The 12 Best Documentaries About The Government

Aug 13, 2023 | Best Of, Religion

Documentaries have long been a way for us to gain insight into the world around us. From presidential scandals and war-time tragedies, to issues of poverty and corruption, they have always served as an eye-opening look at some of the most pressing and controversial topics in politics today. Now, there are more filmmakers than ever exploring these stories through documentaries, offering viewers a unique and powerful perspective on our government and society.


1. Freedom of Choice: How the Government Controls What You Consume | Lobby | ENDEVR Documentary

We all have the power to make choices that matter. From the food we eat, to how we spend our money, to who we vote for – these decisions shape our lives and determine what kind of society we want to live in. But what if those choices are actually illusions? In an ever-evolving world where regulation and red tape dominate, powerful lobby groups are using their influence to shape the choices we make every day.


2. How The Government Manipulates Facts | Government Cover-Ups | Propaganda

Uncover the truth about how governments control what we know and don’t know. This eye-opening documentary takes a deep dive into the world of war propaganda, revealing how governments are able to twist stories and dictate our perception of reality. See how easily they can sway opinion with their portrayal of events, while most mainstream media happily take their version as gospel. Get the real story, and ask yourself: who can we really trust? Learn how to sift through the lies and propaganda so you can make your own informed decisions. Join us as we take a journey into the dark side of government manipulation.


3. A Look Inside Norad The Secret Government Facility | Super Structures | Spark

Cheyenne Mountain is a unique and fascinating 4.5 acre compound located in the heart of the United States. This highly secure facility is designed and equipped to monitor skies for any potential aircraft, missile launches, space objects and even dangerous falling debris. The heavily guarded base also houses other important government departments dedicated to preserving security within the US borders.


4. Government and Politics in Ancient Rome: The Republic DOCUMENTARY

Rome, the mother of western civilization. Before it became an empire, its governance was based on a republic system. Explore the power dynamics of this ancient era and witness how it affected some of the most celebrated citizens like Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, Cicero and Cato. Travel back in time and discover remarkable insights into their world; find out who held authority, what made the republic and how it was governed in this riveting video!


5. What System Of Government Did The Native Americans Use

In this episode, we explore the fascinating and complex political landscape of Indigenous America. How did the Native Americans choose their leaders? What kind of trading systems did they develop to sustain their societies? We dive deep into these questions and more as we uncover the ingenious measures taken by Indigenous nations for effective government. From intricate trade agreements to powerful alliances, these were some of the most advanced techniques used by early societies for the common good. Join us as we uncover the hidden secrets of Native America’s political infrastructure.


6. Governments and Media roles in War Propaganda

Wading into the morass of war, this documentary probes the media’s influence and responsibility in covering conflict since World War One. From Hiroshima to Vietnam and Afghanistan to Iraq, it follows embedded reporters on their dangerous journeys and independent journalists searching for truth amidst chaos. Examining how we shape our understanding of war through media outlets, it questions who is responsible for what stories get seen and heard. Delving into the media’s history of war coverage, it provides an eye-opening insight into how our view of warfare is shaped. Is there a disconnect between what we’re told in the news and what’s really going on? This documentary seeks to answer this question and many more.


7. Alien Technology Governments Failed To Keep Under Wraps

Be prepared to explore the unknown and unveil some of the most intriguing secrets around extraterrestrial technology. Embark on an adventure into an alternate reality where governments have secretly been working with alien technology, all while trying to keep it hidden from the public. Witness a groundbreaking documentary series that reveals this mysterious side of government agencies. Through uncovering evidence and interviews with experts, you will be able to uncover what governments don’t want you to know. Join us today and explore this bizarre world of alien technology!


8. Documentaries That The Government Doesn’t Want You To See | Marathon

Have you ever wondered what the government knows that we don’t? It is a question that has been asked by many over the years. Is it possible that the government is keeping secrets from us? Could they be hiding something important that would effect our lives in unexpected ways? It’s hard to know for sure, but there are certain documentaries which suggest this may be the case. These films raise intriguing questions about why the government would keep certain information from us and how our lives might be different if we had access to it.


9. Secret Operations Governments Were Forced To Acknowledge

Today on the show, we’ll be uncovering amazing secrets behind government operations. From Operation High Jump to mysterious meetings held in Antarctica – we’ll uncover what our governments are doing behind closed doors. So don’t miss out and stay tuned! We’ll dive deep into the mysteries surrounding these hidden activities and discover how much of it is true and how much of it is just conspiracy theory.


10. 6 UFO GOVERNMENT COVER-UPS | The Proof Is Out There

Delve into the unknown and explore some of the most mysterious UFO sightings ever covered up by the government. This compilation, The Proof Is Out There, takes a look at 6 rare occurrences that might just leave you convinced there’s more to this phenomenon than meets the eye. Who knows what secrets are hidden in our skies? Get ready to find out! Explore tales of aliens, abductions, and UFOs sightings that the government may be trying to hide from us. Some reports are so unbelievable that you won’t believe your eyes.


11. The Woman Tried As A Witch By The British Government During WW2

Tony Robinson and Becky McCall investigate the mysterious case of Helen Duncan, a psychic whose startlingly accurate predictions about military campaigns caused alarm to MI5. It led to her imprisonment under an old-fashioned 1735 law about witchcraft which branded her as a threat to national security. But it could be that what she was experiencing were visits from the ghosts of former servicemen, divulging information to her that she could not have known any other way. Duncan’s story is one of intrigue and captivation – a supernatural tale of the secrets of the past which may never be revealed.


12. THE GREAT GAME: Inside Kenya’s late President Moi’s government, attempted coup & gamble.

This is the story of a great political game that changed the face of Kenya. It was an epic battle that saw the end of President Daniel Arap Moi’s 24 year rule and brought about monumental change in a single election! The opposing forces were led by two prominent champions, retired President Mwai Kibaki and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and the people of Kenya had a chance to make their voices heard. It was an incredible gamble, but one that was ultimately successful in ushering in a new era of democracy and opportunity for the country!


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