The 12 Best Documentaries About Abraham Lincoln

Jul 22, 2023 | Best Of, History, People

Abraham Lincoln is a towering figure in American history. His legacy has been the subject of endless books, films and documentaries, but which ones are the best? In this article we take a look at some of the most acclaimed documentaries about Abraham Lincoln. From his life as an up-and-coming lawyer to his time as President during one of America’s most turbulent times, these documentaries tell the story of one man who changed our nation forever. So if you’re looking for an entertaining way to learn more about this iconic leader, then read on!


1. Abraham Lincoln – The Great Emancipator

Discover the story of the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. This documentary dives into his life and legacy; exploring how he earned the title “The Great Emancipator”. Uncovering his rise from humble beginnings to one of America’s most influential figures in history, this film also looks at how he fought against slavery and pushed for a united country during a time of great division.


2. Abraham Lincoln Biography History Channel Documentary

Abraham Lincoln was one of the most influential figures in American history. This documentary explores his life and legacy, from his humble beginnings as a frontier lawyer to becoming the 16th president of the United States. Learn about how he guided America through civil war and emancipation, ultimately redefining our idea of democracy for generations to come. From The History Channel comes this captivating look at Abraham Lincoln’s incredible journey!


3. The Last Night of Abraham Lincoln – Part 1: Assassination

This documentary was shot at amazing locations across America with over 80 historical actors recreating authentic scenes from that era. From Centre Hill Mansion, Virginia to Strasburg Pennsylvania Railroad, witness the reconstruction of Ford’s Theatre box and summer residence of Lincoln Family in D.C., as you relive the events leading up to his death like a Shakespearian plot! Watch now and experience “Lincoln’s Last Night” first hand!


4. The Last Night of Abraham Lincoln – Part 2: Immortality

Abraham Lincoln is an iconic figure in American history, and his life story is one of courage and perseverance. This docu-drama tells the fascinating tale of President Lincoln’s last night on Earth, from his murderer John Wilkes Booth’s Shakespearian plot to the stunning locations used for filming. With a cast of over 80 historical actors recreating scenes from the White House to Strasburg Railroad, this two-part documentary will take you back to the era when Abraham Lincoln was president and changed America forever.


5. A President At War – Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest presidents in American history. He faced many challenges during his tenure, but none greater than the Civil War. This documentary takes a look at how he led his nation through this tumultuous period and examines what made him such an inspirational leader. From military strategy to political maneuvering, we’ll explore all aspects of Lincoln’s presidency and discover why he is still revered today as one of our country’s most beloved leaders.


6. Abraham Lincoln (1930) D.W. Griffith

Abraham Lincoln was one of the most influential presidents in American history. In this documentary, you will learn about his legacy and the events that shaped him into a great leader. The film is composed of episodic biographies, battles and moments in time where history was written with the help of President Lincoln’s actions. You’ll see Sheridan rides, explore how he changed America forever and understand why he still lives on today as an icon for freedom and justice.


7. Abraham Lincoln: The Railsplitter

Abraham Lincoln was an iconic American figure, and his story is one of courage and perseverance. This documentary will take you on a journey to explore the life of this great man from his childhood in Kentucky to his presidency as “The Railsplitter”. Follow along as we look at the important events that shaped Lincoln’s legacy and learn how he overcame adversity to become one of America’s most beloved presidents.


8. Abraham Lincoln: A Journey To Greatness

Discover the story of one man who changed history. From a frontiersman to an icon, learn about Abraham Lincoln’s journey and how he became one of the most famous figures in American History. Uncover his struggles as a young lawyer, husband and father before becoming president – all while navigating through some of the most difficult times in US history. This documentary is an exploration into this great leader’s life and legacy!


9. Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln: Two Leaders

Discover the story of two great leaders who changed history: Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. Born into slavery, Douglass was a powerful abolitionist leader whose influence guided Lincoln to become “The Great Emancipator”. Learn how these two men pushed forward the cause of freedom and equality in America with this documentary about their lives and legacies!


10. The Unbelievable Journey of Abraham Lincoln’s Corpse

Take a virtual journey with me through the life of our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. From his rise to power to his untimely death and all the way through to the construction of his tomb, I will take you on an unbelievable tour that few have experienced before. Follow along as we uncover secrets about this great man’s life and witness how his legacy lives on today!


11. They’ve Killed President Lincoln

The assassination of President Abraham Lincoln remains one of the most shocking events in American history. In 1971, David Wolper produced a documentary “They’ve Killed President Lincoln” which explored the tragedy and its aftermath. The program can be found on a collection of programs called “Lincoln: Trial By Fire”. This powerful documentary takes viewers back to 1865 as it examines the political turmoil that followed Lincoln’s death and explores how his legacy has endured throughout history. Don’t miss this incredible look at an unforgettable moment in U.S. history!


12. The Complete Story of Abraham: The Father of Nations

Discover the story of Abraham, the Father of Nations like you’ve never seen it before. Uncover how his commitment to God set humanity on a course that changed everything and established the nation of Israel and 12 tribes in Arabia. This video explores Abraham’s journey as he embraces monotheism with power unleashed through God’s mercy. Join us for an incredible journey into this inspiring man’s life! 🚀

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