The 12 Best Documentaries About The Holocaust

Aug 16, 2023 | Best Of, Crime, History

The Holocaust was one of the most tragic events in human history, and yet its lessons remain relevant even today. Documentaries have long been a way for people to explore that event, learn about it from different perspectives, and remember those who were affected by it. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best documentaries about the Holocaust.


1. Story of an Holocaust Survivor

Five long years of terror–Felix Opatowski had seen and endured it all. As he found himself in Auschwitz, an idea started to form in his mind: a plan to overthrow the powers that be, no matter the cost. Joining a secret movement, he decided it was worth taking the risk for their mission–to bring down the notorious crematoriums.


2. The Holocaust Full Show

“Living in Hungary during the Holocaust was a truly terrifying experience,” says Irene Fogel Weiss. “My family and I were often subject to horrible cruelties from the Nazi regime, culminating with my entire family being taken away in 1944 – all but me.”


3. Holocaust survivors in post-war Germany

In May 1945, the Nazis were defeated and the concentration camps liberated. But for tens of thousands of Holocaust survivors, they had nowhere to go. They became refugees in their own land – taken in by DP Camps run mainly by the US Army. The largest one was located in Landsberg am Lech, Southern Germany, which held up to 7,000 Jews.


4. Uncovering secret hideouts

Natalia Romik is an active researcher who seeks to ensure that the Holocaust is never forgotten. She has focused on unearthing hideouts used by Polish Jews during this period, to escape deportation or death in the concentration camps. One such site was a 650-year-old oak tree dubbed “Józef”, featured on the Polish 100 Zloty bill.


5. Hidden Survivor Stories From The Holocaust In Ukraine

This moving and haunting documentary showcases the gripping stories of those who survived and those who fought against Nazi brutality during the Holocaust. Ukrainian director Sergey Bukovsky takes us on a powerful journey to modern-day Ukraine, as he and local students contemplate the ethnic stereotypes that still exist, as well as how Post-Soviet society is confronting the memory of these painful events.


6. A Holocaust survivor’s story of resilience

Joseph Alexander, a 100 year old Holocaust survivor, has dedicated his life to preserving the memory of his lost family. Born into a Jewish family in Poland in 1922, Idel Alexander faced unimaginably harsh conditions as he bravely fought for survival during Nazi occupation. After being liberated from Dachau concentration camp by US troops 78 years ago.


7. Jews Survive the Holocaust

In June 1944, as the German territory diminished and Jews were increasingly targeted for murder and forced labor, Norbert Wollheim was among those enslaved in a Berlin factory. In March 1943, his family and him were deported to Auschwitz where they endured a fate worse than death under the SS.


8. The Secret Diary Of The Holocaust

The Secret Diary Of The Holocaust is a powerful documentary that tells the extraordinary story of a 14-year-old Polish girl, Rutka Laskier. After hiding her diary under floorboards in Bedzin ghetto in 1943 she was murdered at Auschwitz. In 2005 the notebook containing her last entries was made public.


9. How The Nazis Kept The Holocaust Hidden

In the ancient land of Israel, a memorial stands that bears more than just names. The eternal flame symbolises the tragedy and horror inflicted by man on his fellow brethren. Dachau, Treblinka, Auschwitz; these were places where unimaginable crimes were committed – an industry of death orchestrated by a web of deceit and lies.


10. The twins who were separated during the Holocaust

Separated as toddlers, the Jewish twins Adam and Ida Paluch were forced to survive the Holocaust without knowing anything about their family background. But after being apart for half a century, the two strangers miraculously find each other. Through a German film crew, they tell a remarkable story of identity and belonging – one filled with loss and longing.


11. A Holocaust survivor tells her story

At the age of 96, Margit Meissner has dedicated her life to making sure the events of the Holocaust are never forgotten. She is a volunteer at Washington D.C.’s Holocaust Memorial Museum and works tirelessly to tell her story to young people and share her experiences with them.


12. Witnesses to the Holocaust

Another documentary worth watching is “Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State”. This critically acclaimed documentary provides an intimate portrait of Auschwitz, exploring its history and horrors in unprecedented detail. Through archival film footage, rare photographs, survivor interviews and re-enactments, the directors take us back to a dark time in human history.


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