The 10 Best Documentaries About The 2008 Global Financial Crisis

Jul 13, 2023 | Best Of, Economics

The 2008 Global Financial Crisis was one of the most significant economic events in recent history. It brought about unprecedented levels of uncertainty and caused financial hardship for millions around the world. Documentaries play an important role in helping us to make sense of such a complex event. They offer insight into the causes, effects, and aftermath of this crisis with vivid stories that bring it to life. Here, we present the 10 Best Documentaries about the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.


1. PANIC! The Untold Story of the 2008 Financial Crisis

From exclusive interviews with politicians like George Bush and Barack Obama to investment gurus such as Warren Buffet or Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs – get a unique insight into how decisions were made during this critical time. Nancy Pelosi and Judd Gregg also discuss their efforts to stabilize the economy while facing a population on the brink of destitution. Learn how these individuals worked together across party lines to prevent further disaster while examining what went wrong leading up to it all! Follow along with Panic! The Untold Story of the 2008 Financial Crisis for an eye-opening account of one of America’s most tumultuous times in recent history.


2. Stories from 2008’s Great Recession

In 2008, the world was rocked by a financial crisis that left many people wondering what had happened. This documentary looks at the stories and events that occurred in the wake of this Great Recession. From Scott Pelley’s report on bank failures to Steve Kroft’s report on Lehman Brothers, Lesley Stahl’s investigation into Bank of America and Pelley’s exploration of mortgage problems, this video takes you through these tumultuous times and reveals how we got here today.


3. Inside the Meltdown of the 2008 Housing Market Crash

The 2008 housing market crash shook the world and resulted in massive bankruptcies, unemployment, and more. In this documentary we explore how four men brought down the global economy through their greed and recklessness. We will follow these high-rolling bankers with a weakness, billionaire mortgage sellers who fooled millions of people, Wall Street predators that pushed many countries to insolvency, and the power behind the throne. This is an investigation into what caused one of the biggest financial crises in history – don’t miss it!


4. Lehman Brothers – The Bank That Bust The World

The financial crisis of 2008 was a global event that shook the world. In this video, we’ll explore how it all began with one bank – Lehman Brothers. We’ll trace their history from sub prime mortgages to bankruptcy and look at how they caused a worldwide recession. Join us as we uncover the story behind the biggest economic crash in history!


5. The Greatest Financial Turmoil In The World – End Of The Road

The world was hit hard in 2008 by one of the greatest financial crises ever. Stock prices plunged, banks were on the brink of collapse and governments had to take drastic measures with stimulus packages and bailouts just to keep things afloat. But have these bold money printing measures actually solved our problems or have we merely kicked them further down the road? This documentary will explore this issue as well as look into what lies ahead for us in a society where cracks are starting to appear in all aspects of modern life. Be sure to watch this eye-opening film and gain some valuable insights into how the global economy works!


6. Global Financial Meltdown – One Of The Best Financial Crisis

The 2008 financial crash was one of the worst economic disasters in recent history. In this documentary, we explore how it happened and why – from lack of government regulation to London’s competition with New York as a banking capital. We also hear stories from those who were affected by the crash, such as a Wall Street king charged with fraud and a congresswoman fighting for justice. Finally, we ask what can be done to prevent another crisis like this in the future. Join us on an eye-opening journey into one of the greatest financial meltdowns ever seen!


7. What Happened After the 2008 Financial Crisis?

This documentary takes a deep dive into what happened after the 2008 crash. It examines how governments handled this massive economic disruption and asks whether or not these drastic measures were enough to prevent a total collapse of our system. With interviews from experts and those affected by the crisis, this film provides a comprehensive look at life after 2008’s financial turmoil.


8. How the 2008 Financial Crisis Still Affects You

Are you curious about the 2008 financial crisis and how it still affects us today? This documentary will explore the causes of the crash, its long-term legacy, and how it has shaped our lives in both positive and negative ways. You’ll hear from those who lived through it as well as experts on the subject to get a comprehensive understanding of what occurred during this tumultuous time in history. Explore how we can learn from this event so that similar crises don’t occur again!


9. Money, Power, Impunity: The Bankers Who Stole The World

This film also looks back on fifteen years of finance history that led up to this event, exploring its incredible consequences on countries around the world as well as individual lives. In addition to hearing from those involved in the scandal, it answers two crucial questions: were those responsible held accountable? And is something similar still possible today? Watch Money Power Impunity: The Bankers Who Stole The World to learn more about this fascinating yet disturbing story!


10. Bankers: The Men Who Collapsed The Global Economy

The 2008 crash was a major event that had long-lasting consequences on the global economy. This documentary takes an in-depth look at those who were complicit in causing it, and how their actions led to financial devastation for many. Through personal stories of bankers, traders, investment funds executives and others involved with the crisis, this film reveals how money and power can lead to impunity. It also investigates if justice has been served since then, as well as looking into whether such events could happen again in the future. With interviews from key players within the system and beyond its boundaries, this is essential viewing for anyone interested in understanding what happened during one of modern history’s biggest economic disasters.

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