The 11 Best Documentaries About Nolan Ryan

Sep 10, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities, Sports

The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Nolan Ryan is a living legend in the world of baseball. His achievements throughout his incredible 27-year career are awe inspiring and unforgettable. From seven no-hitters to over 5,000 strikeouts, this man has done it all and is beloved by fans around the world.


1. Nolan Ryan: Feel The Heat

Nolan Ryan was one of the greatest pitchers in baseball and a true American icon. He could pitch wicked fastballs, baffle batters with curveballs, and take on teams all by himself. This documentary shows off his amazing talent, as well as his remarkable resilience and determination that enabled him to become a Hall-of-Famer.


2. The Baseball Legend

Nolan Ryan, one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history, has a legacy that is unequaled. From his 51 records and 27 seasons across four decades, it’s clear that he always had an incredible competitive spirit and otherworldly talent on the mound. But what makes him so unique?


3. Why did Nolan Ryan NEVER win a Cy Young Award?

Nolan Ryan is one of the most iconic figures in Major League Baseball, and his legendary status as a pitcher will go down in history. His dominance on the mound was so immense that many batters reported feeling too sick to face him – yet somehow, despite his superior skill, he never won a Cy Young Award during nearly three decades of play.


4. How Nolan Ryan Confuses WAR

Nolan Ryan has truly achieved greatness throughout his entire career. He is considered one of the best pitchers ever, and he holds a number of records that will likely never be broken. But what makes Nolan Ryan so special? How did he reach such heights of success? The answer lies within the documentaries about him.


5. There Will Never Be Another Nolan Ryan

Nolan Ryan’s career is a story of extraordinary brilliance. He has achieved things that few other baseball players have done before, and his legacy lives on in the hearts of many fans around the world. Ryan was a pitcher who could throw a fastball with blinding speed and accuracy, yet he also had amazing control over every pitch he threw.


6. Facing Nolan, Toughest Hitters He Faced & Career No-Hitters

“Facing Nolan: The Definitive Documentary About Baseball’s Legendary Pitcher”, a new documentary about Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan, is set to premiere in May. This film promises to be an insightful and comprehensive look into the man behind the mystique.


7. Nolan Ryan Highlights

Nolan Ryan was one of the most legendary and revered baseball players to ever step onto a field. His career spanned over 30 years, during which he achieved numerous records and awards that made him an instant Hall of Famer.


8. How This Expert Helped MLB Pitchers Become the Best

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9. Nolan Ryan’s 7th No-Hitter

Nolan Ryan had taken the baseball world by storm. After striking out Roberto Alomar for his record-breaking 16th strikeout of the game, Nolan Ryan had etched himself into baseball history as a venerable King of Ks. His seven no-hit gems — three more than the man with the second most no-nos in history.


10. 1999 Roy Firestone Up Close Special

Originally aired on ESPN, the Nolan Ryan interview with Roy Firestone was one of the most popular television events in 1999. The interview served as a preview to Ryan’s induction into the Hall of Fame. Nolan Ryan is a living legend and his journey to becoming an all-time great is an amazing story that needed to be told.


11. Nolan Ryan 1999 Hall of Fame Induction Speech

Nolan Ryan had one of the longest and most successful careers in Major League Baseball. He spent an incredible 27 years in the majors and pitched for four different teams: the New York Mets, California Angels, Houston Astros and Texas Rangers. During his illustrious career, Nolan set records that still stand to this day.

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