The 12 Best Documentaries About Ashley Madison

Jul 26, 2023 | Best Of, People

Are you curious to know more about the now-infamous Ashley Madison website, which was created with the intention of facilitating extramarital affairs? If so, then you may want to check out some of the best documentaries that have been made about this controversial topic. From in-depth interviews with those who were directly involved in the creation and running of Ashley Madison, to stories from people whose lives were affected by it, these documentaries provide fascinating insights into one of the biggest scandals of our time. So if you’re looking for an informative and entertaining way to learn more about Ashley Madison, then here are 12 must-watch documentaries about this infamous website.

1. How Ashley Madison Screwed Over 30 Million Customers

Ashley Madison was one of the biggest data breaches in history, with 30 million customers affected. From celebrities to politicians to everyday people, Ashley Madison’s hack caused a lot of damage and destruction. In this video we explore how it all happened and what it meant for those involved – from Noel Biderman being removed as CEO to the divorces and shattered households that followed. We also discuss some of the best documentaries about this major scandal, so you can learn even more about its impact on society!


2. The Horrors of Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is an online dating website that allows people to find and connect with other like-minded individuals. However, this platform has been at the center of controversy due to its questionable nature. In this documentary, we explore the horrors associated with Ashley Madison and uncover why it’s become such a source of scandal. We’ll also look at the 15 best documentaries about the topic in order to gain a better understanding of what happened on this controversial website.


3. Ashley Madison’s Affair with User Data and Shady Practices

Discover the truth behind Ashley Madison’s controversial practices and user data policies. This documentary takes an in-depth look at how Ashley Madison has been using shady tactics to keep users’ data safe while also profiting from it. Uncover the secrets and controversies surrounding this notorious website, as well as its impact on those who have been affected by its actions.



Are you curious about Ashley Madison and the dark truth behind it? This documentary dives into the science of why people cheat, who created Ashley Madison, and if monogamy is a natural human trait. We will explore all these questions and more to uncover the secrets of this controversial website.


5. The hack of Ashley Madison

The Ashley Madison hack was one of the most shocking and talked-about events in recent memory. Millions of people were affected by the breach, with many having their identities exposed to the public. In this documentary, we explore what happened during the hack, how Ashley Madison reacted to it, and why it had such a devastating impact on its users that some even attempted suicide due to the fallout. Watch as we uncover all angles of this story and see how it changed lives forever.


6. People Who Were Outed in the Ashley Madison Scandal, What Happened When People Found Out?

The Ashley Madison scandal was one of the most shocking stories in recent memory. It exposed the private lives of millions and caused serious repercussions for those involved. In this documentary, we’ll explore what happened when people were outed and how it changed their lives forever. From interviews with victims to investigations into the company’s practices, this is an eye-opening look at a world few know about.


7. The Ashley Madison Affair Documentary

The Ashley Madison Affair was one of the most talked-about scandals in recent years. But what really happened? In this documentary, we explore the story from all sides and uncover the truth behind it. From interviews with those involved to an in-depth look at how the affair unfolded, you’ll get a full picture of this fascinating case and why it sparked such intense public debate.


8. ABC News Prime: Gilgo Beach suspect arrested, charged; Ashley Madison rise & fall

The Ashley Madison scandal shook the world when it was unveiled in 2015. In this ABC News Prime documentary, we explore the rise and fall of one of the most notorious websites for cheating spouses and its aftermath. We also take a look at how authorities finally caught the suspect behind a series of unsolved murders on Gilgo Beach in New York. Get an exclusive inside look into one of history’s biggest scandals with this gripping documentary!


9. Why Men & Women Cheat on Ashley Madison with Paul Keable, Chief Strategy Officer

Are you curious about why men and women cheat on Ashley Madison? Join Paul Keable, Chief Strategy Officer of the infamous dating website, as he guides us through a journey of understanding infidelity. He’ll explain why people choose to be unfaithful and how it has impacted their lives. Then we’ll explore 15 of the best documentaries about Ashley Madison that offer an insightful look into this controversial topic. Get ready to gain insight into the world of cheating!


10. Ashley Madison Sex, Lies and Cyber Attacks

In July 2015, one of the world’s most notorious websites was hacked. Ashley Madison, a website that facilitated extramarital affairs and discreet dating had its members’ details exposed to the public. This documentary explores how this hack affected families, relationships and even drove some people to suicide. It also delves into the inner workings of Ashley Madison – from its fraudulent foundations to the true sprawl of its empire. Watch as we uncover what really happened when Ashley Madison was hacked: Sex, Lies and Cyber Attacks!


11. Opie & Anthony – Woman Complains About Ashley Madison Ads

Opie & Anthony have a special guest on their show who is highly upset about Ashley Madison’s advertisements. She shares her story and the difficulties she has faced as a result of these ads. This video gives insight into how Ashley Madison’s actions can have real-life consequences for people, making it one of the best documentaries to watch about this controversial topic.


12. The DOWNFALL of The Duggars: the NIGHTMARE Family who Won’t Stop LYING

The Duggars have long been a household name, but what happens when their secrets and lies are exposed? Follow the downfall of this once beloved family as we uncover the manipulation and power abuse. We’ll explore if Josh Duggar is really a victim in all of this or if something darker lurks beneath the surface. Uncovering these truths will give us an insight into one of America’s most controversial families – The Duggars: Nightmare Family Who Won’t Stop Lying.

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