The 10 Best Documentaries About The Tour de France

Nov 29, 2023 | Best Of, Sports

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the world, but can’t seem to break away from your responsibilities just yet, then France is one of the best places to start. With its beautiful landscapes, vibrant cities and rich history, there’s something for everyone. To get a glimpse into what you could experience in this amazing country, here are the 10 best documentaries about touring France. From the Riviera to Paris, these films will take you on a journey through some of the most iconic and beautiful places in this region. Whether you’re looking for something educational, inspiring or just entertaining, these movies offer an interesting insight into why France is such a beloved destination. So grab some popcorn and get ready to explore!


1. HOW THE Tour de France BEGAN: Drugs, Killer Trails and Agressive Fans

If you are a cycling enthusiast or just curious about the history of the Tour de France, this documentary is for you! We will take you on a journey through the event’s inaugural 1903 race and uncover all its secrets. You’ll see how passionate fans often crossed lines in their support of their favorite racers. Additionally, we will explore the hazardous conditions from which the organizers earned the nickname “murderers”. Last but not least, you’ll get an in-depth look at how the use of banned substances were once legal in cycling and just what these substances are. Don’t miss out on this exciting exploration into one of modern history’s greatest sporting events!


2. Conquering The Tour: Episode One

Team Jumbo-Visma was determined to challenge the unshakable Tadej Pogačar’s victory in The Tour. Going beyond the race, watch Conquering The Tour to join this gripping journey and get exclusive access to the behind-the-scenes of Jonas Vingegaard’s team. Follow their struggles and victories firsthand as they attempt to make history. Discover what it takes to be a winner and the secrets of success for Team Jumbo-Visma in this must-watch series. Experience all the drama, courage, and victory with Conquering The Tour as we follow Jonas Vingegaard’s team and their journey through the French landscape. Uncover how they push themselves further than ever before – and how they overcame the competition. From practice to race day, this series will take you inside the lives of Team Jumbo-Visma as they battle for victory in The Tour. Don’t miss out on this thrilling ride!


3. Conquering The Tour: Episode Two

Can Jonas Vingegaard and Team Jumbo-Visma pull off the impossible? See exclusive footage of their daring attempt to beat Tadej Pogačar at the 2022 Tour de France in this thrilling documentary, Conquering The Tour. In its second and final episode, explore how they plan to outsmart the favorite with an inside look into their training and strategy for the ultimate race. Will they be able to seize their opportunity on the most epic cycling stage? Find out in this highly anticipated finale!


4. Complete History of the Tour de France: Cycling’s Greatest Race

Experience the incredible journey of the Tour de France in an all-new documentary. From its humble beginnings to becoming one of the world’s most renowned sporting events, this is a story like no other. Cyclists from every corner of the globe have been drawn to compete in this gruelling race through some of the most challenging terrain imaginable. Over two thousand kilometres of roads, mountains, and valleys all across France are waiting to be conquered. Witness testimonies from champions who have braved these incredible obstacles as they relive their stories of triumph and defeat. Capture the essence of this nation-wide event through exclusive footage and thrilling music. Get a glimpse into the minds of those who keep coming back for more – even after failure.


5. The Tour De France: 8 Unwritten Rules, Obscure Regulations & Weird Facts!

The Tour de France – an event that captures the imagination of cycling fans around the world. Every year during the month of July, they eagerly follow every twist and turn as it winds its way through France. We’ve enlisted the help of GCN+’s own Cillian Kelly to get a deeper understanding of this incredible race. He’ll take us back in time to uncover some of the lesser-known historical facts about The Tour de France. From its humble beginnings as a race for professional cyclists over more than 3,500 kilometers of challenging terrain, to the mythical figures who have won it. Not only will we hear stories from Cillian but also explore some of the strangest moments in Tour de France history. From wild crash stories to mysterious disappearances, the Tour de France has seen it all.


6. What The Tour De France Does To A Rider’s Body – Cheddar Explains

It’s an epic achievement to make it through the Tour De France, and every cyclist knows it. The grueling 2,000 miles of 21 stages puts immense strain on your body – only those with incredible strength and endurance can challenge the race. It’s more than just physical though; cyclists have become notorious for doping up in order to gain an edge over their competition. We’re exploring the intense battle for victory in the Tour De France, and delving into why even those who make it to the end have stories of bodily struggles to tell. The physical endurance required is immense, but so too are the mental hurdles you must overcome as you push your body beyond its limits. Experience what happens inside a cyclist’s body as they take on the Tour De France.


7. A women’s Tour de France | DW Documentary

Travelling throughout France is a unique experience no matter how one views it. For women cyclists, the view may be different but just as inspiring. Each year they take on the challenge of cycling the same route as their male counterparts one day before them, with no entourage, sponsors or even roads closed off. It’s a physical challenge, as the women are usually not professional cyclists but teachers, engineers and consultants who make their living in other areas. But they have another battle to face: some people doubt that women belong on the Tour de France at all.


8. Tour de France documentary: Plan B, the fall & rise | Team Jumbo-Visma

Experience the thrill of victory with Plan B, the fall & rise—our spellbinding movie that takes you through an epic adventure during the Tour de France. Follow every thrilling moment as we embark on our best performance ever, from a dramatic first week to the triumphant conclusion. Witness all of the ups and downs as we pedal through this incredible race across France’s stunning countryside. Feel the joy as we celebrate our ultimate victory, and let the inspirational story of Plan B, the fall & rise fill your heart with hope and courage. Don’t miss a minute of this captivating journey as we follow every breathtaking twist and turn during the Tour de France! Bonne Route!


9. The Road to the Tour de France | Team DSM Documentary

This is the story of La Grande Boucle, one of the most iconic bike races in the world. Experience all 21 days of hard-fought racing with Team DSM and its star rider Romain Bardet as they battle it out to make it to Paris. Behind every triumphant race day are the passionate people who make it happen – and our documentary captures all of that! Travel with Team DSM as we proudly show off our jersey, from the flat stages to the climbs in the mountains, along with all of the challenges they faced. Feel the excitement of each race and get a taste of what it takes to compete at this world-class level.


10. Lance Armstrong – Cycling’s Greatest Fraud in History – Documentaries

Are you ready to explore France like never before? If so, then join us as we take you on a thrilling tour of the best documentaries about Tour in France. From the iconic Eiffel Tower to the lavender fields of Provence, these stunning films will transport you into this fascinating country. From classic French cinema to modern-day motion pictures, discover the many stories that make up this beautiful country. Experience the vibrant culture of Paris, explore the enchanting countryside and learn about some of its most famous monuments like the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral. You’re sure to appreciate these stunning visuals and insightful documentary films that will give you a taste of France’s rich history.




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