The 12 Best Documentaries About Australia

Jul 31, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, History

From its diverse culture and stunning natural sights, to the fact that it is the only country with a mainland surrounded by ocean on all sides but one – Australia is an incredible place. With over 26 million people calling this land their home, there’s no shortage of stories about the country’s history. And what better way to explore them than through documentaries? In this article, we’ll take a look at seven amazing documentaries which will give you an insight into Australia’s past and present. So if you’re looking for an entertaining way to learn more about the Land Down Under, these are definitely worth checking out!


Wildest Places (2019)

Nestled in isolation, Australia is a land of striking contradictions. With its vast expanses of dry desert and lush tropical rainforests, it’s a continent shaped by the ever-shifting forces of nature. From the rugged coastlines to the untamed bushlands, this unique landscape has fostered an incredible array of resilient life forms.




Australia’s Greatest Islands (2015)

Join Producer/Presenter Greg Grainger as he dives deep into the vibrant waters of Australia’s breathtaking islands. Marvel at majestic manta rays gliding gracefully through the ocean, and witness magnificent whales swimming alongside them. Follow along as we track down endangered seals and kangaroos, and get up close to some of the rarest species in their natural habitats.





Wildest Australia (1996)

This documentary delves into the captivating world of the Australian outback, revealing its breathtaking landscapes and showcasing the extraordinary creatures that call it home. With an emphasis on diversity and wonder, this exploration offers a unique glimpse into one of Earth’s most enchanting regions.






Burning (2021)

Burning, the powerful documentary by acclaimed filmmaker Eva Orner, exposes the devastating effects of Australia’s catastrophic bushfires in 2019-2020. Through a poignant exploration of the aftermath, Orner brings to light the urgent issue of climate change and its global impact.






Hotel Coolgardie (2017)

Set in the heart of remote Australia, rests the quiet and unassuming town of Coolgardie. Amidst the endless stretch of red earth, two Finnish girls venture into this sleepy mining community to take up jobs at the local pub. As they embark on their new journey, they soon discover that serving drinks is only a small part of their role.






The Story of Australia (2015)

Australia is a land of stories – from ancient tales passed down through generations, to modern day marvels that continue to shape the country. This groundbreaking documentary delves into the rich and diverse history of Australia, exploring how its people, places and events have come together to create the unique nation we know today.




Deadly Australia (2018)

Experience the thrilling journey of discovery in this captivating documentary that delves into the fascinating world of Australia’s most lethal creatures. Unveiling their hidden secrets and untold potential, we uncover how these deadly animals are revolutionizing groundbreaking research in fields such as bio-medicine and bio-technology.




The great untold story of Australia’s Robinson Crusoe (2010)

This docudrama delves into the incredible tale of a former convict who found himself stranded in Australia after being caught with stolen goods. What follows is an epic journey, as he escapes his captors and embarks on a life-changing adventure. Living among an Aboriginal tribe for over three decades, he learns their customs and traditions, even becoming revered by the community as something more than human.





Australia: Land Beyond Time (2002)

Prepare to be amazed by an otherworldly journey through a land that defies all expectations. Travel to a place where the impossible becomes possible, and witness a phenomenon so rare it happens only once in a century – the sudden emergence of a massive inland sea amidst the unforgiving expanse of the desert outback.







The 12 Best Documentaries About Australia


1. Sydney: Inside Australia’s Suburbs

Explore the vibrant city of Sydney, Australia with Griff! From its first establishment as a penal colony in 1788 to its development into an affluent suburb society in 1821, Sydney is now considered one of the most pleasant cities in the world. Taste for sports and gambling are ever-present and many immigrants love their adopted country’s lifestyle. Join Griff as he experiences all that this fabulous natural harbor has to offer!


2. Australia Travel Documentary: 35000 km 4×4 Road Trip

Are you planning a journey to Australia? Then this documentary series is the perfect companion for your travels! Join us on an unforgettable 35000 km 4×4 Road Trip from Perth in Western Australia, all the way down to Tasmania’s southern tip. Along the way, we’ll explore some of the most incredible sights that Australia has to offer! Let our series be your guide and discover why Australia is such a special place.


3. First People: Aboriginal Australians

Do you want to learn more about the oldest human population outside of Africa? Then watch this documentary and discover how Aboriginal Australians have occupied their territory for up to 75,000 years! This video will explore the evidence found in a 2011 genetic study which suggests that these people left Africa 65,000 to 75,000 years ago. It also looks into their migration from South Asia into Australia and how they made it their home. Learn more about this fascinating part of history now!


