology initiatives in Voralberg, Austria – Phillipe is interested in it all.


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