The 12 Best Documentaries About The Solar System

Jul 25, 2023 | Best Of, Science

From the secrets of the sun to exploring the farthest reaches of our solar system, documentaries about the solar system have captivated viewers for decades. Whether you’re a budding astronomer or simply curious about our universe, these 12 best documentaries about the Solar System can give you an up-close look at some of its fascinating wonders.


1. The Worlds outside the Solar System: The Exoplanets

Do you ever wonder what lies beyond our solar system? In this video, I explore the fascinating world of exoplanets. Learn about the ancient Greek astronomers who first conceived of Earth and other planets orbiting a certain point in space, as well as some interesting facts about our world outside of our own. Get ready to be amazed by all that exists in outer space!


2. An In-Depth Exploration Of Our Solar System

Are you curious to find out what secrets are hidden in our universe? In this documentary, join physicist Dr. Brian Cox as he takes us on a journey through the solar system and reveals how new research has changed our understanding of space and time. We’ll explore the mysteries of outer space, discover what’s at the center of a black hole, learn about quantum mechanics and dark matter, and uncover evidence that Jupiter has a rocky core! This film will also take us back in time to show how these discoveries have shaped human history – plus it features some of NASA’s most recent findings like water ice at Mars’ poles and Pluto’s possible liquid water hiding under its thin atmosphere. Don’t miss this epic tour around our sun to get an insight into the secrets held by the universe!


3. The Complete Cosmos Secrets of the Solar System

Join Dr. Brian Cox on an incredible journey through the secrets of the Solar System! From the Sun to Pluto and beyond, explore our understanding of this vast space and how it has changed over time. See if a ninth planet exists, learn about comets and dark matter, find out why there are rings around Saturn but not Jupiter or Neptune, and discover what’s going on with Pluto! This BBC documentary is sure to answer all your questions about the Cosmos – don’t miss it!


4. Enigmas of the Solar System

From the distant reaches of our Solar System to the mysteries that lie within, this video takes you on a journey through space. Explore Mercury, Venus, Earth and beyond as we unravel the secrets of our cosmic neighborhood. See amazing photographs taken by robotic rovers on Mars and learn how astronomers piece together information from telescopes here on Earth. Discover what lies inside a black hole and ponder how life began in this vast expanse of stars and planets. Join us now as we explore the Enigmas of The Solar System!


5. An Incredible Journey through our Mysterious Solar System

Discover the fascinating story of our Solar System! This video takes you on an incredible journey through its mysterious depths, from the birth of a star to the formation of nine planets. We’ll explore four telluric planets closest to the sun – Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars – as well as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. These gaseous giants consist of a rocky core surrounded by liquid matter. Follow us on this amazing exploration and discover why our Solar System is so unique!


6. Eight Wonders Of Our Solar System

Explore the eight wonders of our Solar System! From the amazing rings of Saturn to the incredible surface of Mars, join us on an exploration through time and space as we discover these unforgettable worlds. Witness some of the most dramatic moments in history that have uniquely shaped each planet and their many moons. Learn about how these events made them into what they are today – a true marvel to behold!


7. Incredible Facts About The Planets In Our Solar System

Come explore the incredible planets in our Solar System! From Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune to Earth and Mars, each planet has its own special features that make it unique. Join us as we learn about the amazing facts of these planets such as their sizes, compositions and more. With this knowledge you can gain a greater appreciation for all that exists in space – from the furthest corners of our Milky Way galaxy to the tiniest particles right here on Earth.


8. Solar System Journey: Exploring the Wonders of Outer Space

Take a journey into the depths of outer space and explore the wonders of our solar system! Our Solar System Journey documentary will take you from Earth to the far reaches of space, giving you an up-close look at each planet. Along with detailed images and captivating narration, this documentary provides an in-depth look into their history and characteristics. So if you’re interested in learning more about our universe or want to experience it first hand, then come along for Solar System Journey: Exploring the Wonders of Outer Space!


9. What the Polar Vortex Will Do to Earth this Decade

The Polar Vortex is a winter weather phenomenon that has been affecting Earth for decades. In this video, we will explore the effects of the Polar Vortex on our planet and what it could mean for us in the coming years. From extreme cold temperatures to potential changes in global climate patterns, discover how this natural event can have an immense impact on our world’s future!


10. A Journey around the Milky Way

Embark on an incredible journey across the Milky Way! Our galaxy is a magnificent structure composed of billions of stars, trillions of planets, and interstellar dust clouds. Witness the fascinating interaction between these components that create a unique picture like no other. Join us as we explore this breathtaking celestial view!


11. Enigmas of the Solar System

Have you ever wondered about the mysteries of the Solar System? In this video, we will explore the wonders of our cosmic neighborhood! From planets to dwarf planets and moons, we’ll dive into the history and science behind each object that orbits around our Sun. Get ready to learn all about these enigmas of space and time!


12. Space Knowledge: The Sun & Beyond the Solar

The Sun is our star and its energy has enabled life on Earth to thrive. But what do we really know about the 11 year solar cycle, giant coronal mass ejections, and their effects? In this video, explore the mysteries of space knowledge – from sunspot activity being linked to climatic conditions to modern technology being impacted by solar weather. Discover how understanding these phenomena can help you understand more about our universe!

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