The 12 Best Documentaries About Abba

Oct 19, 2023 | Best Of, Music

Abba has been a major influence in music since the 1970s and continues to be popular today. But what’s so special about them? It doesn’t take long to figure out, as there are now many documentaries that have been released exploring Abba’s music and history. If you’re ready to dive into the world of ABBA, here are some of the best documentaries about Abba that you need to watch. From biographical looks at the band’s rise to fame, to retrospectives on their musical legacy and impact, these documentaries will give you a unique insight into the life of ABBA.


1. Abba Forever: The Winner Takes It All (2019) Documentary

Hello everyone, now is the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the launch of this amazing documentary about ABBA! This 50 minute feature will take you through the lives and music of these iconic musicians. We’ve included clips from the DVD, so be sure to check it out if you can – just in case our channel ever gets taken down for any reason. We hope you all enjoy this documentary, as we are incredibly proud of it. As a thank you for your support on our channel, we’ll be continuing to upload more great content in the future. So stay tuned – and don’t forget to share the news about this documentary with your friends!


2. Abba Behind The Blonde: The story of Agnetha Fältskog

Agnetha Faltskog is a name that will live on in pop music history. This 2005 documentary, produced by North One, provides an intimate look into the reclusive life of one of ABBA’s most famous members. It’s a unique opportunity to gain insight into her personal life and the challenges she faced during her musical career. The documentary has been edited due to copyright issues, but still gives a candid view of this iconic singer, and the impact her music had on a generation. Through interviews with fans, acquaintances and family members, we get an understanding of what it was like for Agnetha as she navigated fame’s highs and lows.


3. ABBA: 2022 Documentary – The Missing 40 Years (Subtitles)

This documentary tells the remarkable story of Abba – charting their extraordinary rise from unknowns to superstars and uncovering the rollercoaster events that have shaped their lives since 1982. Featuring exclusive interviews with Julie Walters, Elaine Paige and Zara Larsson as well as some of the band’s closest friends, this is an inspiring journey through success, failure, rifts and personal tragedy. We witness the incredible highs of global fame, as well as the crushing lows that come with it – events that often surpass even fiction.


4. Why we all love ABBA

ABBA has become the soundtrack of our lives with their masterfully crafted lyrics and indelible melodies. No celebration is complete without ABBA’s tunes, from wedding receptions to wild karaoke nights. The Swedish band essentially wrote pop history and revolutionized coolness with their irresistibly catchy songs. Documentaries about ABBA have explored the unique story behind this iconic band’s rise to fame and their remarkable journey. Fans can now learn about the group’s beginnings and influences, as well as what sparked their incredible success and why they eventually decided to part ways. These documentaries provide a fascinating look into ABBA’s impact on pop culture and music history.


5. Abba: The Secrets Of Their Greatest Hits Documentary

Unearth the mysteries that make up ABBA’s iconic songs! Travel with us through a journey of insider interviews and in-studio footage as we uncover the stories behind three of the Scandinavian super-group’s most beloved tracks. Get ready to learn about all the small details that made these hits so timeless – from their composition to their recording process. With our help, you’ll be able to explore the history of ABBA like never before!From the first notes strummed by Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson in 1975 to their farewell concert in 1982, ABBA’s story is one of the most remarkable tales in pop music history.


6. ABBA – Biography Channel Documentary

The Biography Channel has produced a remarkable documentary about Abba’s incredible career. It offers a rare glimpse into the lives of the four members of the band and reveals how they achieved worldwide success. Through interviews with the band, their closest friends, family and colleagues, this documentary provides an illuminating look at Abba’s highs and lows over the years. It also features exclusive archival footage and rare photos that haven’t been seen before. It offers a unique insight into the group’s creative process, the obstacles they faced and their triumphs over adversity.

Watch it here


7. ABBA: The Life, Career and Reunion BRITISH DOCUMENTARY FROM 2021

The ABBA story is a tale of huge success and individual journeys, all coming together in the end. After internal conflicts forced them to go their separate ways in 1982, Frida, Agnetha, Björn and Benny each set off on their own musical and personal paths. Follow along with them as they experience the highs and lows of life until their reunion in 2021. (This part of the documentary is partially blocked from 29:16 to 29:54 in the United States, American Samoa, Canada, Guam, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands and US Virgin Islands). The story of ABBA has been documented by filmmakers who have captured the band’s creative process and passion for music.


8. Abba: When Four Became One Documentary

The four members of Abba had been creating music and performing together for a decade before they achieved international fame with their song ‘Waterloo.’ This documentary takes viewers through the remarkable journey of the band, taking an in-depth look at their lives and careers as musical artists. It showcases the evolution of one of pop music’s most beloved acts, providing insight into the hard work and dedication that brought them to stardom. With interviews, archival footage, and exclusive performance videos, this documentary is a must-see for Abba fans. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering the band’s sound for the first time, this film gives viewers an intimate look into the life of one of music’s most iconic groups.


9. Take A Chance ABBA stalking documentary MUST WATCH!

If you’re a fan of the one-of-a-kind pop sensation, ABBA, then you must watch an amazing documentary all about their devoted fans. This documentary dives deep into how people become obsessed with celebrities and some of the unhealthy consequences that may occur. It is an intimate look at one particular fan’s relationship with Agnetha Fältskog. It’s an incredibly eye-opening documentary whether you’re a fan of ABBA or not, so subscribe to my channel for more great videos like this! Also, don’t forget to check out the other amazing documentaries about Abba. These riveting films will give you an intriguing look into the band’s music, lives and past.


10. Der Hype um ABBA – Wie gelingt es ihnen, über Jahrzehnte ihre Fans zu begeistern?

Es ist eine Lovestory, die das Herz jedes ABBA-Fans höher schlagen lässt: Es begann als die Sängerinnen Agnetha Fältskog und Anni-Frid Lyngstad sich in die Songwriter Björn Ulvaeus und Benny Andersson verliebten. Mit ihrer Musik, die sie gemeinsam schufen, feierten sie weltweit Erfolge und brachten Millionen Zuhörern Freude. Diese Lovestory wurde durch ABBA in einzigartige Weise in Musik umgesetzt und auf die Welt gebracht. Es ist eine Geschichte, die weltweit bekannt ist und Menschen aller Altersgruppen anzieht – jeder hat schon davon gehört oder von dieser Lovestory gehört.


11. RARE ABBA INTERVIEW: Band members on songs, Mamma Mia and world tour

ABBA is a beloved pop group that continues to remain popular even after four decades. Recently, Björn, Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid reunited to release new music and are preparing for an unprecedented world tour. Rahni Sadler had the chance to speak with the members of ABBA in a one-on-one interview which she’ll never forget. It was no surprise to hear the band’s music playing in all places, as their hits have been a source of joy and comfort for many around the world since 1975.


12. ABBA When all is said and done – full documentary from 2017 – American Version

ABBA took the world by storm in the 1970s. This documentary delves into their legendary success through the eyes of two powerhouse women – Agnetha and Frida. It is a story about overcoming obstacles, trusting friendship and forging ahead against all odds to achieve greatness. From unlikely beginnings to award-winning stardom, ABBA’s journey will inspire and delight. Featuring candid interviews and never-before-seen footage, this documentary will give viewers an intimate look into the lives of two remarkable women and their incredible impact on music history. Experience the journey of two best friends as they navigate fame, heartache and ultimately triumph in a powerful story of surviving obstacles to achieve greatness.

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