The 12 Best Documentaries about Egyptian Mythology

Jul 28, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, History

Uncovering the mysteries of ancient Egypt is a fascinating journey, and exploring its mythology can be even more intriguing. From stories about Osiris and Isis to revelations about King Geb, there’s much to learn from these timeless tales. But it’s only now that archaeologists are delving deeper into this culture – uncovering new theories and facts that challenge what we thought we knew.

In this article, you’ll discover some of the best documentaries about Egyptian Mythology – giving you an in-depth look at this celebrated culture through films that bring its history alive. So let’s take a closer look at the myths behind one of mankind’s earliest civilizations!


1. The Story Of Osiris

Are you curious about the ancient Egyptian god Osiris? This video will tell you all about him! Osiris was born to Geb and Nut, gods of Earth and Sky, respectively. He is known as the Slayer of Set and Lord of Heavens and Earth after defeating his half-human/half-snake rival. His wife Isis bore him a son named Horus who eventually overthrew him during the First Dynasty. Learn more by watching this documentary on Ancient Egypt’s enigmatic God of Death and Afterlife – Osiris!


2. Light of Thoth

Have you ever wondered about the ancient Egyptian myths? In this documentary, we explore the mysterious world of Thoth, an enigmatic god and sage. Discover what secrets lie within his only book – a text that has been passed down through centuries and translated into many languages. Uncover its occult teachings which are said to possess great power. Learn how it is believed that the author was from Greece and gained knowledge from a wise man or teacher. Unlock the mysteries of this fascinating culture!


3. Egyptian Astrology Documentary

Discover the ancient mysteries of Dendera temple and its connection to Egyptian astrology. Learn how this powerful cosmic knowledge can help you move away from duality and towards unity with the infinite consciousness. This documentary will take you on a journey through time, providing insight into an essential mission that helps humanity learn the language of real estate.


4. Deities And Demons of the Egypt

Uncover the mysteries of ancient Egypt and explore its legendary deities and demons! From their veneration to how their worship has changed over time, this documentary takes you on a journey through Egypt’s fascinating pantheon. Learn about the different classes of gods and goddesses, how they were used in everyday life, and what role they played in Egyptian culture. Discover an entirely new side to one of history’s most mysterious civilizations!


5. God and Goddesses

Explore the fascinating world of Egyptian Mythology and discover the many gods and goddesses that have been worshipped throughout history. Learn about their roles in creation, protection, flood control, afterlife care and more! See how these religious beliefs developed over time from Predynastic Period to when scribes and priests wrote down their understanding of the gods. Discover what commoners believed about divine power versus what elites thought – were humans really able to control rulers or life events? Find out all this information and more in this unique documentary on God and Goddesses – Egyptian Mythology!


6. The Forgotten Gods of Egypt

Travel back in time to explore the forgotten gods of Egypt! Join us on a journey through Saqqara, Abydos, Karnak and Luxor as we uncover the secrets behind ancient Egyptian mythology. Learn about mummification techniques used by Egyptians and marvel at their grand monuments from Giza to Philae island. Discover hieroglyphics that have been hidden away for centuries – all while unearthing lost Gods along the way!


7. Egyptian Mythology: The Essential – Ra, Horus,Osiris, Seth, Anubis, Bastet

Are you curious to uncover the mysteries of Ancient Egyptian Mythology? From Ra and Horus, to Osiris and Seth – this video is your essential guide. Learn about the history of Egypt’s oldest religion, its influence on philosophy, astronomy, medicine and magic. Explore how natural phenomena like solstices or equinoxes were intertwined with plants such as papyrus reeds; animals like crocodiles or hippopotami. Uncover all this in just 15 minutes!


8. The Secrets Of The Ancient World’s Forgotten Gods

Do you want to explore the secrets of ancient gods? Dive into our documentary series to uncover the mysteries behind six legendary civilizations – Egyptians, Greeks, Celts, Romans, Maya and Incas. We’ll take you back in time thousands of years ago and show you how their gods shaped their world. If history is your passion then this channel is for you! From Ancient Egypt’s pyramids to WW1’s trenches we have the best documentaries waiting for you. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to start your journey today!


9. Religion in Ancient Egypt

Religion was a major part of Ancient Egyptian life and culture. This video dives into the complex pantheon of gods and goddesses, exploring how they were linked to everyday life and other cultures. We also take a look at how their beliefs changed over time as well as Greek and Roman adaptations of certain aspects of mythology. And finally, we discuss the controversy surrounding Atenism – an ancient religious movement that challenged traditional religion in Egypt. Join us for this fascinating exploration into Ancient Egyptian Religion!


10. Ramesses the Great – Legendary Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt

The story of Ramesses the Great is one that has been passed down through history, and it’s a tale worth exploring. In this documentary, we take an in-depth look at the life and legacy of this legendary Pharaoh from Ancient Egypt. From his rise to power as a young man, to his conquests during the height of his reign – discover how he earned himself the title “the Great”. See how he transformed Egypt into an empire that reached its peak during his lifetime and learn why he remains such an iconic figure today.


11. The Mysterious Deities Of Ancient Egypt

Have you ever wondered about the mysterious deities of Ancient Egypt? From a time before time was first measured, mankind has strived to understand the concept of God. In this video, we take a journey through history to uncover the civilizations that brought these gods to power and honored them with art and architecture. We’ll explore how these old gods have shaped modern beliefs and discover their ultimate fate.


12. Scribes Of Ancient Egypt: The Art Of Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Discover the ancient art of Egyptian hieroglyphs and learn about the scribes who wrote them. Explore Saqqara, home to a vast number of tombs and temples from Ancient Egypt; then journey through the Valley of Kings for a deeper understanding of these mysterious symbols. This video sheds light on how important scribes were in Pharaoh’s society – they were truly some of the first historians! Uncover their story and explore this fascinating part of history.

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