The 12 Best Documentaries About Transgenders

Oct 9, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, Lifestyle, People

From riveting true stories to thought-provoking documentaries, film has always had the power to shed light on important societal issues and bring about change. And one such topic that has gained significant attention in recent years is that of transgender individuals.The journey of a transgender person is anything but ordinary – filled with challenges, triumphs, and a constant struggle for acceptance. And what better way to understand this journey than through the eyes of those who have lived it.


1. Sam & Evan: A Transgender Journey (Full Documentary) | Only Human

Uncovering the story of two individuals, Sam and Evan, who embark on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance as they navigate their lives as transgender individuals. This compelling documentary showcases the struggles, triumphs, and complexities faced by transgender individuals in today’s society.


2. Breaking the Silence: The Reality of De-Transitioning

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the visibility of transgender individuals and their stories in mainstream media. Documentaries about transgenders have become an important tool for educating the public and promoting understanding and acceptance.However, while we often hear about people who have transitioned to live as their true gender, there is much less discussion about those who choose.


3. Transforming Gender (Transgender Documentary) | Real Stories

Welcome to “Transforming Gender”, a powerful documentary that explores the lives of transgender individuals from around the world. Through their own personal stories, we gain insight into the challenges and triumphs faced by this marginalized community.From exploring identity and acceptance to navigating through discrimination and violence, this film sheds light on the complex struggles of being transgender in today’s society.


4. BASED Documentary – Gender Transformation – The Untold Reality – Truth Behind Transgender Movement

Welcome to the world of gender transformation, where identities are challenged and individuals redefine themselves. In this documentary, we delve into the untold reality behind the transgender movement.For years, society has struggled to understand and accept those who identify as transgender. But in recent times, a shift towards acceptance and inclusivity has sparked an increase in documentaries that explore this topic.


5. Transgender Kids | LGBTQ+ Documentary | Gender Dysphoria | Absolute Documentaries

Are you ready to explore the world of transgender kids? Come join us on a journey through the eyes of our LGBTQ+ community in this groundbreaking documentary. We’ll take a closer look at gender dysphoria and share the stories of individuals who have bravely faced their true identity.Through Absolute Documentaries, we aim to shed light on the struggles and triumphs of transgender.


6. Existing as Transgender in Texas (Documentary)

Living as Transgender in Texas: A Powerful DocumentaryBeing transgender in Texas comes with its own unique set of challenges. From navigating a conservative political landscape to facing discrimination and hate, the trans community continues to fight for their rights and acceptance within society. One documentary aims to shed light on these issues and give a voice to those often silenced.


7. The divide over trans youth health care | Four Corners

Transgender individuals have been a marginalized community for decades, facing discrimination and exclusion in different facets of their lives. But with the rise of modern technology and the internet, more and more stories of the transgender community are being shared and heard. In particular, documentaries about transgenders have become an important medium.


8. Transgenders: Pakistan’s Greatest Taboo

For generations, Pakistan’s transgender community has been forced to live in secret. Hidden away from society, the marginalised group often faces discrimination and abuse – leading many to turn to prostitution as their only means of survival. This documentary takes an in-depth look at the lives of three transgenders living in Pakistan, as they fight to be seen and accepted. Through their stories, the film reveals an open secret – the complex truth behind living and surviving as an openly transgender person in Pakistan.


9. HIJRA | Documentary on Transgenders

This eye-opening documentary, HIJRA, takes a close look at the lives of transgender people living in India. From stories about their struggles to moments that celebrate their achievements, this video offers an unprecedented glimpse into the lives and minds of transgenders living in one of the most populated countries on Earth. Featuring interviews with members from all walks of life, this documentary highlights the courage, resilience and strength of transgender people living in India. Through frank conversations with individuals from different backgrounds, we get a better understanding of their everyday experiences.


10. Indonesia’s Transgenders Under Threat From Muslim Extremism

The beautiful and vibrant city of Indonesia is bustling with energy and life, but this picture-perfect landscape hides a dark truth. Even though transgender rights are growing in some parts of the country, they still face strong opposition from conservative Islamic hardliners. Transgenders find themselves being ostracised and facing abuse from those who don’t understand them or accept them for who they are.This harsh reality has led to a difficult situation for many transgenders in Indonesia, leaving many with no choice but to turn to sex work in order to survive.


11. Somebody | A Documentary on Transgenders in Pakistan

Pakistan is home to thousands of transgender individuals who have been largely forgotten and denied the dignity they deserve. While only a small percentage of these people are able to live meaningful lives, there are those that refuse to be silenced. “Somebody,” is an eye-opening documentary that provides a unique window into the lives of Pakistani transgenders. It follows their struggles and triumphs, shedding light on a community that has been traditionally ignored. The film gives viewers an intimate look at the lives of these remarkable people, providing insight into how they endure inequality and find hope in spite of adversity.


12. Transgenders: Pakistan’s Open Secret

Maggie, Chahat and Sana are three individuals whose stories shed a light on the transgender community in Pakistan. In Transgenders: Pakistan’s Open Secret, we follow their journey as they fight against all odds to live with dignity. Maggie has seen prostitution, but she still dreams of becoming an air hostess one day. Chahat was born into a middle-class family, yet she was abandoned and left to fend for herself because of her feminine ways. Sana has been the most sought-after transgender dancer in Karachi but after facing brutal gang rape, she now wants to give up her profession and live with dignity.

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