The 11 Best Documentaries About Waco

Oct 13, 2023 | Best Of, Crime

Welcome to our article about the best documentaries about Waco. We’ll take you on an exploration of some of the most powerful and enthralling documentary films that have been produced, looking at the history and culture of this fascinating place. From stories of survivors who lived through the tragedy, to deeply moving accounts of lives affected by the events, these films provide an in-depth look at the people and events of Waco. Get ready to be captivated and inspired by some of the most awe-inspiring documentaries ever made about this city!


1. Crimes of the Century – Waco – S01E07 | Full Documentary | True Crime

The 1993 siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas is one of the most notorious standoffs ever to occur on American soil. After a 51-day standoff between federal and state law enforcement, as well as the U.S. military, ended in tragedy with many innocent lives lost, the event has become infamous and left its mark on history. The “Crimes of the Century – Waco” documentary is a close look into this tragedy and all of its associated reasons and consequences. It offers an in-depth exploration of why the siege occurred, what went wrong, and how it unfolded over those 51 days.


2. 51 Days in Waco | The Siege on the Branch Davidians

David Koresh was one of the most controversial figures in recent history. He was a leader of the Branch Davidians, a religious group whose compound in Waco, Texas, underwent a fifty-one day siege by federal authorities. The event left 81 people dead and shocked many around the world. This documentary aims to explore both sides of this complex story. It examines the events that led to the siege, the reality of what happened during those 51 days and the aftermath of this tragic event. It also looks into Koresh’s background and his motivations for forming his own branch of Christianity, as well as provides insight into why some members chose to remain in the compound despite being aware of possible danger.


3. WACO The Rules of Engagement

“WACO: The Rules of Engagement,” an Academy Award-nominated documentary released in 1998, is a powerful exploration into the eventful 1993 siege at Waco, Texas between the FBI and Branch Davidians. Through interviews with survivors from both sides of the confrontation as well as government officials, this film provides a comprehensive look at one of the most dramatic events in recent American history.In this documentary, the audience is taken on a journey through the events that lead up to the siege and its aftermath, offering fresh insight into the motivations of those involved. We are presented with an emotional account of the tragic loss of life experienced by both sides.


4. Witness To Waco – MSNBC Documentary 2009 Cult David Koresh Branch Davidians (Rick Ross)

Cult expert Rick Ross takes us on a journey with “Witness to Waco” and the Branch Davidians – an enigmatic religious sect that was led by David Koresh in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This MSNBC documentary sheds light on the group’s inner workings, as well as its eventual fate – a fiery end. Filled with hard-hitting interviews and never-before-seen footage, this movie provides an up-close look at a group whose beliefs have captivated people across the world. Through Ross’ in depth research into the cult’s activities, we are invited to witness the tragedy of Waco unfold right before our eyes.


5. Waco: A New Revelation (Documentary)

Waco: A New Revelation is an educational documentary about the controversial event in 1993 that left a deep impact on American history. This film dives into the details and explores the events leading up to, during, and after the event from different perspectives. It features interviews with experts, survivors, law enforcement agencies involved, and other key figures in order to give audiences a better understanding of the conflict. It aims to provide a comprehensive look at the Waco incident and is an excellent tool for learning more about this piece of American history. The film provides an unbiased account of what happened, making it invaluable for people who are looking to gain a holistic understanding of this event.


6. Waco: The Rules of Engagement

Waco: A Conflict Different from Any OtherThis documentary is a must-see for anyone interested in understanding the complexities of this very controversial situation. It delves into the history and events that led up to the siege, as well as covering a wide range of facts, opinions, and perspectives on the ongoing debate about what happened at Waco. With an eye on objectivity, the documentary examines all sides of this conflict, including the FBI’s role in the siege and its aftermath. As an educational resource for anyone interested in truly understanding what happened at Waco, this is one of the best documentaries available on the subject.


7. What Happened at the Waco Siege? | Crimes of the Century | Reel Truth History

The events at Waco have become infamous around the world, and for good reason. On February 28th 1993, federal agents initiated a siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas – but it did not end there. After a 51-day standoff between federal agents and the cultists inside, 75 people lost their lives in what was one of the most violent standoffs in modern American history. The tragedy of Waco has sparked an endless debate among experts and the public alike. Many documentaries have been made to try to shed light on what happened and why it happened.


8. Day 51: The True Story of Waco

Day 51: The Tragic Tale of Waco is a documentary that investigates the devastating fire at the Branch Davidian church and home in Texas. Through interviews with surviving members, as well as those who lost loved ones, it paints a powerful picture of government conspiracy and coverup. It’s an heartbreaking story but one that needs to be heard if we are ever to prevent such tragedies from happening again. The documentary features conversations with the survivors who recount their experiences and share their pain with us. It also includes testimony from investigators that make it clear there was more going on than what was reported in the media. This is an essential watch for anyone wanting to understand the full truth behind this tragic event and its aftermath.


9. Waco: American Apocalypse

This documentary takes an in-depth look at one of the most controversial and tragic events that rocked America. It examines the ATF’s confrontation with a religious cult, led by David Koresh, whom authorities believed had stockpiled illegal weapons. The film investigates how this siege turned deadly and why it resulted in a bloody confrontation between government officers and the cultists. Through interviews with those in the compound, as well as experts, the documentary attempts to shed light on how this conflict escalated into a 51-day siege that ended in an inferno of death and destruction.


10. The 1993 Waco Branch Davidian Tragedy Revisited: What Really Happened

Explore the Untold Story of Waco: What Really Happened?This riveting look at the 1993 Waco Branch Davidian tragedy dives deep into uncovering the truth behind one of the most controversial episodes in American history. Four individuals with decades of research experience and an immense amount of knowledge regarding “Why Waco?” join forces to provide viewers with an in-depth discussion based on fact and analysis. Dive into the many books, articles, interviews, rumors and conspiracy theories that have circulated since 1993 as you uncover the truth of what really happened at Waco.


11. Waco Fire Portrait of Courage: Full documentary

Waco, Texas is a city with an immense amount of history and courage within its people. The firefighters that serve the community are no different, as they have demonstrated incredible bravery over the past 150 years. To celebrate this milestone, KCEN 6 News brings us an exclusive documentary: Waco Fire Portrait of Courage. This feature takes a closer look at the stories and portraits of these heroes that make up the Waco Fire Department. With a combination of moving interviews and stunning visuals, this documentary provides an emotional glimpse into the lives of those who serve their city with distinction.

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