4. Wildest Australia: The Secrets of Nature

Discover Australia’s incredible natural secrets with this fascinating documentary! Explore the awe-inspiring landscapes of Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island, and its lush rainforests and beaches. Watch as dingoes hunt for prey in their own environment. Get a glimpse into some of nature’s most stunning locations while learning about Australian wildlife that inhabits them. This program captures the beauty of Australian flora and fauna like no other – don’t miss it!


5. Australia: A Continent Adrift

Explore the fascinating story of Australia’s evolution and adaptation to its unique environment in this documentary “Australia: A Continent Adrift”. From when it was part of a supercontinent Gondwana to when dinosaurs roamed its lands, we trace back the origin of the animals who inhabit Terra Australis today. Discover how they have survived and evolved despite being adrift in the ocean for millions of years – leaving behind fossils on Queensland’s North East coast as evidence. Follow us on a journey through time to meet some of these remarkable creatures that call Australia home!


6. Australia: How A British Prison Colony Became A Nation

For centuries, Australia has been a mysterious and unknown land. But the true story of its origin lies in the lives of the brave convict rebels sent there as punishment for their crimes. This documentary takes you on an amazing journey to discover how these exiles created a nation from a British prison colony. Get ready to hear them roar with pride as they reveal their untold stories and show us what it means to be Australian!


7. Full History of Australia

Australia is a unique and diverse nation with an inspiring history. This video recounts the journey of Australia’s first inhabitants, who arrived by sea from Maritime Southeast Asia between 40,000 to 60,000 years ago. We explore their development over time until around 250 AD when they began interacting with other groups including Europeans after European discovery. The varied groups had many interactions which eventually led to their absorption into today’s society of Australians as we know it – a truly fascinating story! Watch this documentary and learn about the full history of Australia!


8. Exploring Paradise on Earth: A Journey to Australia

Explore the beauty and paradise of Australia! From its vibrant cities to its stunning landscapes, this video takes you on a journey through some of the most breathtaking places in the world. Whether it’s sunbathing at Bondi Beach or marveling at Uluru, you won’t want to miss out on this unforgettable experience!


9. Australia’s Worst Serial Killer

Australia’s worst serial killer, Ivan Milat, was convicted on July 27 1996 for the brutal murders of seven backpackers in New South Wales. In this documentary we uncover the story behind these horrific crimes and meet some of those involved in bringing him to justice. We hear from Paul Onions – a British tourist who had accepted a lift from Milat but managed to escape with his life when he pulled a gun on him – as well as Superintendent Clive Small and his team who worked tirelessly over three years to solve this case. Get ready for an intense journey into one of Australia’s darkest chapters!


10. Amazing Quest: Stories from East Coast Australia

Come join us on an amazing quest of discovery in East Coast Australia! Darren Burns, Lossy Thompson and Claire Gely will show you the secrets of this beautiful part of the world. Darren is one of 150 aborigines that lives on North Stradbroke Island. He teaches children about his culture while Lossy Thompson loves Lord Howe Island with its lack of wifi, malls and phones. She’s part of a team protecting the natural vegetation there. Lastly, Claire Gely from France is an entomologist finishing her doctorate at the University Brisbane studying insects in Daintree rainforest. Discover more by watching our video!


11. Australia Documentary 4K – Outback Wildlife

Discover the hidden secrets of Australia’s Outback! Join us on a 7-year journey through some of the driest lands in the world. Narrated by Steve Chambers and filmed in 4K, this documentary takes you to an immense arid centre full of unique plants and wildlife. Visit The MacDonnell Ranges, Finke River, Simpson Desert, Uluru / Ayers Rock, Flinders Ranges and Channel Country for a once in a lifetime experience. See Wild Budgerigars, Red Cabbage Palms, Darkling Beetle, Emu, Strap-snouted Brown Snake Waddy Trees/Acacia Peuce Feral Camels ,Rain on Uluru Parakeelya Sturts Desert Pea Wedge-tailed Eagle Bilby Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby Echidna Australian Pelicans and Waterbirds – all captured from our breathtaking aerial shots! Don’t miss out – watch now!


12. Deadliest Roads in Australia

Explore the wild and untamed roads of Australia with us! Join us on a journey as we drive along some of the deadliest roads in this vast island-continent. See how generations of daring drivers traverse across the rugged terrain, taking their giant trucks at full speed through the Gibson Desert and Arnhem Coast – two areas that have remained largely unspoilt for over 50,000 years. Learn about how these ancestral lands are home to many Aboriginal tribes who continue to keep their cultures alive today. So buckle up and let’s hit the road!

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