The 14 Best Documentaries About Lance Armstrong

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When it comes to sports, few careers have been as impressive and tumultuous as that of professional cyclist Lance Armstrong. From his incredible seven Tour de France wins to the doping scandal that shook the world of sport, Armstrong’s life story has captivated audiences for over two decades. Now, there are a number of documentaries that look back at his life and legacy to paint a vivid picture of who Lance Armstrong was as an athlete, friend, and person.

1. Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story (2017)

Discover the untold story of one man’s rise to fame through deceit and betrayal. Lance Armstrong, once a celebrated athlete, used his cunning tactics to deceive not just the world of sports, but also those closest to him. Through this gripping documentary, witness the downfall of a man whose greed blinded him from the consequences of his actions.






2. The Armstrong Lie (2013)

The documentary follows Armstrong’s journey as he sets his sights on the 2009 Tour de France, showcasing his unrelenting determination and passion for cycling.







3. The World According to Lance (2012)

In a shocking documentary, Lance Armstrong’s former team members bravely share their experiences of being part of a winning team built on lies and deceit. With courage and conviction, they reveal the truth behind Armstrong’s reign as a cycling legend and the extreme measures he went to in order to maintain his dominance.







The Best Free Documentaries About Lance Armstrong


1. Lance Armstrong – Cycling’s Greatest Fraud in History

Lance Armstrong, one of the most prominent figures in cycling’s history, has been found guilty of fraud and deceit. His story is one that leaves many questions unanswered and an outcome that was difficult to accept for even his staunchest supporters. This documentary looks into Lance’s life and explores how he deceived millions around the world. It delves into the details of his rise to fame and his eventual downfall. It examines the implications of his actions on cycling fans, athletes, sponsors and race organizers.


2. The Best Lance Armstrong Tour De France

Lance Armstrong was an inspirational figure in the world of cycling. His incredible accomplishments on the Tour de France will never be forgotten. But what about the lesser known documentary series that takes us behind the scenes of his life? The Best Lance Armstrong Tour De France Documentary Nobody Has Ever Watched is now available for all to see – and it’s a must-watch for any fan of cycling.


3. Stop at Nothing The Lance Armstrong Story HD English

Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story in HD is a gripping documentary that follows the remarkable journey of one of cycling’s greatest athletes. From his humble beginnings as a cyclist, to his rise and eventual fall from grace, this documentary gives viewers an unrivaled look into the life of Lance Armstrong. Through candid interviews and never-before-seen footage, viewers will gain insight into the highs and lows of Armstrong’s career, as well as a deeper understanding of the mindset behind his success. From his incredible physical prowess to his unparalleled mental strength, this documentary is sure to leave viewers inspired, and with an appreciation for not only Armstrong but also the power of determination.


4. The World According to Lance Armstrong – 2012

A 2012 documentary that takes viewers on an in-depth look at the life and career of Lance Armstrong, The World According to Lance Armstrong gives viewers an exclusive insight into one of the greatest athletes ever. Narrated by Armstrong himself, this film looks back on his childhood, his rise to cycling fame, and his fight against cancer. It also explores how Armstrong has used his fame to become an advocate for cancer research and the fight against doping in sports. With never-before-seen footage, interviews with friends and family, and Armstrong himself providing commentary throughout, The World According to Lance Armstrong is a must-watch documentary that offers an up-close look at one of the most iconic figures of our time.


5. The Real Price of Winning at All Costs- Elite Cycling and Lance Armstrong

From doping scandals to dramatic victories, cycling fans have long been captivated by the story of Lance Armstrong. This documentary dives deep into the story behind his legendary career and explores the untold consequences of pushing oneself too far in pursuit of victory. The Real Price of Winning at All Costs documents Armstrong’s incredible rise to stardom in the world of elite cycling. While these achievements brought fame and fortune, it also came at an immense cost to his physical and mental health.


6. LANCE ARMSTRONG – Charlie Rose

Lance Armstrong has been an inspiration to many. As a professional cyclist, he has achieved some incredible feats, winning the Tour de France seven consecutive times despite facing numerous health issues. He is living proof of the power of determination and resilience. The Charlie Rose documentary is an in-depth exploration of Lance’s life story and his experience with cancer, including interviews with family and friends. This fascinating documentary reveals the many layers of Lance’s life, from his fierce competitive spirit to the charitable work he does today. It is an inspiring look at a man who never gave up and continues to fight for what he believes in. Experience the amazing story of Lance Armstrong through this incredible documentary and be inspired by his courageous journey.


7. Lance Armstrong-  From Hero to Zero

The story of Lance Armstrong reads like a tale from ancient myth. He was once regarded as the hero of cycling, an inspirational figure for millions around the world. But his fall from grace is one that will live long in the memory – both his own and those who watched it unfold. Through documentaries about this controversial figure, one can gain a unique insight into the world of Lance Armstrong. A world where ambition and determination was once celebrated – before it all came crashing down. The documentaries explore his sporting accomplishments, his personal life, and relationships with those affected by his deceit as well as tracing the path that led to his downfall from grace.


8. Lance Armstrong- The rise, fall, and redemption of a cycling legend

Lance Armstrong – a name synonymous with cycling greatness. The legendary athlete who rose to fame and glory through his extraordinary competitive prowess has captivated audiences for years. His meteoric rise to the summit of professional sports, however, was quickly followed by an equally dramatic fall from grace. Though many have found it difficult to understand why this iconic figure endured such a devastating downfall, his inspiring journey back to redemption is a testament to his resilience and strength of character.


9. The Best Lance Armstrong Deco

Lance Armstrong is an American icon and a living legend. He has inspired millions of people with his courage, determination, and sheer will power to overcome every obstacle in his path. His spirit is truly one-of-a-kind and it shines through in the best documentaries about Lance Armstrong. These documentaries tell the story of how he overcame cancer to become a seven-time Tour de France winner and a symbol of strength for people all around the world. They highlight his incredible talent, courage, and determination to never give up, no matter what life throws at him.


10. Truth About My Time with Lance Armstrong

This documentary is an eye-opening exploration into the life of Lance Armstrong, one of the world’s most famous athletes. Discover what really happened during his time as a professional cyclist and how he rose to international fame despite facing extreme challenges along the way. Follow him on his journey to greatness, as he navigates controversies and adversities on his way to victory. Get an inside look at the personal battles he fought and the remarkable courage that enabled him to overcome them. Uncover the truth behind his relationships with teammates, rivals, family and fans as well as the inner turmoil of his greatest achievements.


11. Charles Barkley on The Forward Podcast with Lance Armstrong

Charles Barkley and Lance Armstrong come together on The Forward Podcast to discuss a variety of topics. In this discussion, they touch upon the importance of personal growth and development, working through difficult times, and learning from failure in order to move forward. They also talk about the need for discipline, setting goals, and staying focused in life. As two inspirational figures in their respective fields, they share their personal journeys and stories of success, as well as their thoughts on the current state of our world. It is an incredibly inspiring listen for anyone looking to find motivation and guidance in difficult times. Listeners will gain valuable tips from these two great minds and learn how to stay motivated even when faced with adversity.


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