The Best Documentaries About Dreams

Jul 24, 2023 | Best Of, Health

Dreams are a powerful and often mysterious part of our lives. They can bring us joy, insight, and even suffering. But what do we really know about them? How can we make sense of the strange dreams that sometimes come to us in the night? Through exploring documentaries about dreams, we can gain greater understanding into this mysterious phenomenon and learn how to better use it for our own benefit. Here are thirteen of the best documentaries about dreaming that will help you unlock your deepest mysteries!


Mysteries of Sleep (2020)

Humans, like all living beings, require sleep to sustain their existence. However, the underlying reasons for this necessity have long remained a mystery. Thanks to modern technology and cutting-edge research methods, scientists are now able to gain unprecedented insights into what occurs in our brains while we slumber.






William S. Burroughs: In The Dream Machine (2015)

William S. Burroughs, a prominent figure in the Beat Generation and renowned author, was no stranger to experimentation and pushing boundaries. In fact, he was known for his use of drugs and alternative methods to tap into the depths of his creativity. But one lesser-known method that Burroughs explored was the dream machine, a stroboscopic device that promised to unlock the secrets of the mind and induce vivid hallucinations.






The Best Free Documentaries About Dreams


1. The Nightmare: Sleep Paralysis documentary

Are you curious about sleep paralysis? It’s a phenomenon where people are conscious while their body is paralyzed but can’t move. In this video, I’ll provide an overview of what it feels like to experience sleep paralysis and explore some theories as to why it happens. Plus, get tips for how to cope with the feeling if you ever find yourself in that situation. Get ready for an eye-opening exploration into the world of sleep paralysis!


2. Dreams & Nightmares Documentary

Do you ever have dreams that leave you feeling uneasy? In this documentary, we explore the power of nightmares and how they can shape our lives. We talk to people from all walks of life, as well as experts in psychology, sleep disorders, neurology and more. Gain insight into the hidden world of dreams and discover how their impact on our daily lives is greater than we could ever imagine.


3. Lucid Dreaming Documentary on Conscious Dreaming

Lucid dreaming has the power to open incredible opportunities in our lives. In this documentary, we explore what lucid dreaming is and how it can be used for personal growth and development. We’ll cover techniques that have been proven to work, plus those that may not work as well – all with an eye towards helping you get the most out of your dream state. Plus, learn about the amazing benefits of lucid dreaming and how you can become aware of them!


4. The Mind After Midnight: Where Do You Go When You Go to Sleep

Sleep is essential for survival, yet its purpose is still a mystery. In this documentary, we explore the science behind sleep and gain insight into why it’s so important to our lives. We’ll look at the physiological processes that occur when we fall asleep – from hormone levels in our bloodstream to billions of neurons lighting up in our brains – and discover how these changes affect us mentally and physically. Join us on an exploration of one of life’s greatest mysteries: Sleep!


5. Dream

Dreams are an integral part of our lives, and yet they remain largely mysterious. In this documentary we explore the world of dreams and investigate what makes them so unique. We delve into the science behind dreaming, as well as look at how different cultures interpret these experiences. We also take a closer look at how to distinguish between reality and dreamscapes in order to better understand the power of dreams. Finally, we discuss ways to cope with stress-related insomnia that can lead to vivid dreaming while awake. Join us on this journey as we uncover the secrets of our innermost thoughts!


6. Sleep is your superpower

Learn the science of sleep and how it can impact your life. In this deep dive into slumber, sleep scientist Matt Walker explains the wonderful benefits of getting a good night’s rest as well as the alarming consequences that occur when you don’t get enough shut-eye. Discover how sleep affects your learning, memory, immune system and even genetic code – plus some helpful tips for ensuring that you get enough restful hours each night. Tune in to learn more about Mother Nature’s best effort at immortality.


7. Dream, Girl

Dream, Girl is a powerful documentary that celebrates the stories of female entrepreneurs. It’s a must-see for anyone looking to gain insight into the inspiring world of ambitious women. Not only did it premiere at Obama’s White House in 2016 but it also showcases how these female entrepreneurs are transforming our society today! Watch this documentary and be inspired by their courage and tenacity.


8. The Dreaming Mind

Have you ever wondered why we dream and what it all means? In this video, Brian Greene is joined by Deirdre Barrett, Ken Paller, and Antonio Zadra to explore the mystery of dreams. From harnessing creativity to unlocking consciousness itself – dive into the fascinating world of dreaming! Learn about lucid dreamers and cutting-edge research in this captivating documentary.


9. Straight to Your Subconscious Mind

Listen to this before you start your day and before you go to bed!Start your day and end it with this inspiring documentary about juicing. These 10 documentaries will show you the amazing health benefits of juicing, from increasing energy to improving digestion and more! Learn how to get started on a healthy lifestyle with these informative films.


10. How to build your confidence

Do you want to transform your life and unlock the potential of your dreams? Confidence is the key. In this documentary, Brittany Packnett Cunningham shares three powerful strategies for developing confidence that will help you achieve all that you desire. Learn how to break through barriers and take bold steps towards making your most ambitious goals a reality!


11. How To BRAINWASH Yourself For Success

Do you want to take control of your life and become the best version of yourself? Then this episode of Impact Theory is for you! Tom Bilyeu interviews Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of Becoming Supernatural, who explains how meditation and mindfulness can help us break bad habits, heal illnesses and empower our mind. Learn all about the power of juicing with 10 of the best documentaries on the subject – watch now to change your life for the better!


12. The Book That Teaches You Visualization

Do you want to learn how to unlock the power of visualization? This book has all the tips and tricks you need! Learn how to create a mental image, use it as a goal-setting tool, or even break bad habits. With this book, you will become an expert in visualization techniques and reap its benefits!


13. The Science of Setting & Achieving

Do you want to set and achieve your goals? This video explains the science of goal setting, assessment, and pursuit. Learn how to use tools such as visualization, multitasking, specific rewards, and failure envisioning to reach your goals. Discover how dopamine is used to measure progress toward milestones and long-term objectives. Plus learn about a unique tool called ‘space-time bridging’ that can help in all aspects of goal setting! Get tips on improving performance for work, school or personal development with this helpful guide.

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