The 11 Best Documentaries about Homosexuality

Jul 23, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, Sexuality

Exploring different lifestyles and cultures is a great way to expand your understanding of the world. One such lifestyle that has been gaining more attention in recent years is homosexuality. To gain insight into this community, watching documentaries about homosexual life can be a powerful tool. Not only do these films provide an unbiased look at the day-to-day lives of people who are different from you, but they also offer an opportunity to learn more about LGBT culture and how it affects their lives. Whether you’re gay or straight, viewing these documentaries can open up a whole new perspective on homosexuality which could help foster increased empathy and tolerance for those who live differently than yourself.


1. Breaking Through – an LGBT Story

LGBT people have been making progress towards greater acceptance and equality in society. However, many still experience discrimination and prejudice due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Even when workplace policies include protection from such bias, LGBT employees may find that they are subjected to derogatory comments or jokes which can make them feel unsafe about being open with their peers. We will explore eight of the most common bad habits which contribute to this unfortunate situation and how we can break through these obstacles together.


2. Legalize Gay Marriage: Global Fight For Human Rights

The fight for human rights is a global issue, and at its forefront stands the decriminalization of homosexuality. This movement has been gaining momentum in recent years, with conversations about gay rights becoming increasingly visible around the world. In some countries this takes form in legalising same-sex marriage while in others it means pushing against laws that criminalize homosexual relationships. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and Barack Obama have referred to this as “the final frontier” when it comes to human rights – one which must be overcome if true equality is ever to be reached. Here we take a closer look at how far we’ve come on our journey towards universal acceptance of LGBT people everywhere.


3. Extreme Russia: Gay & Under Attack

As the 24th anniversary of the fall of the Soviet Union approaches, Reggie Yates dives deep into contemporary Russian culture. During his journey, he meets with young people who are challenging Putin’s rule; an extreme nationalist group determined to create a white Russian empire; and female MMA fighters training at one of Moscow’s last remaining martial arts schools – free from harassment or judgement. Witnessing first-hand how these individuals live their lives in modern Russia, Reggie explores what it means to be gay and under attack in Extreme Russia.


4. Are People Born Gay?

Are people born gay? This is a question that has puzzled many for generations, and one which science and religious beliefs have sought to answer. In this documentary, we explore the evidence that suggests homosexuality could be an inborn trait; from twin studies to brain structure differences between homosexual and heterosexual men. We also look at the issue of homophobia – how it has manifested across religious beliefs, psychological research on children’s attitudes towards homosexuals as well as examining controversial ‘ex-gay’ therapy. Finally, we consider whether evolution supports homosexuality as a natural occurrence given same sex relationships would mean more offspring for human beings without needing two sexes to reproduce themselves.


5. State of Pride

The LGBTQ community has come a long way in the past fifty years, and the documentary State of Pride is a powerful reminder of how far they have come. From being viewed as sick and mentally ill by psychiatrists to having their own place where they could express themselves freely at Stonewall Inn – this film dives deep into the history behind it all. It features interviews with those who fought for equality during that time, like Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P Johnson – two transgender women who courageously stood up against police brutality during the raid on June 28th 1969. This documentary will not only bring awareness to this important part of history but also remind us why we should fight for progress moving forward.


6. Born This Way: The Science Behind Being Gay

Since time immemorial, the question of why some people are born gay has been a mystery. But could being gay be compatible with evolution? That is the focus of Bryce Michael Sage’s award-winning documentary Survival of Fabulous, which explores how same-sex attraction can have survived for generations. By delving into this age-old enigma, Sage seeks to uncover if there is an evolutionary advantage in being born this way and how it may help us stay on the right track!


7. Prison & Homosexuality

For many LGBTQ+ individuals, prison is a place of fear and discrimination. Despite the fact that same-sex sexual relations are now legal in most countries, members of the queer community still face persecution and violence due to their sexuality. This can be especially true for those who have been incarcerated, as prisons often lack an understanding of or respect for gender identity and sexual orientation. As such, it’s important to explore how this unique combination of homophobia and criminal justice affects both the LGBTQ+ population and society as a whole. In this article, we’ll discuss the challenges faced by homosexual inmates in prison settings across different cultures, along with potential solutions that could help create more inclusive environments within correctional facilities worldwide.


8. Transgender in Pakistan

In Pakistan, transgender individuals often live on the fringes of society. Begging and sex work are common means of survival for many trans people in the country. But one woman has dedicated her life to helping them find safe spaces and recognition in a conservative culture: Reem Sharif, an expert for transgender issues at the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. While only around 10 thousand members of this “third gender” are officially counted, estimates suggest that there could be as many as 300 thousand who remain hidden from official figures. Through initiatives like special centers where they can build new families without fear or judgement, these individuals have found hope for a better future.


9. Homosexuality in the Islamic World

It’s no secret that homosexuality and Islamic culture don’t often go hand in hand. But the truth is, there was a time when they were more closely linked than many people realize. In this video, we’re going to discuss the rich history of homosexual expression in various forms such as stories and poetry within the Islamic world. So if you’re curious about how these two seemingly disparate worlds interact and intertwine, then keep watching!


10. Gay and Evangelical: Troubled Teens at Christian Reform Camps

As a growing number of parents seek to transform their ‘troubled’ or gay teens into ‘healthy Christian adults’, thousands of American teenagers are being sent abroad each year to attend Christian reform schools. Operating outside the boundaries of U.S. law, these schools promise transformation and hope for the young people under their care; however, many critics argue that they offer little more than false promises in exchange for freedom and autonomy. This article examines this controversial practice and its implications on those who have experienced it firsthand.


11. How the police and gangs hunt LGBT people in Egypt

Amidst the hostile environment in Egypt, Ahmed Shihab-Eldin embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind how police and gangs are hunting down LGBT people. Taking measures to protect their identities, he navigates through an intricate world of queer individuals who have suffered from viral video humiliations and arrests at the hands of these forces. His mission is twofold: reveal the reality of this situation, and help those affected find safety.

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