The 12 best Documentaries About Depression

Jul 15, 2023 | Best Of, Health

Depression is a difficult and sometimes debilitating mental illness that affects millions of people around the world. But it doesn’t have to be something we suffer alone in silence. Through the power of documentary filmmaking, our understanding of depression can be deepened and our knowledge increased as stories are told from those who have lived with this condition firsthand. From inspiring tales of hope and courage to heartbreaking accounts of loss, these twelve documentaries offer an insightful look into what it’s like living with depression. Each one offers its own unique perspective on how to cope and thrive while struggling with this disorder – lessons that anyone can learn from no matter where they may be on their journey. So grab some popcorn, curl up on the couch, and get ready for a powerful journey through documentaries about depression!

1. UNSPOKEN (2018) – Award Winning Short Film About Depression

Depression is a silent battle that can be difficult to understand, but these 9 documentaries offer deep and helpful insight into the stories of those who live with depression. Unspoken by Zoë Birse won awards at Cannes Film Festival and tells the story of a young man’s fight for an escape from his tortured soul. Learn more about this issue as you watch these powerful films and gain an understanding of the experience of living with depression.


2. Depression, The Misunderstood Epidemic

Depression is an epidemic that affects millions of people around the world. This documentary shines a light on this misunderstood illness, exploring its causes, effects and how we can help those who suffer from it. Learn about what depression really is and be inspired by stories of resilience in the face of adversity. Watch the Misunderstood Epidemic to gain a deeper understanding of this complex condition.


3. The Truth about Depression – BBC Documentary

Depression is something that many of us have experienced or are still going through. In this documentary, follow the journey of how depression has changed over time – from its history to what it looks like today and how society perceives it. The Truth About Depression will give you a better understanding of this condition and provide deep insight into the struggles people face with depression.


4. Teen Depression and Suicide: Out of Darkness

Depression has become one of the most common mental health issues among teens. It’s a heartbreaking reality that many young people are struggling with, and it can be difficult to know how to best help someone who is battling depression. That’s why “Out of the Darkness” is such an important documentary. This film tells the story of Paige Masten, a 16-year-old girl who attempted suicide due to her own struggles with depression. Her story offers unique insight into what it’s like for someone suffering from mental illness and can help us understand how we can better support our friends in need. If you or someone close to you has been dealing with depression, this documentary might provide some answers on how to move forward together through these tough times!


5. The Cloud of Depression Documentary

Do you know someone who is struggling with depression? Mental health issues can be difficult to understand, especially when it comes to cultural differences. This documentary explores how two individuals from different cultures – one Christian and one Muslim – have navigated their way through depression and the expert advice they’ve received along the way. We also hear from doctors about how Islamic beliefs may be used for treatment purposes while combating stigma associated with emotional wellbeing. Get an in-depth look into this important topic that affects 1 out of every 4 people in our society today!


6. Surviving the Big D, Part 2

Depression can be a difficult subject to talk about, but this documentary takes an in-depth look at the issue. Featuring interviews with leading psychotherapists, best selling authors, clinical psychologists and depression survivors, it provides insight into how to manage depression through self help methods and life skills. Get all the information you need here!


7. Surviving the Big D, Part 1

Depression can be a difficult and overwhelming experience. In this documentary, leading psychotherapists, best-selling authors, clinical psychologists and depressed survivors explain the causes of depression and how to effectively cope with it. Learn about rutting cycles in life, how anti depressant medications can help alleviate some symptoms but not cure it forever, as well as coping mechanisms such as cognitive behavioral therapy or mindfulness meditation that can aid recovery from mental health issues. This is an essential film for anyone who wants to understand more about depression and its associated risks.


8. Tablets for depression – Do antidepressants help?

Depression is a difficult condition to manage and can have many different causes. Antidepressants are often prescribed, but their efficacy has been the subject of debate for some time. In this documentary we explore how these controversial medications work and hear stories from people who have experienced both positive and negative effects from taking them. We also talk to leading experts on antidepressants in Germany as they share their insights into the medical side of depression treatment. This video will help you understand more about the complexities of managing depression with medication.


9. Mentality | Mental Health Documentary

Mental health is an incredibly important topic, and this documentary seeks to explore it in a meaningful way. Through the stories of those who are struggling with mental illnesses – both patients and professionals – we get an insight into how far society has come in terms of treatment options. But there’s still more work to be done: millions of people with mental illness remain untreated or even on the streets and in prison. This film dives deep into understanding these issues, advocating for professional help through therapy and medication as well as exploring different paths towards mental wellness for each individual. Join us on our journey to spark conversations about mental health, reduce stigma surrounding it, and hopefully make a difference along the way!


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