The 12 Best Documentaries About Beavers

Oct 28, 2023 | Animals, Best Of, Nature

From the national parks in Canada to the wetlands of Europe, beavers have been building and rebuilding ecosystems for centuries. But what makes these furry friends so fascinating? The answer lies in numerous documentaries that tell their stories, capturing both the beauty and power of this species. From incredible engineering feats to inspiring conservation efforts, these are some of the best documentaries about beavers that you won’t want to miss. From National Geographic’s classic Beaver Brothers to the award-winning One Hundred Mile Wilderness, these beaver documentaries will take you on a journey through the lives of these hard working animals.


1. Life of a Beaver – Nature’s Engineers | Beavers (Documentary)

Beavers are renowned for their incredible engineering skills, building intricate structures in rivers and streams. Their dams, made from twigs, sticks, leaves and mud, often create pools where the beavers can catch fish and swim. But this is far from the only impressive feat beavers can achieve. These industrious rodents are capable of constructing lodges, canals and even bridges! By felling trees and rearranging the landscape, they can create amazing habitats which provide shelter for a variety of animals.


2. Why Do Beavers Build Dams? Nature’s Engineers (Wildlife Documentary) | Natural Kingdom |

This documentary is a must-see exploration into the incredible capabilities of one of nature’s most remarkable creatures. From Argentina to Alberta, we will uncover the secrets behind why beavers build dams and how they impact larger ecosystems. We’ll reveal fascinating insights into their behavior as we explore the amazing engineering prowess of these tiny mammals. So join us on this thrilling journey of discovery and gain a greater appreciation for the wondrous and mysterious world of beavers!


3. The Beavers are back – Busy river monsters at work

Beavers are one of the most fascinating creatures in the natural kingdom. As nature’s engineers, their industriousness and hard work have been admired for centuries. In Germany, this admiration has only grown stronger, as the beaver population continues to increase from its near-extinction levels of years past. This success story is all thanks to conservation efforts – but what does it take to make sure beavers can thrive in their habitats?


4. Leave It To Beavers | [HD]National Geographic[Full Documentary]

To Beavers | [HD]National Geographic[Full Documentary]. In this documentary, National Geographic takes viewers deep into the lives of beavers and reveals their remarkable behavior in stunning detail. From constructing dams to rearing young, see how these hard-working animals survive in the wild. This documentary looks at their social lives, how they create and maintain their underwater homes, and even how they communicate with each other.


5. The Secret World Of The North American Beaver |

Are you curious about the mysterious life of North American beavers? Look no further! The Secret World of the North American Beaver brings you a captivating journey into the lives of these wild animals. Follow along as we document their natural habitats, explore their behavior, and gain insight into their struggles for survival. With never-before-seen footage from remote locations across Canada and the United States, this stunning documentary reveals an intimate look at how these animals adapt to changing environments. From building dams to gathering food, we’ll uncover the hidden secrets of their everyday life in the wild.


6. Beavers of the North Country, Episode 31 of 37, Jacques Cousteau Odyssey, The real Life Aquatic

The animal of the North Country is one of mystery and intrigue. From Jacques Cousteau Odyssey to The Real Life Aquatic, viewers are exposed to a world filled with underwater adventures featuring beavers. These documentaries provide insight into the lives and habits of these animals in their natural environment as well as our impact on them. Through interviews with experts, rare footage of beavers in their natural habitat, and stunning cinematography, these productions provide an entertaining and educational look into the lives of these amazing animals.


7. Valley of the Beavers Part 1

The camera takes us on an incredible journey beneath the surface of a beaver pond. We get to meet a family of these amazing animals, as they transition from Spring through Winter. From within the beaver lodge, we witness their daily habits and routines. We see how they carefully engineer intricate dams in order to survive. Learn about their unique behavior and fascinating lifestyle. Valley of the Beavers Part 1 is an informative and captivating look at the lives of these remarkable creatures.


8. Cute Beavers Of The Wild – Full Wildlife Documentary – Mind blowing Documentaries

Cute Beavers, the furry little creatures many of us know and love! These industrious animals are often seen as a symbol of hard work and dedication. But there’s so much more to them than that! From their complex social structures to their clever engineering skills, beavers can definitely teach us a few lessons in life. In this full wildlife documentary, experience the wonders of beavers in their natural habitat. See them build dams and complex burrows that can withstand nature’s wrath.


9. African Animal: Leave It To Beavers | [HD]National Geographic[Full Documentary]

At National Geographic, we are proud to present the brand new feature documentary “African Animal: Leave It To Beavers”. This gripping exploration of life in Africa takes viewers on a journey across the continent to experience some of the most fascinating species and wildlife that inhabit its vast savanna. Traveling with our talented team of experts, you’ll get an up-close look at the majestic beavers of Africa, their unique habits and habitats.


10. PBS Nature – Leave It To Beavers – S32E07

Beavers have a special place in North America’s history. The furry rodents were once prized for their fur and hunted as pests, but now they are being recognized for the unique skills they possess as natural builders and engineers – skills that can help reverse the disastrous effects of global warming and water shortages. Through Leave It To Beavers, an episode of the PBS Nature series, we learn how a growing number of scientists and conservationists have come to regard beavers as invaluable tools in restoring landscapes. We witness how their presence can transform and revive areas that were once parched and barren.


11. British Beavers: Nature’s Engineers

In the early 2000s, a mystery sparked controversy in Tayside, Scotland. Wild beavers had returned to the region, and their presence posed a problem: were they here to stay? The answer was uncertain, but one thing was clear: these animals are natural-born engineers! The beavers’ complex dams and networks of canals demonstrate their ability to modify the landscape and create habitats perfect for other species. But with a heavy culling of this keystone species on the horizon, animal-rights activists rallied together and fought hard to earn beavers the legal right to remain in a country they had once called home.


12. The Beavers of the River Otter

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall embarks on an incredible journey to explore the amazing comeback of the beaver. From meeting passionate Beaver fans such as David White, Sylvia Meller, Róisín Campbell-Palmer & Mark Elliott to witnessing first hand how these dam-building rodents can transform a landscape, this documentary will show you why the return of the beaver is so important. Dive into the incredible secrets and wonders of these creatures as you discover why they are becoming increasingly popular, not just in terms of their physical presence on our rivers and woodlands but also their symbolic importance to individuals and communities alike.

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